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Genteel's Tanning Salon

Katelyn Genteel runs a 5-star tanning salon and day spa dedicated to pampering her female clients to their every desire... Including those giantess type ones, that involve shrinking men to bite-sized morsels. When wealthy celebrity and friend to Genteel, Evelyn Hellstrae decides to drop in for some much needed rest, relaxation, and aforementioned "desires", this attracts the attention of an entire city, including 2 college age reporters named Myrna Alvarez and Munro Stevens. In order to save their jobs, these two are looking to do anything to cover a big story about Hellstrae... And anything includes Myrna going undercover as a masseuse to worship her feet, while Munro ends up morsel-sized in pursuit of the "inside story" of the sexy socialite. Sexy giantess tongues will wrap around tiny men, dames' delicious toes will be sucked, and dildos will knock people the fuck out in this perversely funny 22-page romp by TheBigMansini!

♥ A mouthwatering 22 page feature by a new comic artist, TheBigMansini!
♥ Bonus cover page, character page, and thank you page starring Katelyn!
♥ Loads of juicy action including foot sucking, tongue play, and pussy licking!
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Product Details:
Producer: Thebigmansini
22 HQ Photos
by TheBigMansini
TheBigMansini, Giantess Comic, Shrinking, Inside Mouth Vore Views, Insertion, Pussy Licking, Licking, Inside Pussy Views, Big Boobs, Mouth, Throat, Tongue, Katelyn


2 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Twisted's Avatar
    this might be the best comic on this site. 10/10
  2. Jonathon's Avatar
    Not quite the way I'd want to go about endearing myself to a giantess or a lady but an enjoyable comic none the less. I was glad to see one where the guy really gets into things as well. Though in this case the guy strikes me as rather nuts. Very much worth the price and it left me curious about what happens next.

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