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Using My Shrunken Boyfriend as a Living Dildo 360 VR

You survived the digestion process through my body baby, oh I'm so happy to see you, yeah what a relief wooo! Mmmmhhh! Well well well, now that you're looking good, healthy, lively, before I return you back to your normal size I'm going to indulge in something that I've been fantasizing about which is using you as my living sex toy. OH! If you can survive going through my body's digestive process then you can certainly survive going inside this big, sexy, meaty, horny pussy. Yeah!

I knew that was you coming out of my ass because I already had a bowl movement this morning. Of course it was you coming back out. You went through my body so fast and now you're going to get to explore a new area inside my body. Oh baby! Before I put you inside of my wanting pussy I'll give you a little bit of a tit and ass show. Mhhh, yeahh, mmmhh! (Katelyn bounces her tits, gives you a view of her booty that you love so much, vibrates her pussy with a masturbator, brings you up against her nipples, licks you, and more!)

I'm so horny to feel your whole body inside of my pussy as the walls pulse in pleasure around you and suck you in. Oh, oh, oh! Oh fuck, in you go, fuck yeah! (Katelyn lubes up her pussy and fucks you in multiple positions. Squishy wet sounds have been preserved and cleaned up in post for a high quality experience!)

I can feel you so well! Your hands reaching to pleasure me, your heels pushing to go deeper inside of me to please this giant girlfriend's pussy. Oh fuck. Oh yeah! Oh!!! Best masturbation toy I've ever tested! Your full shrunken size feels just as good as your dick does at your normal size! ;D

Let's make this more about your for a minute. I know how much you love my mouth. Feel my sloppy wet tongue and plush lips all over your body! Mhmhmh! Now get back in my pussy baby! (Katelyn fucks you to cum)

Before we return you back to your normal size, we should give it some thought. What if the wand never works again to shrink you down? Maybe we should keep you shrunken for longer incase this might be the only time you ever get to be shrunken? Maybe you want to stay shrunken... forever? Let's take a bubble bath while we think about it!

Part One: HISTK Roleplay for Your Birthday 360 VR


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:35 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
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    I would like a 1000 videos like this one. ??????

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