Katelyn VS Ant Men: Under Soles – Released!

Katelyn VS Ant Men: Under Soles – Released!

For those who would love to see real bug men being smashed and splattered under my soft gigantic soles, Katelyn Vs. Ant Men: Under Soles is now for sale in my store! The full movie preview page is now up, and I’ve added an additional screen shot to the set and more info in this blog. But seeing as it’s 3am and I’ve been working nonstop, I am just going to just pass out for now and let you enjoy the movie. :happy:

“Katelyn Vs. Ant Men: Under Soles” – a 10 minute high quality shrunken man FX movie dedicated to the squishing and crushing of terrified ant men under my naked feet as I masturbate to all the delicious carnage- is now available in my store! :heart:

The movie was a fun two month long project I had been meaning to do for some time. (This movie is very much “The Girl Next Door” concept I talked about in the past, only more real) I have always been a HUGE Markie fan and I find his work to be a constant influence on what I want to convey in my movies especially when it comes to feet. Plus I’ve always wanted to crush some ant men and here was my chance! =D

This movie also allowed me to test some new equipment and gave me a chance to experiment a little before tackling much larger and complex projects. (In other words, to get my feet wet again!) It was also the perfect project size to complete and release before my big move across country in just a few weeks. X_X

Although I must admit, after two solid months of working on foot scenes, I am now DYING to go all out with vore and real giantess scenes. However, I have no clue what my next FX video will be, only that it will involve any or both of the above. XD (Such as a mega/micro giantess movie or Honey I Shrunk the Kids parody. Not sure which to do first yet!)

Please feel free to leave a review on my site or comment here, feedback is as always greatly welcomed! I love hearing what you little bugs think.

Thanks everyone for your support! :happy: I wouldn’t be able to make crazy movies like these if it weren’t for you. :woot:


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Dan

    Can I ask – Will you be doing different versions of this?
    By which I mean with some of your other FX you did a lite and Full version, the lite being just the clip, and the full with some extra goodies :)


  2. Giantess Ka...

    Nope. This movie was too short to do any really meaningful extras for. (Not to mention I had a pretty strict deadline) Longer films will usually have the bonus stuffs. :happy: This is just a fun, quick, and messy FX video with lots of gooey action!

  3. Greg Viera

    Great work <3
    you are indeed an artist
    what is your favorite part if you had to choose <3

  4. Dan

    Thanks for clarifying – I thought I would ask in case a bonus version was to follow. I shall purchase right away; Cant wait to see the underglass scene! :D Heh

  5. Deyan

    Kinda funny how you released this on Friday the 13th haha.

  6. And

    You’ve done an unbelievable job with this movie! I can’t wait for what you have in store for us in the future. :) Thanks!

  7. G

    I’m about to make this purchase. would you consider doing a sm movie with someone 6 inches tall / evil gts movie?

  8. crusader

    Honey I Shrunk the Kids parody.
    Honey I Shrunk the Kids parody.
    Honey I Shrunk the Kids parody.
    Honey I Shrunk the Kids parody!

    I hope thats not too vague, so…….please?
    Honey I Shrunk the Kids parody. At least give some ideas you have for that film? EX What role you will be and some plot points you’ll “improve” :)

  9. johnn

    I see the video and is great!
    I hope to see more FX movie soon (maybe with a city…)!!

  10. Oktober

    Congrats on the release Katelyn! Must feel awesome having another film under your “foot” :D

  11. Snap

    The content, as always, was simply delicious. My comment here will be directed at the production values: Amazing progress! And to think, this was just a small project! The lighting, the stunning variety of camera angles, the tiny voices and the squishing/crunching sounds. Wow! Truly divine work from a divine source ;) Love the cat too. Such a nice boy he must be! Deepest appreciation and worship from below!

  12. Kamaria

    IMO it’s better if you do a mega Giantess one, since you’ve been hinting at that for a while and it would be a change of pace from shrinking scenarios.

  13. SFX Lover

    The Honey I shrunk the kids parody sounds like it would be fun. So many possibilities.

    Although I have another idea floating around. It can of course involve a shrink ray like the one in Honey I shrunk the kids. It’s a simple concept really, but one that adds more depth and dimension to a film like this, ok the idea is having to steal some thing from you Katelyn. You have something they desperately want and they’re willing to do anything to get it. It could be a key. A map to something important, but the problem is it’s almost impossible to break into your house.

    They of course get the idea to shrink themselves and sneak in and steal it from you. This story works because you have the setup with you and the characters. Where we get to know them a bit and then the main premise. Which is to steal this object from you. Yeah but of course it’s not that easy for them. At first you’re not aware they’re in your house but then you find out and there’s no way you’re giving up this object. It’s going to make you rich, plus you’re thinking with them being that small. It’ll be easy to dispose of them without getting caught.

    This idea is simple Katelyn and yet adds so much into caring about what happens and what you do to these people, thus making it much more hotter!

  14. H3PO4

    Ich muss sagen: wirklich vom aller feinsten.

  15. Bob

    You should do the honey i shrunk the kids and have a bathroom scene

  16. Ace

    Lol go to the main page (Giantesskatelyn)
    and then paste this behind it.. /post/list

  17. richard cas...

    I want to see myself squished underneath underneath your pantyhosed
    Butt & inside strap shoes under your wriggling sexy toes(slow death please)

  18. fabrice

    katelyn j aimerai etre ecrase sous tes pieds odorants

  19. Meica

    Will please make more content like this? This was absolutely amazing to watch.

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