Upon Discovering you have the Giantess Fetish, Part 1

Upon Discovering you have the Giantess Fetish, Part 1

About every other week, I get an email from someone who has just discovered their giantess fetish for the first time. Very often it’s someone who *ahem* is a little on the young side, to whom I can’t respond to. This saddens me, because often times they express confusion, internal turmoil and they just want help understanding themselves and their sexuality. They can’t turn to their parents, their friends- and so they privately email me.

I already can’t respond to every email I receive, and I definitely can’t respond to emails where you specify that you’re underage. I can’t have a parent discovering that a porn star is knowingly talking about sexuality with their kid, a minor. Some parents could flip ape shit, and I can’t take that risk, ever.

So instead, I present to all those who-are-the-legal-age-to-read-this, a blog about discovering and understanding your giantess fetish for the first time. I would also absolutely love it if everyone left their own advice and their own experiences discovering / understanding the fetish here in the comments for newcomers to discover and read!  Combined, this blog would be great a great resource. So let’s get started!

So… you just discovered have the giantess fetish… WELCOME! :biggrin:
I’m sure you are completely overwhelmed, and quite possibly you have masturbated like fifty times in the span of only a few hours. You’re not sure why you like “giantesses”, only that this is what has been missing from your life up until now- google be praised! As someone who has desired to eat /swallow / crush / insert her friends all her life, allow me to help explain and explore your newly discovered sexuality! :happy:

1. Fetishes are normal!

Nobody really knows why people develop fetishes. There are theories of course, but beyond speculation no one has a definitive answer. So I’m going to offer you my speculation, based on what I understand and what I’ve observed talking with thousands of people who have this fetish. Feel free to form your own theories, your guess is as good as anyone’s until it’s more acceptable for researchers to study this stuff.

It’s reasonable to believe that fetishes are the product of evolution- sexuality, tied with food and digestion, is a major determining factor if a species will survive or die out. Some argue that fetishes are genetic and others argue it is nurture. It’s probably both. The genetic part of the equation may very well determine how likely you are to develop fetishes or sexual preferences, a complex combination of genes woven together over hundreds of thousands of years to create a sexuality adaptable to a changing environment.

To quote the datalinks:

“The genetic code does not, and cannot, specify the nature and position of every capillary in the body or every neuron in the brain. What it {can} do is describe the underlying fractal pattern which creates them.”
Academician Prokhor Zakharov
“Nonlinear Genetics”

Adapting to one’s environment is key to evolution- and adapting sexually to your environment makes perfect evolutionary sense. This is where “nurture” comes in; from ages 0-4, the brain and body of a child is developing at phenomenal rate. A child is literally wiring core systems of its brain in reaction to its environment and stimuli. Things like language, fears, dislikes, likes, and yes, sexuality are all being wired during these formative years. Reproductive capabilities may not emerge for another 10 years, but those critical underlying systems of what to seek out to reproduce still need to be written, along with everything else in the brain. And if written live while immersed in an environment, it gives the child that much more flexibility to adapt and survive. :borg:

And naturally, who else to wire sexuality around than those who have successfully reproduced before? Your parents! And of course, while your sexuality aims for your parents, it may latch onto other stimuli too. A babysitter, another adult figure, TV shows, Movie characters, video games, the way someone does something, who knows what else! Your brain makes a best guess of what love is and is not, what sex is and is not, and then wires it. After that, there’s no going back.

Not to mention that bodily functions, eating, and fear of death, are all core survival systems- it’s not a stretch that they could become entangled with sexuality.

And keep in mind- EVERYONE has a fetish. There is no such thing as normal! “Normal” is a made up definition of what society as a whole thinks is normal at the time- which is constantly changing. Less than a hundred years ago tan skin was a sign of lower class, poverty- and therefore unattractive. Tan skin was looked down upon sexually and society defined normal as “palest of pale skin- not a freckle”. Women would try to cover their entire body and carry an umbrella in 90 degree heat just to stay white! These days it is completely reversed- having a tan is a sign of upper class- a sign that you have enough leisure time and money to go on vacation or to tan. Tanning is now the sexual norm. Extremely white girls are now looked at as more of a fringe preference. It’s insane!

Fetishes are normal. Everyone has one.

2. Origins of the giantess fetish

Why does a small percentage of the population have an attraction to women thousands of times larger than themselves rampaging and sexually ravaging cities and helpless people?

I’m sure you could break down each part of the fetish carefully and slowly, tying it to certain psychological or physical stimuli. The curves of the feet and toes look like ass and boobs kind of. Maybe healthy feet were a sign of good health at one point in human history. Vore exists perhaps because the core wiring of eating / digestion /consumption and fear of being eaten got mixed up into sexuality. Who knows!

You can speculate all you want, it’s good as anyone’s guess.

For example: When I was young (ages 1-4 and onwards) , my mother was ALWAYS watching horror movies. Every night. I was constantly exposed to screams, blood, power trips, terrified people, that kind of stuff. Whether this is why I love being a rampaging fear-inducing Giantess these days, I don’t really know. But it’s always stuck with me. Before I actually understood that I had the Giantess fetish I just thought I was attracted to blood and fear. (Hence my huge Goth phase in high school)

Next, my favorite cartoon while aged 2-5 was Tom and Jerry. Looooved it SO much, no idea why. I wanted to be a cat and eat mice SO BAD!! I was constantly playing cat and mouse and it just felt good! As I grew older… the mice turned into tiny people / bugs and I became a normal girl in my fantasies.

And then we have feet. I have always been attracted to feet and feeling things under my soles. I have no explanation for this really- it’s just been with me for as long as I remember. Feet are as hot as boobs or ass to me! Some say that it’s because feet have similar curves they they are mistaken for boobs and ass on a brain wiring level. To me feet when arched look very much like the hourglass curves of the female body!

Finally, my mother always used to cover my eyes when anything sexual come on TV (How were horror movies ok, but passionate love was not!? Don’t get me started) and so every time something sexual was on TV… I’d listen to moans while staring at her hand. Today I have a fetish for hands and hands on my face.

But this is all extremely rough and fun speculation.

3. You are not alone

That’s right! You are most certainty not alone. I talk with people every day who share your fetishes. You aren’t the first person who has had to tell their girlfriend or wife, or whose parents accidentally found out! And best of all, in any other time period in human history, you might have never meet another person who shared your fetish and you would have been completely alone in your sexual preferences for life. O_O But thanks to the internet, you can talk all you want with those just like you! Share stories, advice, artwork. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it!

So if you have questions, or want to share your thoughts, you can. There are places like Giantessbooru, GiantessCity, and countless other giantess tribute sites where you can share your experiences with the fetish!
So while you may feel mixed up inside, remember, at least you’re not the only one. :3

Thanks for reading little bugs! In Part 2 (sometime in the near future!) I’ll talk about friends, family, and lovers!

PS: It would appear I killed my blog’s smilies in the last wordpress update. I will try to bring them back soon…


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  1. Sheela

    That was a really interesting read, Katelyn! And I’m sure many, many people will appreciate it! It’s a funny time since I’m covering this sort of thing as build up for my next comic, the whole discovery of the fetish thing, so it’s good to see the views of others too.

    For me, it was a bit odd I suppose. I didn’t have these fetishes initially. I started dating my partner when I was very young, and he had the fetishes (and still does, of course!). At first, I thought it was a little weird. But I indulged! It made me happy to see him happy. And the more I indulged, the more I found things that I sort of liked. The more I indulged, the happier he got and the more he found out HE liked. It was a wonderful growing experience, and I guess you could say I grew into the fetish! My eagerness to accept his fetish and make him happy by indulging in it with him ultimately gave me the fetish and made me discover my own attributes in it that I fell in love with. And I love them to this day. I’m proud to have the fetishes that I have, and be a fetish artist. I tell people what I do without any shame, as it should be.

    I encourage people to definitely tell their significant others about the fetishes, at whatever pace they deem fit. Just make sure you do! After all, if my significant other had never told me about his fetish, we wouldn’t have had the wonderful growing experience we did, and I wouldn’t be a fetish artist! How crazy is that?

  2. Nick

    Very nice informative post, Katelyn. Lots of people could benefit reading this to understand that it’s okay to like giantesses in this way. I found it cool that you quoted the datalinks in your blog. I wonder how many people are going to get that reference when they read it.

  3. jeremy

    Thank u so much….i first discovered my fetish around age 14…i am now 24…i really did feel alone in this fetish then i found your site …a couple years ago..now i even follow u on twitter…u will always b my fav. giantess..crush me anytime…

  4. MarkM

    Hi Katelyn!

    Wow some of those writings you mention sound a lot like me. Obviously I’m of age now but I’ve had the Giantess fantasy pretty much as far back as I can remember. A little boy just like some of them. My whole life I tried to deny it. It would come out but then I’d quickly bury it again somewhere in the deepest back part of my mind. Not let it out. But it never goes away it’s always there. A part of me.

    I donno where it came from all I know is I just have it. It wasn’t until I found you (must be getting close to six years ago I think) that I “slowly” started to enjoy it rather than hiding it. Now that I have I’m so glad about it because for me it’s been incredibly super satisfying sexually. Giantess is so powerful for me that no other fantasy even comes close. It’s exhilarating, makes me feel alive (even though I’m about to be eaten or crushed) and full of a super intense Love. A Love only a tiny person can have for a Giantess. Giantess gets my heart pounding like nothing else!

    I would just like to say I don’t think there is any harm giving in and enjoying it. I’m married and have a happy healthy marriage. I guess that’s the only advise I’d give to someone. Enjoy but don’t let it replace a real relationship.

    Yes Katelyn fix the Love hearts! I use those to display the Love I have for you as my only Giantess!!!


  5. Shrunken One

    Oooh, 2 new from Vivian?
    May I ask what the titles are? :)

  6. Andy

    Hello Katelyns, love your blog ^^

    So, in the first place, sorry for the bad English.

    Your explanation is euphoric! ^^ But I have to disagree when you say that fetishs are genetic. Even nurture, although a more important variable, isn’t that important. The greater reason behind fetishs is Desire.
    As a researcher in Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Business College, we constantly study desire and sexual behavior. It may seem strange, a Business student researching sexuality… But with sexuality you understand Desire, and with desire you understand motivation, and with motivation leadership… So yeah, everything is connected.
    In our researches, we understand that fetishs, just like sexuality, are creations of the mind. They are not children of chemistry and biology, but of consciousness. The difference? If the brain is the hardware, consciousness and Desire would be the software. They can change trough the course of time. Just like Kinsey demonstrated in his studies, fetishs behave like sexuality. A person can change his taste in the course of his life, unlike genetics.
    Actually, the use of genetics to explain human cultural and physiological behavior (in a great deal of cases) is political. When you say that gay people are gay because some kind o gene, you’re saying that only those born with the gene can be gay (thus denying Kinsey studies, but making a handful of straights comfortable cause they can’t catch the “gay disease”, using that excuse so they won’t feel bad about their hidden homoerotic feelings [which is scientifically proved that MOST people have. There are no extremes in life]). Worse, you also confirm that if the gene could be isolated, those people could be “cured”, since they have a genetic disorder. It’s incredible how science developed to use biology and genetics as factors of discrimination.
    So, just like your gender (Sex-Biology, Gender-Desire), your Fetishs are determined mostly by your desire. And where the Desire arises? Good question. It’s a big mystery, and although a lot of theories try to explain it, researches in this field are still pretty new. Some say Desire can be a quantum phenomenon, linked to quantum consciousness. The materialistic, conservative academy doesn’t like explanations that are based on the quantum, holistic paradigm, opposed to the Newtonian form o physics.
    So, just to make my point clear, genetics and nurture are factors of sexual behavior (the last more), but minimal in comparison with Desire. There’s nothing different between your DNA and those without a giantess fetish [except, of course, everything… o_o But I guesse you understand what I am saying]. ^^’
    Loved your initiative! Kisses and hugs xD

  7. WDC

    This was an excellent piece with great insight, it should be published.

  8. johnn

    Nice post!

  9. James

    Briefly adding to what you’re saying is the fact that most fetishes are interconnected and even if one person has the same fetish they might not all share the same tastes which lie within it. Those who like giantess can also share ties with Sadism, Feet loving, Furries and more.

    I’ve a parent who is a Chiropodist and so from an early age viewed feet as liable to be dirty and infected – as such whilst a lot of Giantess/Shrinking fans have an interest in feet I don’t really see the appeal save as a means of climbing. I also am unusual in the sense that I am definitely a Gentle or Playful Giantess fan as opposed to the ones who stomp about violently and cause wanton destruction – this might be due to having an overly protective mother. I’m also in love with the idea of being an explorer and even before discovering about sex I was already into the idea of going inside people’s bodies and exploring them.

    So as you can see, those with the Giantess fetish can in their own group vary enormously. Seeing as the Violent Giantess seems to be favoured over the Gentle ones I wonder if I am not a minority within a minority.


  10. Zen

    First off, I want to thank Katelyn for making and maintaining this little corner haven on the internet for all us Giantess and tinys out here that can come together and share. I’m rather quiet and keep to myself regarding this topic; however, after reading Katelyn’s blog I figure I would share a little for the first time.

    The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show was the first time I realized I had a giantess fascination. The scene in particular crystalized it for me was when April O’Neil walks in on the shrunken quartet on the floor to which she has no idea they were there and from that point on, it was all downhill for me. I started to read and learn about the Greek and Roman goddesses of antiquity to try to understand this fascination. At that age, I did not understand much of what I read but the little I did retain steered me towards Philosophy to which I still study today. From there, I found the old movie “Fantastic Voyage” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060397/ and was ecstatic. When Disney World had the” Wonders of Life” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonders_of_Life exhibit at Epcot, I was there. Then I struck gold in an animated series named “The Littles” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0320055/ I was on cloud nine for a year or two because of that show. When that ran its course and the series was canaled, I tried to search for something similar and that’s when I found the world of anime and all of its possibilities. Even to this day I still love this genre of storytelling. Then the movie “Innerspace” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093260/ was released and two years later Honey, I Shrunk the Kids franchise started. Like Katelyn, I was so into Tom and Jerry as well by then. I always wanted to be Jerry the mouse for some reason. After the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids franchise ran its course; I had to fend for myself as the shrinking theme seemed to have run its course and died out of popular culture. It was about this time that I took to the internet for inspiration and to try to fill this missing hole in my life.

    Over the years I have slowly refined this fascination of Shrinking/Giantess into I guess a fetish of insertion/unbirth of sorts. When I got older I find out that I was a leg man, a dying breed so I’m told (Pacino’s speech about women in Scent of a Woman says it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U2_Y0lYtHA). Amazingly enough this just made my existing fetish even more powerful when I combined the two. I guess the turn on is the thought of letting go and giving everything (mind body and soul) to a woman so that she can do with it as she pleases. The ideas like that of a beautiful woman going about her business with me pleasing her from within her most scared of place trying my best to put a smile on her face with no one but her the wiser; or being a toy for two hot women trapped in the middle of their hot sticky passion are total turn-ons for me. I can speculate all day and delve into the depths that is psychology to try to explain it (and I have) but any type of answer that I might get from doing so would not satisfy this emptiness that I’m sure most of us here feel . At the end of the day, the only thing I can do is indulge this fascinating appetite that yearns from within my very soul. However, like most things in life moderation is the key to control and this appetite that I speak of is no exception.

  11. Michael

    What an interesting and insightful blog, I appreciate it Katelyn.
    Being a closet-giantess….fetish person myself, it can be very difficult and unfulfilling thing to hold in what you believe to be taboo. I believe in my entire life, I’ve only told one or two people about my interest in the giantess fetish. One was actually very recently.
    A friend of mine who I’ve had some sexual relations with wanted to talk dirty to me over Facebook…which is more than fine with me…but I’d much rather it be in person. ;P At some point, I don’t remember exactly when, we started talking about fetishes and sexual interests to learn a little more about one another. I felt comfortable enough to tell her about my interest in giantess and even showed her your website Katelyn. She readily admitted that you were really attractive. :)
    But she didn’t understand it and couldn’t see what I saw that makes it so interesting for me. I even tried to explain it to her, because I know why I have a giantess fetish. It’s simply this. For my entire childhood, I was raised under a very strict house. Rules and regulations and control. It was all out of my hands, every single decision. As I grew older and started to develop a sense of independence, it did not sit well with my mother. Eventually, through years of psychological, verbal and physical abuse, the relationship was severed completely. Now, as a young man in my mid-20’s, I am in control of every aspect of my life. I enjoy being in control. Now mind you, I am NOT a control freak. When I say control, I mean with myself. I will have a drink or two, but I do not enjoy being drunk because I’m not in complete control of my own body. I don’t like drugs for the same reason. What other people do doesn’t concern me, unless I care about you and am looking out for ya. :)
    Here’s where my giantess fetish comes into play. I’m a very sexual individual. When I say that, I mean I’m quite open (about sex(still a little hesitant to tell everyone about the giantess)) person and very sexual driven. Unfortunately, I live in a small town that is rampant with people running around getting pregnant and spreading disease and that doesn’t interest me either. So I’m forced to, mostly, abstain for any sexual encounters, lest I want to reproduce or have funny stuff growing on me. I’m getting off topic here, sorry. :p
    My giantess fetish stems from control. Having that control taken away from me by a beautiful woman. Some would say, why not BSDM? Because it’s not about the pain or the humiliation. It’s about being so incredibly helpless that even every day activities can end in my own demise. This is why I prefer unaware much more than most other forms of giantess-ism. When someone of such beauty and power weilds it so innocently and without knowledge of what is happening at her very feet…or in her food…or holding on to her toys…or pleading from the seat of a chair…or…well, you get it.

    Quite sorry for the long winded post! Felt like sharing my story as well! :D
    I do appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to help those of us that may be slightly confused, alone or shy about this sexual interest. Sex is taboo, to an extent, in the States. And that’s such a shame. Don’t be embarassed that you are unique and have an interest in what others don’t. It makes you different and that’s a good thing.

  12. David

    Crazy… I remember watching Tom and Jerry and being more of a fan of Jerry’s position. I always had a slight interest in things like being eaten by a fish in Super Mario 64 when I played video games. But, then, as my sex drive started kicking in, my mind kind of merged these two attractions together. It’s like I was never “sexually” aroused by vore, but when my mind put a giant female in the place it became a new and interesting thing!

    But, perhaps a topic to be discussed… Have you heard about the studies which say that if someone indulges in sexual fetishes too much, they will struggle with having a normal relationship? I don’t feel like I’d have a problem with this, but it has definitely been in the back of my mind. <_<

  13. Greg Viera

    this is a great blog always love to hear ur thoughts and see u explain them to us

  14. Xone

    OHHH you should really talk geek more often!!!! HOT!!!

  15. Dre

    Great post katelyn,

    I am glad you addressed this issue. To many time young people who are just discovering their sexuality, get caught up in what is called “normal”. They go through years of feeling like a wierdo because they get turned on by something different.

    My giantess fetish grew out of a foot fetish that I got at a very young age. For me, being at a woman’s feet was a place of comfort and safety. As I got older and my sexuality begain to really kick in. Images of strong powerful women became the posters of choice on my bedroom wall.My first crush was on Linda Carter. To this day I have a warm place in my heart for burnetts with blue eyes, and I do collect Wonder Woman comics. While my brother had pictuers of Jet Beauties, I had a poster of Corey Everstson and other strong powerful looking women. To this day I have a thing for tall, muscular, athletic, barefooted woman. My taste has also eveolved to include tall voluptious woman as well. To me Amazon means someone I want to date so it is only natural that I would have a giantess fetish.

    I discovered my Giantess fetish when I was about 24 years old at a record store. I have always been fascinated by movie like “Attack of the 50FT Woman”, “Village of the Giantes”, and “Gulliver’s Travels”. However it wasn’t until I walked into that record store, went over to the magaizine section and pick up a magaize that had the image of a giante woman in platform open toed black panten leather high heel shoes stepping on the the back a little man, with Giantess Fetish in big bold letters across the top, that I finally had a name for my fetish. I read that article from begining to end. My girlfriend at the time didn’t get it. And so far the only one who has been willing to indulged my giantess/ crush fetish has done so with reservation. She did it because she knew it got me hard, but she did do it because she enjoyed it.

    I agree with Sheela. It cool when your girlfriend indulges your fetish, but it is something completely different and incrediable when she embraces it and your fetish becomes hers. I am sure that one day I will meet a woman who, when I tell her about my giantess crush fetish, instead of judging me, she simple take my hand walk me outside, take off her snadlals, walk over to a bunch of snails that are crawling on the ground, and systematicly start crushing them one by one. Not only for my pleasure but for her’s as well.

    I have seen one woman, beside katelyn of course, get turned on by crushing an insect under her foot. And man it was the most erotic and hottest thing I have ever seen.

    Keep up the good work Katlyn and Sheela. Guys like me Love women like you! ;-)

  16. Anonymous

    I’m 24 now, but I couldn’t have been more than 8 years old when I started fantasizing about giantesses, shrunken people and all that stuff we share here.

    It wasn’t until I was 14 and really started using the internet that I finally discovered that, incredibly, I was not alone in my fantasies. How great it was to be able to finally communicate with people about my thoughts – even if I had to intentionally avoid mentioning my age.

  17. The Anonymouse

    I always find these kinds of things interesting to read. Way back when I first developed my particular set of fetishes (giantess naturally included), I had absolutely nowhere to turn to. No insight into what was going on there. It wasn’t until I staggered across a website or two that I realized I wasn’t some singular weirdo in the entire world. Even then, I was still to nervous to reach out to them. I just read stories in silence. Even even now I still have a world of difficulty getting involved in any communities. However, it does my heart good to know people these days have the great wide internet, within which to find others who can help them feel less alone than I did during my self-discovery.

  18. The Anonymouse

    Proofreading is really something I should get into the habit of doing -before- I hit a submit button. Derp. When I was figuring myself out, the internet wasn’t exactly a high priority for my household. Now-a-days the whole world is connected. Yay world!

  19. lexy

    Shrunk the Kids time yet?

  20. James

    Great post this is which answers some of my questions why I have the Giantess vore fantasy.
    My vore fantasy as a kid I remembered being like frightened about the idea but somewhat excited like being on a roller coaster and enjoying the adrenaline.
    I too remember watching Tom and Jerry but I’m sure it was the Disney film Pinocchio with the Monstro (whale) scene which sparked it or reading a book about dentists but in a Disney adaption where they showed the seven dwarfs from Snow White in a mouth doing their mining as I think they were portraying plaque.
    I also loved the idea of being picked up by a giantesses hand as I’ve seen that in Disney and other cartoons.
    I loved the films Fantastic voyage and Innerspace but was so disappointed that they were in a man’s body. Not only do I fantasise about just venturing into the digestive system but see other parts of a woman’s body just like in Fantastic voyage and Innerspace.
    I’ve told my ex girlfriend before as she thought it was weird but she indulged me and another female friend who also indulged me. I’m guilty of masturbating to female friends of their pictures where they have their mouths opened as I do not tell them because I know what their reaction could be. I even fantasise about sneaking in their drink and hoping they would drink me not knowing I was in their drink.
    Those who think it’s weird I don’t understand because if men like blowjobs then I don’t see why I shouldn’t call my vore fantasy normal. Not only is vore my idea of having sex but also my idea of true romance where i possess the body of the woman I love and be like her ultimate body defence.
    I see now that I’m not alone and will hope one day that I can experience my vore family for real.
    Keep up the good work Katelyn, I hope that one day I’ll be able to miniaturise myself and experience your hot enticing mouth.


  21. Richie

    This was very helpful I discovered my fetish around 13 and I’m 24 now I feel so much better now I felt like I was a freak or something

  22. Guest

    Well, as Freud pointed out, there is really no such thing as “Taboo” when it comes to fetishes, as each person has their own fetish. It is impossible to classify some things as “Normal” and some as abnormal concerning sexual attraction. Foot fetishes are found in 1 in every 3 people, and it is the world’s most common fetish. This is due to the brain placing the neurons associated with the genitals and feet next to each other, resulting in neurons from both hemispheres accidentally moving between each other.

  23. N'Hotep

    This is a very informative blog. I wonder if anyone thought on tring to talk about this with people with other fetishes and BDSM people. Would they understand this topic better then the vanilla people? I think of going out of the closet but ONLY within the bdsm-fetish community. Unlike trampling, giantess and certainly vore are no categories you find there though. Sincerely yours, N’Hotep

  24. Tommy

    Glad you covered that topic :), i myself have found the 3 reasons on why u may have a foot fetish.
    1. Genetics, that is right someone else in ur long line of family passed it on to u.
    2. Some experience that sets it off.
    3. Sometime at birth ur brain which can be divided into many sections has the sexual pleasure piece and the everything to control the foot piece right next to each other meaning these can cross over to make a foot fetish!
    These are just some studies ive learned over the past couple of years there are many more things i can say about girls who like it or hate it but to long to cover.
    I myself found this to be a well needed topic to be discussed!

  25. Tanooki

    Its very nice to hear something like this be discussed. Sometimes it does feel like I am the only one since all I know are into “the normal” as “normal” can be. And the whole blood, gore, goth, anger at jerry mouse thing really hits home. And your idea of how and why fetishes are formed makes sence for alot of it. But sometimes it drives me crazy why I have a fantasy to be shrunken down and be at the mercy of a giantess when it doesn’t make sence biologicaly, and unfortunatly the shrink gun hasn’t been invented.

  26. Poulou

    In fact, there is no definite answer for such a mystery. Could be interesting to analyse where this fetish prevails. In which communities it prevails. I am now 60, so because I have this fetish since I was 7 ou 8 years old I think it’s a rebuke to those who would pretend it’s a phenomenon arising only with 21th century young people.

  27. Tony Manchese

    I was first exposed to the giantess fetish when I watched Attack of the 50 foot woman. I remember having a erection from it. I was about 11 or 12 at the time. (Im 20 now). Im not a fan of bare feet at all but I love high heels on a giantess. I to have kept this a secret from everyone i know. My favorite aspect of the giantess fetish is seeing a man get shrunken down. Theres a lot of free stuff on the internet and I refuse to pay money for this fetish. Its kinda weird because I am not attracted to tall women. Every girl I ever had a crush on was at least 4 inches shorter than me. I gotta admit though this is a really kinky but cool fantasy,

  28. Anthony

    Thank you for that read, ive had a giantess fsntasy for years now and seems i though I was one of the only ones to have it, I was scared to do anything about it and I tryed to forget about it.
    Ive actually told my best friend a few times (when i was madly not sobar) and it was comforting to know that he didnt think any different of me from it as you said “everyone has a fetish” but id only do that to my very closest friend.
    But now youve shown me that there are thousands like me out there, thank you I feel alot more comfortable about it now :)

  29. Derrick

    I’ll be honest, I myself was ashamed of my fetish. I first came onto it when I was 14 and am no 27 and still big into it. I now realize it’s a part of me and who i am and what I’m into. I feel reading this made me feel even comfortable about the fetish. Thanks so much Katelyn. I love your work, and you’ll always be my favorite GODDESS!!

  30. Anonymous

    Thank you for this

  31. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me how to tell this to a significant other? It’s so difficult trying to balance my love for her and my giantess fetish on the side and in hiding.

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