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Fantasize: Roxy's Punishment

Roxy is addicted to crushing and eating tinies, just like her Mistress. But when Misery catches her in the act, it's time for Roxy to be punished. She's lead away and Roxy is forced to eat her own shrunken sister from between Misery's toes! Then Misery gets Roxy's tiny boyfriend involved in the punishment, making him jerk off to Roxy's horribly smelly feet. When he can't handle it, Misery gives Roxy one last chance. It's a race to see which girl can reach orgasm first before Misery crushes Roxy's bf in her pussy!

♥ XXX story involving the two stars of FantaSize!
♥ Cover + 12 pages of full comic book sized action!
♥ Watch as Misery forces Roxy to play size fetish games on those she loves!
♥ Will Roxy's beloved shrunken sister and boyfriend make it out alive? Find out today!
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Product Details:
Producer: ChibiChan
12 HQ Photos
by ChibiChan
Mistress, Female Slave, Vore, Insertion, Internal Scenes, Bare Feet, Foot Fetish, FantaSize, ChibiChan, Canadian Giantess, Giantess Fetish, Comic


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  1. rooster's Avatar
    great comic! Can't wait until Fantasize 2!

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