Hot as Hell 2; Dirty Deals

"You said that was a decorative line break!"

• 21 GORGEOUS, richly coloured pages of 4K resolution, high quality, action-packed comic art by Sheela!

• Additional written intro and outro pages from Cyanide

• Not just meat, SOULS will be swallowed, too!

• Demons, Nagas, Kitsunes, Yuki-Onna, a jacked amazonian with a massive bulge in her pants! VARIETY!

• OODLES of vore!

• See how our previous stars are doing!

• Look at the absurd number of hours put into the lighting and shading!


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Product Details:
♥ 21 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 3333x4000
♥ shrink, vore, muscle

Tear up that contract!
Tear up that contract!

Whooops! You didn't think your deal with these devils was going to be even, did you? There's no way everyone's a winner here!


Are you still standing tall? Or have you wound up... small? That's right, losers get shrunken! Shrunken, and then...


It's ALL vore from here!
Be it a red-skinned businessdemon, a nine-tailed kitsune, a snow-white yuki-onna, or a bi-gendered mountain of muscle and tits, it's gotta eat!

. . . No matter what your size
. . . No matter what your size

It doesn't matter if you're the size of a garden gnome, or smaller than a flea! You're getting eaten by a demon. Your very SOUL is getting eaten by a demon! You're SCREWED!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

100% VORE

We're eating souls too - it's 200% vore!

Bodacious monsterbabes from around the world and beyond!

Business criminal assholes getting their just desserts!

Other business criminal assholes totally getting away with it!

Your purchase supports the continuation and expansion of this world, and our future projects!