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Lindsey doesn't necessarily revel in cruelty like her friend, but she does absolutely adore two other things: attention and Jessica. With the camera on her and a tiny, pathetic, helpless man at her feet, cowering before her gorgeous, gigantic sneakers, awash in Jessica's approval, she feels things she's never felt before. Breaking his spirit was a ton of fun, and squishing him like an ugly insect? Awesome. Almost as awesome as the way Jessica's looking at her, and now she wants all of it again and again. At least a few more times tonight, since there's more tiny people waiting in that box for the girls to destroy.

♥ 62 of legendary artist SorenZer0's illustrations, 46 pages!
♥ Sandals, Boots, Socks, Sneakers, and Bare Soles! A crush- lover's dream!
♥ Miss Kaneda's detailed brand of brutal humiliation and cruelty is on full display!
♥ Enjoy Lindsey and Jessica finishing off the sad little family beneath their beautiful feet.
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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
62 HQ Photos
by SorenZer0 and Miss Kaneda
poser, crush fetish, gore, shrunken people, knee high socks, knee high boots, barefoot, sole, shrunken man, shrunken woman, blonde, brunette, camera, cell phone, sneakers, pink nails, glass table, hand fetish, fingernails, finger fetish, handheld, pinched

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