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Losing My Virginity to My Professor for an A+

Professor! I can't believe how you were actually able to shrink yourself down. I must say, even though you're so tiny, I find myself incredibly attracted to you because of that monster cock. Goodness! Since you're pretty much dildo sized, I'd be willing to do whatever you want to my giant body in comparison for that A+ you promised.

Where should we start? How about my giant tits... what was that? Naughty naughty! You want to go right to it huh? You want to feel my sweet pussy swallow that cock of yours. I wonder how it's going to feel inside of me... oh fuck... ohh you're not even the whole way in and it feels fucking amazing. Must be because my little virgin pussy is so tight!

Oh fuck this feels so good! I just thought of something though... I'm not on birth control, so don't cum in me! I'm not crushing you down there am I? Oh fuck I'm going to cum soon, I'm cumming now! Katelyn brings her mouth down onto your cock- sucking, licking, and ready to swallow your cum.

I can't wait to see how proud my parents are of me when I show them that A+! I can feel your cock throbbing, just a few more sucks and that's about it for you huh? Katelyn gulps your cum down and shows you her clean tongue. If I get you for a professor next semester then I'd love to do this again!

Ok now quick return yourself back to normal size incase my parents get home early! ... What are you waiting for? Come on! You're not stuck at that size are you? If you are I want to keep you as my pet! Well, more like sex toy, but we'll see! For now we're going up to my room. If you don't return yourself back soon then you'll be stuck at my house for the night because I'm grounded.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:51 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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