Hot as Hell 8: Door Duty

"Congratulations, humans. You found the monsters."

• 25 pages of crisp 4K, full color fun by Sheela!

• A new thick and voluptuous Succubus!

• An even newer, even thicker, even more voluptuous Minotaur!

• Shrinking, mind control, mind-warping and cleavage-engulfing!

• Boyfriend stealing, energy-draining, transformation, and more!


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Product Details:
♥ 25 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 3333x4000
♥ shrink, smothering, breasts, pawg, fat, vore, mouth, oral fixation, lips, stolen boyfriend, ntr, netorare, transformation, mind control, hypnosis, homewrecking

It's ghosts, bruh. Or ALIENS.
It's ghosts, bruh. Or ALIENS.

Paranormal investigation, the perfect time-waster for nerds, stoners, brats, and... nerdy stoner brats. But just what is their game plan if they actually find what they're looking for? Turns out they don't have one. At all. Turns out they're fucked.
And pretty quickly, these unfortunate malcontents find out just what happens when you foolishly stumble into the dwellings of the things that go bump in the night.

What's she doing to my boyfriend!?
What's she doing to my boyfriend!?

It wouldn't be a good horror movie if there weren't a couple to seperate, and a Succubus can hardly call herself a Succubus if she can't steal another woman's man.
Though she certainly wasn't expecting him to come around so easily! Watch as a haughty girl gets put in her place by a bigger, curvier woman, stealing her boyfriend away with a kiss and shrinking him down into her own miniature pet!

THIS is a knife! Let me show you it's features!
THIS is a knife! Let me show you it's features!

And when they're done playing with their boyfriends, it's time to turn their sights on one of the girls! And what's better than one shrunken mouthy brat to bully? A whole legion of them! And demons have a lot of fancy magical tools to in their arsenal.
But when you have so many, you might as well do something really fun with them, right?

This chocolate feels like it's... Part of me!?
This chocolate feels like it's... Part of me!?

Why not give them a dunk in some tasty, creamy white chocolate and make them into some yummy treats! However, when you're dealing with demons, you never know what trick they're going to have up their sleeves...
Or what magical properties their fancy chocolate might possess! When you think you've been coated in the stuff, you might just find out that you've been turned into a sweet treat through and through! And what a tasty treat you'll make~!

When it comes to silly little humans, I just can't help myself~
When it comes to silly little humans, I just can't help myself~

But our sugary little treats aren't the only ones getting snacked on. Sometimes naughty boys need a good scolding too.
And there's no better way to put someone in their place than giving than sliding them down your throat and into a hot, waiting stomach.

I'll make you into something he loves~
I'll make you into something he loves~

A Succubus wants chocolate, too! And a doomed brat might as well become part of the of body her former boyfriend is now infatuated with, right?
...My, I wonder what the mouth of a Succubus feels like? If her boyfriend was cumming from a few kisses, there's no telling what's in store for her!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Follow the group of 'paranormal investigators' as they get way more than they bargained for!

See a succubus steal a girls boyfriend and shrink him with kiss after kiss!

Watch a poor shunken male get tuck deep into a minotaurs creamy cleavage!

Plenty of slick, slippery wet vore, not to mention chocolate transformation!

Your purchase supports the continuation and expansion of this world, and our future projects!