Welcome to the new Giantess Katelyn .com!

Welcome to the new Giantess Katelyn .com!

I’M BACK! After nine months of hard work, late nights, and tens of thousands of lines of code, my new website is finally complete and ready for tiny people to explore. Everything you see here has been personally crafted and designed from the ground up to give you bugs the most pleasurable viewing experience possible. Browse around to your heart’s content, or look inside to see what’s new! :woot:

Welcome to GiantessKatelyn.com Version 3. Nine months ago I started on this massive project, based on my belief that in order to make your and my dreams come true, I needed to have a solid, accessable platform to build those dreams on. This new site is the very foundation of my passions and on top of it I and the artists of this community will build the future of Giantess! And might I say, the future is looking very BIG!

So what all is new? Everything. From the store to the blog to the movies page, everything has gotten a complete overhaul. Even my store prices have been lowered across the board. Here is a brief overview of the sections of the new site and the treasures they contain within:

The Blog is now up to date, organized, and styled to be easy to read and browse. I’ve gone through my entire history of blog posts and formatted and tweaked them all. I’ve also deleted all blog posts that didn’t feature anything cool or noteworthy. Reading my past and personal fantasies will be MUCH more fun! My twitter is also no longer an eyesore and you can see my latest videos right there on the side with it. Everything here has been designed as a pleasure to read, share, and comment on. ^_^ And with this new project FINALLY out, blogs will be returning weekly! Expect a wide range of topics… and features on more than just myself.

The Temple is a brand new section of my site. It contains ALL of my free pictures, free collages, and free videos. Yes, all 4000+ of them. Everything that deals with the worship of your favorite giantess can be found here in a simple, easy to browse and fap format. My free videos section is up to date with all of my free videos and watching them is easy and extremely pleasurable. You’ll find new stories, new pictures, new everything. I’ve also included a personal archive of anonymous fan mail I’ve gotten over the years. Have fun exploring the depths of my temple little one- I’m sure you’ll find tons and tons of content you never knew existed!

The Store! I can’t even begin to tell you how long and how hard I worked on this. Built from the ground up, my new store has been designed personally and specifically for handling digital products and pleasuring customers. Every line of code has been written to provide you the most enjoyable shopping experience possible. No more download emails, no more long check out pages, and no more impossible navigation. I have built a store I would want to browse and buy from. Everything you could possibly want can be found within seconds and buying and downloading products is fast and mind blowingly easy. And did I mention my videos are now cheaper than ever?

Browse and explore. Create an account! If you are so bold, buy a video! You may just find the purchase process as thrilling and vibrant as the video itself. :P

The Comics page will display all of the comics available on the site, much like my movies page displays all of my Special Effects movies. I’m currently still working on packaging the comics up and Vivian is hard at work completing the Lin series. I also want to make sure the site is running stable and bug free before I release any comics. Expect much more on this page soon… especially as there are now ten artists working on giantess comics (and even more coming soon)!

The Movies page lists all of my special effects giantess work. Easier to read, easier to browse. You can now leave reviews right on the page. When it comes to exploring my FX work, this page will help you do just that! And now that I’ve finished my website… expect to see updates on this page once again… (more on this in a future blog ;) )

The Connect page is where all my fans can go to connect with their Giantess. Here you’ll find a webcam page where I eventually hope to stream live cam shows on my site for free. Currently I’m still looking for a solution (Help me out little bugs!) but you are still more than welcome to join me on my Yahoo messanger. My FAQ has been updated as well as my About Me. Read ’em and connect!

Hopefully the changes to my site will help you fall in love with it all over again. <3

One thing to keep in mind- while I’ve tried my absolute best, there may be a few bugs scurrying around in the code that I need to stomp out. So if you do see anything out of place let me know! Also, I have no way of knowing how my server is going to react to the changes and traffic right away and so you may experience a little sluggishness. I’ll be doing everything I can to keep things running fast and bugs squished and squashed.

With the foundation and platform in place, I can now focus once again on bringing my giantess fantasies to life. Expect comics, movies, blogs, artists, sizebooru, and more huge projects on the way.

Thank you ALL for helping make my dreams a reality. If it weren’t for those supporting my work, my website would have never reached this level. Thanks to you, the fun has only just begun! :woot:


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. stephen tho...

    your new site is great. However do you still expect english money.

  2. mike

    hi katelyn love the new site looks real cool was looking at your amazon list and seen you lived in york pennsylvania i think it would be cool to do a collage of you giant at hurshy park like eating people on the roller coasters and stuff like that email me and let me know what you think

  3. indy

    Loving the new site so far its running fine.Love to see what your next project will be:).

  4. Kisuke Urahara

    *Falls to his knees, tears of joy running down his face*…..This is amazing….I’m speechless…or typeless….WHATEVER THIS WEBSITE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to start collaging your pictures and reading your blogs and EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pogojo

    The new site is so moe.
    I approve!

  6. Kisuke Urahara

    This entire website is why I think you are THE BEST giantess with THE BEST giantess content to this date! The new sections in the videos (ASS!!! XD) The collage materials that span out for days!!!!! Forgive me if I’m rude but I’m so hard right now i’m tempted to fap one right here and now while people are walking around in the HOUSE!!!! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!! I am a faithful and loyal Giantess Katelyn fan since you first started with the blogs where it was a cartoon picture of you sitting in a city!!!! Don’t stop! This website is a statement that if you trully love something, how you come about it will be EPIC!!!!

  7. 1nstrumenta...

    You consistently make yourself the most powerful entity in the giantess community. your art and dedication are both brilliant. The new site is incredible, and totally refreshes the experience of dropping by. kudos!!

  8. stephen tho...

    what is your email address

  9. mike

    check this story out

    it was a normal day going to my theropist to talk. over the week i found a new fetish giant woman i thought it was the hottest thing ever.
    i show up and check in moments later she shows up “hi michael how was your week?” as we went into her office. “well it was good i was on the internet and found something cool.” “ya what did you find?”i blushed and said “a fetish site it`s giant woman” “giant women like fat tall” “ no like attack of the 50 woman how she grows” she looked at me with her green eyes and curly dirty blond hair “so what makes you attracted to giant woman?” “well i like the power and the giant feet i want to sit on there toes and rub them”

    she got up and locked her door then went to her drawr and pulled out a toy gun “well i can fix that” she had me stand there and then shot me the whole room grew she grew i was only a few cm tall. she then took off her shoes revealing her big white feet toe nails painted black. i was speachless “well come one you have 45min to adore my feet” “katrina i love you” i said before running to her foot. it was sweaty but in a good way it did not stink i started kissing her toes then the top of her foot she tapped her feet giving me a ride as she giggled. next i began lick and rubbing my small body ageinct them me penis was going to explode i took of my pants and humped her little toe “do you like that michael do my feet help” “yes katrina you are my goddess” i ejaculated all over her toe then she took her foot to her mouth and licked it off. “mmm yummy” she licked her lips. after i repeated every thind to her right foot she laid them on top of me as i licked underneath the sweat in my mouth taste so good. “ok times up time for you to leave” she enlarged me back to my normal size “next week you are going to worship something elts that i want worship” “yes katrina any thing for you” with that i left and went home till next week

  10. GtsQuisit

    congratulations on the new site design. The layout is absolutely incredible. I wish you loads of luck on this and you can count me in as a supporter.

    quick question, have any other optimizations been done across the site. ie. enhanced download speeds for content downloading/purchasing.

  11. MerlinRaven...

    Your new website looks great Katelyn, I love the new look and the changes you have made to it. You are truly a Goddess and I’m not just saying that I mean it *YOU ARE A GODDESS*. I look forward to visiting your web-page daily so that I can keep up with all the updates you make to this wonderful page of yours.

    Take Care: Merlin )0(

  12. Daniel

    Nice work! You’re evidently as good of a programmer as you are beautiful. =)

  13. Danshrunkenman


  14. Greg Viera

    holy shit this is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wow you never cease to amaze me
    i love it out of a scale of 1-10 i give it a 10 billion
    all who love the Great Giantess Goddess Say I and give her some congrats its needed she worked her ass off <3

  15. Aussie

    Wow, great site! I love the old one, but this is tremendous! The picture on the front page would have to be one of the most amazing GTS pictures I’ve ever seen!

  16. bobbob

    I love it! The new collage at the top is one of the sexiest I’ve ever seen!

  17. Jeremy Farmer

    I love you. You are so awesome and just keep getting better. Thank you for having this fetish and making this site to share it with others that enjoy it and love you.

  18. Dre

    New site looks great. Love the art section, and can’t wait for the comic section to open up. Have a stroy I wrote several months back, and would like to post it on you site. It is more Amazon than giantes, but there is crushing in it. Just need to know how to post it to your site.

    Once agan, good job on the new site. Looking forward to your next movie.



  19. Trek22

    Very cool to see you’ve completed this massive project! Seeing how far you’ve come in these few short years is just amazing! It’s been a bumpy ride, and now look where you are, this is huge! You’re becoming an unshakable landmark in this community, and the work you’ve done is going further than anyone else before you.
    I’m happy just seeing how strongly that passionate fire burns in you to be driving you forward with such motivation, and no regrets about any of the decisions that have brought you here.

    Great Work Katelyn, truly we cannot even begin to see how far you are propeling all of this forward, and not only what it means now to the community, but what it is going to mean in the future. How you’d have shaped this into something remarkable!

    I greatly have enjoyed seeing you rise, higher and higher through these barriers that have done nothing to slow you down through the years, and each of them becoming nothing more than a platform for your success.

    This is only getting faster, gaining momentum along the way…

  20. Shrinky Dink

    The New layout looks amazing! It might take a bit of time to get used to, but it looks like you made everything more easily accessible and organized. Congratulations on finishing such a fantastic design.

  21. johnn

    Great update!!

  22. Greg Viera

    @Kisuke Urahara ♥
    come to think of it i remeber that old site wow :)
    its been so long since i’ve seen such an amazing site

  23. Newschool2626

    Old site was good, this site is GREAT!

  24. Drudicta

    Anyway you can be persuaded to bring back the option that lets you download all the photos in a group in a RAR file?

    Downloading them individually takes a LOT of time.

    And I can’t help but notice that the caramel filled Heart pictures are missing.

  25. MarkM


    I love the new site very much Katelyn! Your such a hard working Giantess!

    Humm….. I can’t find the Love Hearts I usually put so you know I love You. Well you know anyway huh!


  26. luca valenti

    a me piace il tuo nuovo sito, è davvero potente e la foto di sfondo gia dice tanto. anche la grafica ed il menu li trovo di un livello decisamente superiore al primo

  27. Frostbite

    This site is really gorgeous, you really outdid yourself Katelyn! I’m a graphic designer myself and I must say, I am very VERY impressed. It’s a masterpiece, gorgeous!

  28. anc

    In the new layaout i cant find the search option in the store. Where is it?

  29. anc

    Also the categories of the clips are weird.. i cant find the “shrunken fantasy” category :(

  30. Katelyn's worm

    It is so delicious to be back in Your world, Goddess Katelyn, though i am fit only to be spat upon or crushed beneath Your shoes!–Cliff

  31. johnn

    I hope to see also a new movie soon!!!

  32. Little M

    wow your new site is amazing.I especially like the new GTS collage with the POV of the city! Please do more like that! And I can’t wait for your next movie, you seem to get sexier with each installment! I’d love another unaware movie! But anyway great job Goddess <3333

  33. stephen

    Hi, think you fantastic, love your work and I wanna please my goddess before i get snacked on in a special way, interested??? eat me, i meant email me, you wont be disappointed no work from you just pleasure lol
    you rock x

  34. bunker

    custom video for me?
    is it possible?
    wait news

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