Genteel's Tanning Salon

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• A mouthwatering 22 page feature by a new comic artist, TheBigMansini!

• Bonus cover page, character page, and thank you page starring Katelyn!

• Will Myrna and Munro's "employment" at Genteel's Salon end in termination?

• Loads of juicy action including foot sucking, tongue play, and pussy licking!


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♥ 22 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 2550x3300
♥ Shrunken, Tongue Play, Insertion

Hurry up and massage my feet you useless peon!
Hurry up and massage my feet you useless peon!

Munro Stevens was a part time photographer for the local newspaper, and full time horndog. He took the job so that he could get closer to his friend Myrna, essentially the only woman that would tolerate him. Myrna and Munro are under the employ of Ariana Worthington and her newspaper, The Underfoot Express. In recent times, the paper has fallen by the wayside and could really use all the help it can get.
In order to stay afloat, Ariana has decided to fold into modern trends to chase a "less than newsworthy" story and follow news circulating around wealthy socialite, and media sensation, Evelyn Hellstrae. The wealthy socialite will be coming into town to help promote the local tanning salon and day spa, run by her friend, Katelyn Genteel.

Now, suck on it, BITCH!
Now, suck on it, BITCH!

Myrna and Munro head out to Genteel's to meet Mrs. Hellestrae for that all important interview. As is always the case with celebrities, they are met with steadfast security and stinkeyes. The two reporter’s resolve is strong, as they press on for the future of their jobs. They work their way inside and infiltrate the establishment by dressing up as staff members.
Myrna manages to sneak into Evelyn's room while Munro waits at a distance to take photos. Evelyn is greatly displeased at the intruder when she realises she's not the regular masseuse. In order to avoid being kicked out and arrested, Evelyn demands Myrna to worship her feet until she is pleased enough to offer an interview.

Do you mind?! I'm waxing on, waxing off over here!!
Do you mind?! I'm waxing on, waxing off over here!!

Meanwhile, Munro is caught off guard by Katelyn, who catches him "grossly disobeying staff etiquette". As punishment, she decides to discipline him with the other men who've "run afoul of" her female clients...

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Evelyn's soft soles finally find the attention they've needed from the right tongue?

Will Katelyn Genteel's Tanning Salon and Day Spa become a restaurant featuring a menu of male morsels, all you can eat? O_O

Support a new comic artist, TheBigMansini, allowing everyone at to continue making sexy new content for all!

The Shrunken Perspective

2 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Twisted

    this might be the best comic on this site. 10/10

  2. Jonathon

    Not quite the way I’d want to go about endearing myself to a giantess or a lady but an enjoyable comic none the less. I was glad to see one where the guy really gets into things as well. Though in this case the guy strikes me as rather nuts. Very much worth the price and it left me curious about what happens next.

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