Bonnie's Body Chapter Two: Going Galactic

"Looks like some more snacks for me to nibble..."

• A BEAUTIFUL 30 page comic by Sheela - Bonnie is back for more!

• Includes a lovely thank you bonus page from Bonnie herself! ;)

• Curious how easily a city would crush under her MASSIVE foot?

• See Bonnie eat literally anything in her path to GROW bigger!

• Features Crush, Vore, Growth... and a twist! What's Martha up to?!


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Product Details:
♥ 30 Pages
♥ PDF format
♥ 2000x2400
♥ Mega Giantess, giga, growth, voluptuous, vore, crush

Looks like some more snacks for me to nibble...
Looks like some more snacks for me to nibble...

Was it all a dream? Bonnie is almost positive that it is before she comes to and sees herself at the massive size she ate herself to before she passed out! Greeted by the sound of tiny men screaming her name through megaphones in helicopters.
But what sort of resistance could something so small really put up against someone as big and busty as her? Not much of one, it seems! Their bullets do nothing but tickle her and leave her laughing, snorting at air and accidentally sniffing them up her nose like dust specks!

I really did a number on that poor city...
I really did a number on that poor city...

With the speckish helicopters mysteriously gone due to her unaware sniffing, Bonnie is left wondering just what she should do next! In the end she decides to go and do a little exploring. Being so big makes seeing the sites much easier, after all!
The first thing she notices is how much damage she's caused to the poor city she grew out of, deciding the best thing for them is to put them out of their misery. How? By smothering and crushing them beneath her puffy soles, destroying most of them with a single step!

Mmm. Delicious...
Mmm. Delicious...

Exploring, however, becomes boring fast for the bodacious Bonnie, and she quickly starts looking for other things to do before deciding that getting even BIGGER is always an option! Setting her eyes on a volcano with some unfortunate people around it and slurping them up along with heaps of lava in order to grow even more.
It leaves her massive and sprawling, able to cross the span of an entire ocean with a single stretch of her body! And it also leaves her setting her eyes on bigger, brighter, and far more out-of-this-world things, leaving the gravitational pull of Earth and plucking the moon from the sky to make it her next tasty snack!

I got the body I always wanted...
I got the body I always wanted...

Breaking it into pieces, eating bite after bite and growing with each one, Bonnie is soon big enough to take on Earth itself! Taking it into her hands like an apple and taking bite after juicy bite, reducing it to rubble. Fuel to make her even MORE massive! But that doesn't mean she's content at all...
No, there are still so many other planets to play with! She slurps every one of them down into her belly, growing more and more with the passing moments and ultimately putting out the sun, swallowing it whole and growing suddenly and exponentially from the raw energy of the huge star! Leaving her big enough to do her the ultimate damage; slurping the galaxy past her plush lips and achieving the body that she'd always dreamed of... Or so she thought. Just what has that Martha been up to? What becomes of dear, gargantuan Bonnie? Purchase Bonnie's Body Chapter Two: Going Galactic today!

All of the Hot, Sexy Details

Curious what an every day, power hungry girl would do if she were to grow? Here's one example!

If you like voluptuous Giantesses then beware! You'll fall in LOVE with Bonnie's MASSIVE curves!

Like huge puffy tits and nipples? A curvaceous ass? An insatiable Giantess? Then you'll love this!

Bonnie's Body Chapter Two: Going Galactic BUNDLE version (with 31 bts sketches) is also available!

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