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Cam Girl Swallows Hacker

This is freaky! I gave you my IP Address and your used your hacking skills to somehow wire yourself to me through the internet, but let's go ahead anyway and continue with your in person tit show. This must be a dream!

It's good people can't shrink themselves because there's lots of girls like me out there who wouldn't care about the well being of a shrunken man. In the midst of giving him a tit show it's all about the fun, and nearly smothering him and puposely playing hard with him like this is a good time HAAHA! Here, enjoy my tits some more!

Now that you've had some time with my tits I'm just going to swallow you because I haven't eaten in hours. Plus, my cam room rules have always been.... my show, my body, I do what I want. You got what you paid for now you're going to amuse me how I want!

I want to feel you in my belly! (Katelyn swallows you, pov style) I can feel you swimming around tying to get out. The only place you're going is through my body! (Katelyn pulls her panties down and shows/rubs belly) Ohh no, I already don't feel you anymore. O_O

You were a good appetizer, so I'm going to order some food before I go back to camming. Yep. Even though it was kinda creepy how you hacked yourself over to me, the power was within my hands the whole time! You were nothing but food to me!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:20 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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