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Personal Item Package

Personally select three of your Goddess' personal items to arrive straight to your mailbox/doorstep! Package arrives as a discreet plain brown box or USPS flat rate box from "KB".... inside will be a fancy little red box containing your selections! ♥ You can select multiples of the same item if you wish!

With the ultimate fan package you get to request the color/material/style of all items in your custom box. You can even request panties or items seen in my most recent videos. (as long as they're still available) Everything is then hand selected based off your liking and what I have available.

The three items can be lightly worn by yours truly, if you desire. I'll also email you one close up candid photo with/wearing the items.

You may select from the following options:

- Socks (Ankle or knee high)
- Panties (thong, cheeky, or full back. I have a big collection of panties, so let me know what you would like!)
- Bra
- Bralette
- Pantyhose / Nylons (full or thigh high)
- Incredibly detailed Invisalign tray set of my teeth (full set)

FYI I don't offer anything involving bodily fluids, hair, tissues, or trash.

The worn item(s) will be vacuum sealed. Also, I always have socks on hand that I'm repeatedly wearing to infuse the fibers with my foot scent. ;) It takes weeks of wearing them during workouts or outings since my feet don't sweat/smell much. As for panties I'm fine with wearing them for a day and while I work out and/or picking from my laundry. Let me know what you would like!

After purchase you'll receive a .zip in your download area which contains a note with my contact information to wrap up your order.

Shipping within the United States is included. You'll receive a tracking number as well. No international orders.

***Important: open a support ticket after purchase with your mailing address*** Shipping label will be from "KB". Appearance of shipping box/package will be plain/discreet. Open contents in privacy, obviously!

NOTE: This is a package deal. Individual items listed above are available for $90 each.

Prints are available separately here.

Some of my worn shoes are available as well ($90 per pair)

Feel free to open a support ticket if you are ready to purchase a pair of my worn shoes or an individual item or even something you see in a video that you want.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
3 HQ Photos
x zip
personal items, signed photos, dirty panties, smelly socks, signed photos, used nylons, thigh high stockings, pantyhose, long socks, worn socks, bra, lingerie, foot fetish

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