Playboy TV Episode | Giantess Worship!

Playboy TV Episode | Giantess Worship!

Get ready for some exciting news!!! … An impeccable full rounded Playboy crew, shooting a Giantess Fetish episode for their UNDERCOVERED Tv show series, was at my place last summer to film me and AstroDomina indulging ourselves –and them- into our world of both Giantesses and shrunken people.

Everyone went upstairs… where Astro and I were teasing our shrunken slaves and shrunken lovers before they got there. :P Their hot blonde host, Kate Quigley, sat down with us and asked some hinting questions while we teased a few of shrunken people right in front of her. It was clear that Kate wanted to join in and play with a few of our shrunken people!

She loved the rush of power she felt from having a shrunken person in between her unveiled cleavage and underneath her high heeled boot. It was then very clear to her, and the entire crew, how us Giantess’ get our sexual fulfillment. Dominance. Power. The feeling of you going down our throats or popping under our bare feet. Having you at our mercy. Making you do what we want. Using you as sex toys. Your endless need to serve us… and much more!

Needless to say; she enjoyed having a few shrunken people at her mercy during the interview. Astro and I even gave one of our shrunken men to her, to keep as her own!

It was an incredible, once in a life time experience to work with such a wonderful Playboy crew to share the Giantess fetish with the world. I had no doubt what so ever that what we shot would appeal to those of similar interests. Mouth Fetish, Foot Fetish, Size Fetish, Shrinking Fetish, Tongue Fetish, Lip Fetish, Femdom, Sexy High Heels and Shoe Fetish, Bare Soles, Spit Fetish, Femdom, Humiliation, need I say more?

Let’s give a thanks to Playboy not only for their curiosity in giving the Giantess Fetish some exposure… but much also for their generous permission for me share the episode on my website for everyone to watch and enjoy. Without further ado, you can watch it here!

I passionately hope that this episode will reach out to to fetishists with similar interests. Show them there’s more. Come and indulge themselves to a Giantess and hopefully find a warm and squishy spot to call home within our community!

Sexuality is one the many highlights of or lives to embrace. About myself, I’m a naturally horny person… and what comes with that… is if something even as slightly teases my sexual curiosity, I will go ahead and explore it. With my vibrator close at hand. ;P If it doesn’t hit home, an aspect of it or something I saw during my search will most usually direct me into new realms of the fetish world.

Ok now. You know I love hearing your thoughts to my blog posts. So! What do you think about all of this? What about other peoples fantasies? What would you want to see happen next for the Giantess fetish if it had the opportunity of hitting a publicity scale? Go ahead and inspire us all, if you wish to!

Xoxox – Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Martin

    Loved it Katelyn! Do you toes always get sweaty in your tall pumps? :)

  2. Gold-Phish

    Wow! This is pretty awesome! Good for you for putting yourself out there and doing this! I think this is the kind of exposure is what this fetish needs; the kind that portrays it as unique and fun, not just “check out this weird stuff!” How it’s portrayed as a power/dominance thing is spot-on. For every 100 people that watch this video that have never head of this fetish that think,”WTF?” there’s at least a few that think “Hmm… that sounds like fun.” And that’s awesome. Kudos to you!

  3. MarkM

    That was so cool I loved watching that. It was nice to see that lady totally “got it”.

    You looked very professional great job Katelyn! Nice to see Astro there too.


  4. Alman01

    I think it’s great that you two got to do a segment on the giantess fetish on Playboy TV. Even better to see it’s positive reception as well, especially when not too long ago, macrophilia felt more like an obscure fetish genre with few dedicated sites etc.
    This relative rise in popularity or media awareness definitely comes off as a good sign to me and hopefuly for others and their unsung fetishes :)

    None the less, I’m glad that you lot had a good time shooting it ^_^

  5. catman

    Katelyn never change you are best of the giantess fetish and we your fans love it.keep going each video you make you more sexy and powerful, keep up the amazing work

  6. Cal Silver

    Congrats on getting on Playboy TV, and thanks for sharing the video! The FX scenes were kinda cheesy, but I’m glad to see they actually took some time to try to understand the fetish instead of just showing a short segment saying “Hey, isn’t this weird?”

    Where would I like the giantess fetish to go? I know the fantasy is impossible, but I love the idea of making it feel more real than we can now. I’m even experimenting with 3D photography and film, which will almost certainly move over to my fetish works, with time. I’ve also thought about the possibility of using 3D printers to aid in making content. I’m awful at drawing shadows, so I like to imagine how easy it’d be if I could just print extremely realistic figures doing poses custom to a scene, and just take a photo… or if you could print an entire city to scale out of the material of your choice!

  7. RobW

    Would love to see you, Astro and Kate in some kinda giantess Charlie’s Angels or Powerpuff Girls type of scenario!

  8. Enzo83

    wow really good

    dear huge goddness a little question: when you made a MEGA giantess video?

  9. Hristo

    Very cool interview!

    However, I must admit the GTS scene at the end was kind of a let down. The SFX weren’t very good and it felt like the whole editing was “rushed”. As I said the rest of the interview was pretty cool though.

    I still wish one day you’ll announce the production of a mega giantess video. I consider you one of the best GTS actress so this would be like a dream come true. Unfortunately, SFX are expensive and time consuming, so I’m not sure if we’ll ever see that day.

  10. Jboro

    I thought it was really cute when your friend hid the tiny person behind her back when the interviewer entered the room. xD

  11. catman

    Katelyn our goddess what do you want for x mas ?

  12. Greg Viera

    video was amazing I loved it
    been really busy with work so just now reading up on ur blogs <3
    they always make me feel good in the pants heheh

  13. Aladan57

    That was amazing to watch! I love that this fetish is becoming more commercial. We owe a lot to wonderful women like Katelyn who have helped this fetish progress in the last 10 years. I’m more into using special effects and not a fan of using toys, but that’s okay if others like that. It’s just good to see this fetish finally get some recognition. Thanks Katelyn!

  14. SDM

    Ms. Katelyn,
    I am truly glad that your world of Giantess is not real. If it did existed, I would not last 30 seconds in it. My urge for self preservation would go out the door like a moth flying into a flame. Everything about you is extremely sexy and desirable. I know that for a fact ,while ,I would have tremendous fear to lye down, face up. I would do so and take my squishing like a man with honor. I could not resist being grinded to non existent under your enchantingly lovely feet connected to your thick sexy legs.

  15. Brian Anderson

    I saw this!!

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