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Squash Match: Main Event

Sam is just a small, weak guy down on his luck. Broke and homeless he finds himself reduced to panhandling when he is approached by a woman who offers him a job! She tells the little man how, for one night only, a local club is holding an amateur wrestling night! It's not glamorous, but wrestling is fake! He should be walking out of that club with a couple of bumps, bruises, and a pay check! Of course, he wasn't expecting his opponent to be such a gorgeous woman. He also wasn't expecting her to be twice his height! And he really didn't expect her to be so cruel towards his vastly inferior form. Now he just wants to survive, but can he do so when trapped in the ring with a woman who loves flaunting her extreme size and strength advantage over him? Find out in Squash Match, by EmmaGear and RedFireDog!

♥ A violent, sexy, mini giantess tale written by EmmaGear!
♥ Over fifty wonderful, juicy renders by RedFireDog!
♥ Watch as a gorgeous giant of a woman shows no mercy to her opponent!
♥ She could break him with one hand, but she'd rather toy with her prey!
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Product Details:
Producer: RFD
51 HQ Photos
by RFD and EmmaGear
mini giantess, barefoot, violence, wrestling, EmmaGear, RFD, curvacious, big boobs, big booty, bikini, ponytail, pasties, brunette, gore, crush, caged match, mask, pov, soles, ass cheeks, thong, poser

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