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Spring Panty Sale

It's officially spring! Know what that means? It's time to celebrate! How about by getting one of my spring panties or bra? All from Victoria's Secret / PINK. Check out this video for a good look at what there is to choose from or just to enjoy watching me try on different panties! ~_^

Below are available for personal item purchase:

- Also including a "request" option for a panty that's not on this list. Simply let me know what you like and I'll send you what I have that's similar.

- Also including a "surprise me" option for a panty chosen by me that's not on this list.

Price starts at $55 for one of the above items in the list, only while they last. Get a second panty with your order for only $25. Third for $15. The first price covers the panty retail I paid, packaging supply costs, my time, shipping cost, and Uber fee+tip to the post office and back. (I don't drive) That's why additional panties or items with the same order are cheaper than the initial item. I prefer combo orders, make much more even though additional sexy items are so much cheaper for you!

Add one day wear with workout for $10 ea and/or $20 ea for cum in panty. (Come vac sealed with a wear option) My panties will only have a light scent with a wear option, to be clear.

Will ship in plain/discreet package from "KB" within one week from purchase and provide tracking # to your email. Price above includes US shipping. Open in private.

To order, email [email protected] for response within 48 hours. Include what you'd like to purchase and your shipping address. I will provide a way you can check out through my store or you can send me an eGift card.

The purchase of this listing is for the video the .gif displays, no personal items included.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:38 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
panty, thong, bra, personal item, fan package, butt, cleavage, clothing, katelyn brooks

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