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Bonnie's Body Chapter Two: Going Galactic!

Special thanks to everyone who purchased BB1 and supported BB2 Presale, the much desired Bonnie is back for Chapter Two and she's looking more voluptuous than ever! :D To recap Chapter one, Bonnie is a small time girl who moved to the US and unexpectedly grew into a voracious mega Giantess from drinking a Gypsy's magical potion! Now, Bonnie's growth story continues right where she left off- completely nude and snug on the top of a mountain, carelessly curious to indulge her thirst for power upon civilization in each every way she desires! What will she do to all of the helpless specks of people unfortunate to find themselves at her massive feet and mouth, and just how much larger will she grow? Give Bonnie's Body Chapter Two a purchase today and find out!

♥ A BEAUTIFUL 30 page comic by Sheela - Bonnie is back for more!
♥ Includes a lovely thank you bonus page from Bonnie herself! ;)
♥ Bonnie grows bigger than ever! Just how big will she get?
♥ See Bonnie eat literally anything in her path to GROW bigger!
♥ Features Crush, Vore, Growth... and a twist! What's Martha up to?!
Click here to read all of the juicy details in depth!

♥ There's also a bundle version available including 31 behind the scenes sketches for only $2 more! Click here to check it out! ♥


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Product Details:
Producer: Sheela
30 HQ Photos
2000x2400 PDF
Sheela, mega Giantess, giga, growth, voluptuous, vore, crush, big boobs, ass, nude, freckles, redhead, eating, voraceous, comic, sketches, space, pussy


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  1. DarxFF's Avatar
    Any idea when the next mentioned in the last page Will be released?

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