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Hot as Hell 8: Door Duty

MONSTER GANG (formerly Sheela and Cyanide) is back with a brand new installment in the Hot as Hell series! Four clueless brats stick their noses into a spooky mystery, and get more than they bargained for.

Modern horror with a with a giantess, vore, and monster-girl twist! Action packed, with a smorgasbord of mind-and-body-bending fetishes, a doomed quartet of humans meet a mix of twisted fates at the hands of two large, inhuman, magic wielding ladies.

♥ 35 pages of crisp 4K, full color fun by Sheela!
♥ A new thick and voluptuous Succubus!
♥ An even newer, even thicker, even more voluptuous Minotaur!
♥ Shrinking, mind control, mind-warping and cleavage-engulfing!
♥ Boyfriend stealing, energy-draining, transformation, and more!
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Product Details:
Producer: Sheela
35 HQ Photos
3333x4000 .pdf
comic, sheela, cyanide, MONSTER GANG, tits, breasts, boobs, giantess, shrinking, succubus

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