Fantasize: Roxy's Punishment

"Mistress Misery's slave needs some tiny people punishment!"

• Cover + 12 pages of full comic book sized action!

• XXX story involving the two stars of FantaSize!

• Roxy is forced to eat her shrunken sister!

• See Roxy humiliated by Misery's bare feet!

• Surprise ending to wrap up the story!

• Internal vore and digestion scenes!


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Product Details:
♥ 12 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 1089x1650
♥ Barefoot, Vore, Pussy

Roxy! Have you been a bad girl?
Roxy! Have you been a bad girl?

Misery has come home to her dungeon to find squished and torn apart tiny people at Roxy's feet. The pink haired slave has been a bad girl and wasn't allowed to play with them. Unfortunately for Roxy, that means punishment.
Being lead away by Misery, it's clear what is going to happen when Roxy sees a box containing her shrunken loved ones. Not given a choice, Roxy is told to eat her own tiny sister from between Misery's toes!

Do what you're told to do Roxy!
Do what you're told to do Roxy!

Even though it's her mistresses command, Roxy finds it hard to just snap up her own sister into her mouth. Misery isn't too pleased but takes it easy on her slave.
Eventually, poor tiny sister Tanya ends up in her sister's mouth, and then in her belly! Awaiting the tiny girl's digestion, Misery fondles one of Roxy's breasts.

It's not over yet my disobedient slave!
It's not over yet my disobedient slave!

Misery then pulls Roxy's shrunken boyfriend Steve out of the box! He can live, but only if he can jerk off to his girlfriend's nasty smelling feet! He whips it out and starts fapping, but Steve fails miserably.
Feeling sorry for her slave, Misery gives Roxy one more chance to save Steve. If she can reach orgasm before Misery, then Steve won't be crushed inside Misery's wet pussy. He's already in there, so Misery has the advantage!

You deserve to cream for your mistress!
You deserve to cream for your mistress!

After hearing Steve crush inside of Misery's pussy, Roxy's face is shoved right between her mistresses legs. After going down on her best friend to clean Misery's pussy up, Roxy is exhausted.
Misery is angered by the pause Roxy takes though and almost loses her temper all over again! Roxy strips out of her tank top and offers herself to Misery. So Misery gets Roxy to masturbate for her pleasure. She even puts some tinies on Roxy's body to help get her off.
Lastly Roxy contines to enjoy herself with Misery's feet on her face. What is the surprise ending? You'll have to read the comic to find out!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Can Roxy save her sister and boyfriend from her punishment?

Watch as Roxy interacts with Misery's feet at the same height!

Will Misery forgive Roxy after her humiliation?

Roxy is Misery's slave? What's up with that?

The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. rooster

    great comic! Can’t wait until Fantasize 2!

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