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Little Dani's Doll House Games

Dani's parents are out, it's time to play some games with the little shrunk people she's found and keeps in her doll house to play with. Peering in through windows and doors, her hand hunts around the house dragging people kicking and screaming from the safety of the house into her grasp.

The game for the day; if they can avoid being swallowed, she'll let them go. One by one they have to watch their friends dropped into her wet slippy mouth and try not to tip down her gullet.

Almost impossible to hang on, they fight and struggle whilst pleading Dani to stop, only to be ignored and slip screaming down her throat. Not one to lose a game, those that are able to get a bit of a foothold soon find Dani's finger dislodging them and pushing them back, closer to the edge of the wet hole they're about to tip down.

Last one, misses her mouth and end up down her cleevage. Since he likes her tits so much she decides to change the rules of the game again. Digging him out, if he can resist cumming to her massive tits she'll let him go. But teasing him with her huge tits, only ends in him being unable to stop himself busting a nut over her tits. Pleased she's won again, she changes the rules once more...he gets swallowed, but this time it will be with her pussy. Fingering him inside her pussy, she comes to a shuddering orgasam against her dollhouse and tidies herself up before her parents come home.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
23:55 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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