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360 VR - I Want to Keep You Shrunken

This is so nice hunny! I never cared for taking baths with you, but when you're shrunken there's plenty of room for both of us and you can lay back and relax on one of your favorite parts of my body- my nice pussy! Mmmh, yeah! So... about keeping you shrunken or returning you back to your normal size... if we want to keep you shrunken then I promise I'll take care of you like the most beloved pet! *Kiss* And I'll stay loyal to you. If it happens to get to a point where I feel like I really want a full size dick in my pussy then we can talk about what we should do and figure it out. One thing that I know for now is why not keep you shrunken for a while so we can enjoy it as long as we want and then just return you back to your normal size later. Isn't that a good idea hunny? I like that idea!

*Kiss* We'll see how we feel after a few days pass and go from there! I mean, if you want, since the wand works, maybe I could even find someone else on one of those Giantess fetish sites that'd want to join in! I'm getting turned on by the thought of having more shrunken people... oh yeah! Oh, I just remembered, you told me if you ever shrank you'd want to explore my body from toes to eyes. So let's do it! And after this we can go to that favorite Thai restaurant of yours. I'll order your favorite meal and you can hide on the plate while we secretly dine together!! (Katelyn teases you with her naked body parts including pussy, soles, tits, belly, mouth, and ass) After our romantic dinner date we'll come home and make sweet love!

This is Part Three in a series!

Part Two: Using My Shrunken Boyfriend as a Living Dildo 360 VR

Part One: HISTK Roleplay for Your Birthday 360 VR


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:31 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
360 vr, gentle giantess, cared for, loved, series, pov, nude, pussy, close up, tits, belly, bubbles, bubble bath, ass, nipples, naked, pussy rubbing, fingers, fingering, bathroom, bath tub, hair up, pony tail, licking cam, mouth, tongue, lips, kiss, candl


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  1. Bill's Avatar
    The part where she talks about keeping him as a toy is amazing! please do more!

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