Squash Match: Main Event

"Step into the steel cage with the biggest woman in the world! below."

• A violent, sexy, mini giantess tale written by EmmaGear!

• Over fifty wonderful, juicy renders by RedFireDog!

• Watch as a gorgeous giant of a woman shows no mercy to her opponent!

• Experience every bone-shattering attack from the giantess's hot, sweaty feet!

• She could break him with one hand, but she'd rather toy with her prey!


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Product Details:
♥ 51 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 1920x1024
♥ mini-giantess, violence, feet

I'm here for the amateur night!
I'm here for the amateur night!

Sam is homeless and looks every bit the part. A chance encounter has set him up with the chance to compete in the ring for an easy check! He may be less than five feet tall, but he's got heart!
Of course, it doesn't take long for him to realize how shady this place is. Its secretive location, coupled with the unsavory crowd do little to ease his worries.

Then, she showed up... she was the perfect female specimen.
Then, she showed up... she was the perfect female specimen.

Sam is at first overcome with lust at the sight of this woman. Her smooth, tanned skin. Her large, jiggling breasts. She was absolutely gorgeous.
The closer she gets to the ring the more he realizes something is wrong. She can't be real, can she? People don't just get that huge! His eyes have to be tricking him!

Tonight's main event is going to be a steel cage death match!
Tonight's main event is going to be a steel cage death match!

Even when bending over Sam's massive opponent towers over him! All that it takes is a light tap on the shoulder for him to feel the power contained in that huge body!
And that's not even the worst part. The words "Death Match" echo in Sam's mind. That's just a saying, isn't it? It can't be serious!

It'll all be over soon.
It'll all be over soon.

His colossal opponent quickly takes to taunting him about his puny body. He stands absolutely no chance, and she is fully aware of this! But who says she can't have a little fun before securing a win?
Sam knows there's no way he can defeat her, and clings to the hope that she'll show mercy on him! Surely there's a shred of human decency somewhere in her gigantic body? His injuries continue racking up, and things look bad for our tiny hero!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Watch as a cruel, uncaring giantess utterly decimates her tiny opponent!

Will Sam survive the match? Or will he be utterly crushed beneath this woman?

Cruel, dominating violence from a powerful, unstoppable amazon!

RedFireDog's beautiful renders illustrate EmmaGear's most action-packed story to date!

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