Disposable 2

"Please... crush me. Please, just..."

• Miss Kaneda's detailed brand of brutal humiliation and cruelty is on full display!

• 62 of legendary artist SorenZer0's illustrations, 46 pages!

• Sandals, Boots, Socks, Sneakers, and Bare Soles! A crush- lover's dream!

• Enjoy Lindsey and Jessica finishing off the sad little family beneath their beautiful feet.


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Product Details:
♥ 46 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 2560x1600
♥ Shrinking, Foot Crush, Humiliation

Yeah, beg for it, squirt.
Yeah, beg for it, squirt.

Yamin's family is being decimated by a pair of malicious girls. His nephew and sister stare at him as he stands tearful and trembling, empty of all but despair in the shadow of Lindsey's immense shoes. He's nothing more than a toy for their amusement, a prop for their little show, and with each passing moment their cruel torment and his utter humiliation grows, leaving the already broken man desperately begging to be smashed and smeared beneath her shoe.
As he falls to his knees, dwarfed by the tip of Lindsey's sneaker and pleading to be ground to a stain beneath it, she stares down at the little speck before her toes and laughs.

It's not like you need legs to starve.
It's not like you need legs to starve.

It's incredible, the amount of enjoyment the two girls can squeeze out of one stupid tiny man. Jessica's loving the show Lindsey puts on for her, and Lindsey wrings every ounce of entertainment possible out of Yamin's pathetic life. Even as he vanishes beneath her shoe, she tortures him until the very moment his existence ends in a messy wet squelch.
After all, this one's for the camera. There's still two more people practically begging to be smashed.

We still doing the old lady first?
We still doing the old lady first?

It's so casual and easy for Lindsey to play with these little things. They were never people to her, not that they likely would have mattered if they were. Killing them was fun, and being here with Jessica was exciting enough on its own. The way she looked at Lindsey when she stood over one of her tiny playthings, though, was a special kind of thrill and one she wanted to experience again.
It felt good to crush the first one, and Lindsey's sure it will feel just as good to squish a second one, too.

He... was my cousin...
He... was my cousin...

"He's fucking goo now," Jessica replies. This family, this group of happy, loving people were all nothing but stains on the ground and the soles of these two sadistic girls except for Omar. He'd watched them all die horribly, used like little toys as part of their spontaneous, careless and wicked games and ultimately crushed like little unwanted vermin beneath their feet, and now he was the only one left.
Omar tells himself that they won't break him, that they won't get any satisfaction from him, but as he stares up at their menacing, amused grins and their perfect, towering forms through his tear-blurred eyes, he knows there's not one thing he can do to resist.

Take my boots off.
Take my boots off.

Jessica always got what she wanted, but taking--taking people, taking lives--taking what she wanted was even better. With the rush of total power pulsing through her body, she decides to take the next thing she wants: Lindsey. Jessica's giving orders now, and she will be obeyed.
She's seen something in Lindsey, after all. Something she can use and cultivate and enjoy. Jessica had taken five tiny people and had her way with each and every one of them, but somehow that isn't enough. Maybe there's no such thing as enough for her, but taking her lovely friend Lindsey and making her her next possession? That's a start.

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Watch an entire family as they're utterly destroyed for the fun of two cruel teens.

Rich, wicked and ruthless humiliation and abuse abounds at Jessica and Lindsey's feet.

SorenZer0's art brings powerful reality to both the family's despair and gory remains.

The conclusion of Miss Kaneda's first premium story! Don't miss part one!

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