A Poem for my Goddess

By My Little Worm Cliff — Featuring: Bug Crush

On a warm day in springtime

After the night rains had gone

A man lay on his tummy

Watching earthworms on the lawn

He marveled as they struggled

To cross the sidewalk wide

And their perilous journey

to reach the other side.

Along came a woman

A goddess of a girl

Her heels clicking sharply

Her feet a deadly whirl.

The man’s breath in tension bated

As he watched her drawing near

He felt powerless to move

He lay there frozen in his fear

For a long and wriggling earthworm

Lay directly in her way

Lay there upon the sidewalk

Helpless to escape

Would she see it and avoid it?

Would she spare its little life?

His heart hoped so

Prayed that she’d be nice.

For she was a beauty of a lady

From her head down to her hips

An angel like his mommie

With pretty hair and lipstick on her lips.

In a moment came her answer

A word said without a sound

Down came her lovely sole

Pressing the worm into the ground

As a woman’s weight destroyed it

Its body jerked in spasm

The man’s heart sunk

into a deep, dark chasm.

He watched in wonder as she twisted

As with savage intent she cavorted

And beneath her cruel beauty

The worm into pulp converted.

Now the man surged forward

And though tears glistened on his cheeks

His shattered heart was knit now

By allegiance to her needs

While she watched in mere amusement

He knelt before her feet:

“You’ve soiled your shoes upon a wormie,”

He said, and wiped them with the fabric of his sleeve

Then he laid a kiss upon them

Of most love – the knave —

Of the shoe and girl who wore them

Nature man now Woman’s slave