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Shrunken Bro's Pussy Misery

Experience Beth in POV as she opens the box she's storing you in, having captured and stored her now shrunken little brother in her bedroom. No-one knows he's shrunk or where he is or that his entire existance is now controlled by Beth. She towers over him, she'd always begged her parents for a little brother for her to play with when she was an only child. Now, the little brother she had to play with, is now a shrunken little brother and is truely a toy for her to play and amuse herself with. He'll remain a secret, stored in the box when she's no playing with him. She squirms with delight at the thought of slipping him inside her pussy as his little arms and legs thrash about inside her in his scramble to get out. Maybe when she has dinner with their parents today and they're wondering where he is, she'll have him inside her as her panties pressed tightly against her pussy prevents his escape. The thought of her parents questioning her as she denies all knowledge whilst feeling him struggle and plead to be spotted and rescued, has her pussy absolutely drenched. She fingers and rubs her panties at the thoughtof him being inside her until she can't take it anymore and drags him out of his box. Trapped in her panties, her hand comes in after him and despite his struggling, is easily slipped inside her pussy by her eager fingers. Any attempts to slip out are stopped as she greedily fingers him back inside. Finally his thrashing and fighting deep inside her, brings his gigantic sister to a whimpering, shuddering orgasm. She licks him clean with her tounge, getting every last drop of her cum off him, then puts him back in his box until next time she wants him, closing the lid on him.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
11:52 minutes
1920x1080 .MP4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Beth Bennet, sister, pov, masturbation, brother, box, cleavage, big boobs, pink panties, nipples, ass crack, blue nails, inside panties, panty pov, big lips, excited, horny, up shirt, under cleavage, blonde, pig tails, partial nude, humping, blue eyes, be

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