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Hot as Hell 2: Dirty Deals

Sheela and Cyandie co-produce another HOT AS HELL comic, this time dipping into the the world of paranormal organized crime. Witness an illicit meeting in the club's VIP lounge and see how to (and how not to) strike a deal with the inhuman beings from beyond. Five hungry, haunting monsters with different appetites makes for a comic that's all about vore!

♥ 21 GORGEOUS, richly coloured pages of 4K resolution, high quality, action-packed comic art by Sheela!
♥ Additional written intro and outro pages from Cyanide
♥ Not just meat, SOULS will be swallowed, too!
♥ Demons, Nagas, Kitsunes, Yuki-Onna, a jacked amazonian with a massive bulge in her pants! VARIETY!
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Product Details:
Producer: Sheela
21 HQ Photos
x pdf
comic, shrink, vore, inside throat, wet mouth, uvula, long tongue, PAWG, big boobs, swallow, swallowed, cleavage, upskirt, business woman, inside stomach, demons, demon, magic, demoness, fantasy, pointy ears, blouse, skirt, between fingers, picked up, mic

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