AMA Answers Completed

AMA Answers Completed

Hello my little loves! On January 15th, mid month, I started tackling the huge project of finishing up answering all of your AMA Questions! 4 days and 15,000+ words later, I present to you, AMA Answers Completed! This is a massive read, and I hope every minute of it is enjoyable (maybe you’ll even jizz in your pants to some of my fetish answers hehe!). Also, be sure not to miss out on my fun Valentine’s project, details included inside *wink*!


Fetish answers are categorized by fetish to provide an easy way to find what peaks your interest!

Feet / Crush

Q. Let’s pretend you turned into a giantess! Growing out of your house and towering into the skyline. What would be your first thought? How would you best describe your sensation of your first step as a giantess? How would you describe the thunderous boom of your sexy foot steps and do you have any friends that you totally would never want to crush? -Derrick

A. My first thought would be “Damn, look how small civilization actually is. The tallest of them will serve the best as my foot pop toys and human dildos.” then I’d start ripping roofs off houses to find my perfect playmates. The sensation of my first step? Sexually empowering. Each individual footstep of mine would feel like an earthquake. The sound below would only silken my panties further. Car alarms filling the air, screams of terror, cries for help, men peeling out of their driveways in fast cars to futilely escape my inevitable wrath of sexual destruction, people’s panic of what’s happening and what’s yet to come, sirens of the local police department giving those below a false sense of security. I do have some friends that I would never want to crush. And in fact, I wouldn’t want to crush absolutely everyone. I’d need to leave at least a small chunk of civilization in tact in order to enslave them for my -and their- survival. They’d rebuild, reproduce, and work and live the normal lives they do with the exception of living in fear that I may come after any individual of them for my next amusement or sexual satisfaction. And if I found out they were plotting against me, it’d be the ultimate self destruction of everything they had hope left for as I’d go all out wiping humanity and everything along with it into non-existence.

Q. Ok, suppose you grow and you’re in a city, and you want to rampage on it; you see the cars and if seems you like a bugs and do you want squish them… doesn´t exist the risk of the crushed metal and glass splintering you? I say that because is a little annoying have some splinter buried under the skin, and maybe doesn’t matter how small is it, almost always becomes a nuisance (unless, as a giantess, you probably find it enjoyable) :P As a giantess… do you prefer keeping feet, or butt, or any part of your pretty body with wich crush dirty and with rests of crushed tinies like us, cars and other things, or clean from all those stuff? -Jaragua_sphaero

A.Well, what I’d hope happen is my skin thicken during my growth into a Giantess. I really wouldn’t want to have to worry about cuts, splinters, and so on. If I was a Giantess going on a crush spree I’m sure I’d have enough adrenaline and hormones to keep me trucking along without care if I was getting hurt or not in the process, as the pain would be numbed with all of the fun I’d be having. But again, I’d prefer thick nearly impenetrable skin! That way people can’t shoot at me either! =)

It’d be incredibly hot seeing the destruction around and ON me! I wouldn’t wipe it off unless it was getting in my way somehow haha. And if I did wipe it off, I’d probably do so with that part raised high above the city.

Q. I am Massaging your Giantess sized feet after you worked out, so they are pretty smelly,I pass out what do you do to me? -Greg Viera

A. After a good laugh that the power of my foot scent made  you pass out, I’d place you deep inside my stinkiest sneaker that way when  you wake up you’re still surrounded by my scene, in the dark, not knowing where you are. Just hope I don’t forget about you in there or I might slip my foot in and accidentally crush you! If not, maybe you could get my attention, but if not there’d be no way you’d be able to survive in my shoe as my massive foot in action during my workout!

Q. Katelyn, you are perfection! I have a few questions though tht i hope you wouldnt mind asking so here goes! 1. If i was massaging your nylon feet an started kissing and sucking your toes what would you do?
2. If i had to kiss your lips and feet to shrink what would you do? 3. What would you do if i turned into your panthose with my face at your feet? 4. What would you do if i was magically shrunk an sucked into your nylons under toes wiggling around?

A. Thanks love! I’d get really really horny if you started kissing and sucking on my toes. I’d probably want to get off right then and there! If kissing you on the lip sand then having you kiss my feet would make you shrink then guess what? We’d be doing exactly that, because I want to have you shrunken! :) If you turned into my pantyhose, it’d be a pleasure to wear you. Especially at my desk while I work and slip my nyloned feet in and out of a sexy pair of high heels. ;) Last but not least, if you magically appeared in my nylons between my toes, I’d be pretty fucking freaked out. I’d probably stand up and start stomping my foot to crush you, wondering how in the fuck a bug got into my nylons which sounds pretty impossible! I’d rip them off, check for holes, and then realize that I crushed a shrunken man! O_o

Q. I haven’t eaten for weeks and am shrunken taped to your feet would you feed me scraps off your feet? -James

A. In this situation the only hope you’d have of eating would be the crumbs that fall to the floor as I eat high above you.

Bug Crush

Q. Hi Kaitlyn, Do you enjoy crushing and squashing Ants and other Insects? Is it something that you do often and how long have you been doing it for?
Do you enjoy crushing them slowly, after you have played with them first? Does it make you feel powerful and turned on? Do you like the Ants to suffer, as you play with them and crush them? Do you ever show mercy to the Ants, or other Insects? I appreciate your time, in answering this. -Ian

A. Yep, I do! Ants are my favorite bug to crush. I think it’s hawt how smart they are, how they colonize, have a queen, the various sizes they come in, being crawled on and explored by them… and they taste good too. What’s hottest to me is crushing a well populated ant hill. Seeing them all scram away in panic, destroying all of their hard work, mashing it into ground and twisting it into oblivion. Crushing each that got away from my invasion. Ending all their hopes to rebuild by exterminating them with all of their friends, family, and queen. Fapping it harder and harder the less of them I see. Knowing that the ones I crush last have lived through to witness all of the above happening, knowing exactly what’s going to happen to them next while I’m getting off high above them. I like to hear them pop, feel them smear, and study the remains of what once was.

Ha… when I’m not doing the above, I actually do show mercy to ants and insects with the only exception being when they’ve made their way into my fucking house… when any mere bug has invaded my territory it will be obliterated in whichever way I see fit! >:D

Mouth / Vore

Q. Oh no Goddess I accidentally fell in your glass of wine, won’t you please help me? -Arathos

A. *Smiles* Sure, let me get some of the wine out of this glass by sipping it out! *Slurp* Awe, is that too much movement for you tiny one? Here, let me take it into my mouth slower…

Q. If I had a shrinking submarine, would you swallow me and let me explore your insides? -Microbe

A. Woa, having some tinies in a shrunken submarine would be a lot of fun! Before swallowing you I’d want you to swim around in my bath, cereal bowl, and up my pussy, but then yea… then I’d be up for swallowing the submarine and letting all of you explore me from the inside!

Q. If I was an inch tall and we where dating would you let me climb in your mouth then going into your stomach and living in there? (I cant die) If we where dating and you had a choice to eat me(I cant die) or shove me up your Burt what would you do? -ryan

A. Of course, tiny one! <3 If we were dating and you couldn’t die, maybe I’d enjoy you up my ass a good few times, make you nice and clean and then fap off while swallowing you whole so you can live in my stomach! =)

Q. Hopefully one day i can be your personal slave but im desperate to be eaten by you, it would be a honour to digest in your stomach and die, would you grant my wish? How would you do it? Ta.                     Queation2: how would you take kill me as your slave as it is your choice?. -josh

A. I’d be more than happy to make your little slave-wish come true! Maybe I’d even dress up like a genie and grant you three wishes! ;) Knowing how much you like Vore, I’d want to swallow you whole!

Q. Well, i must confess that’s my favourite part of this fetish, and i have some questions about it.

-It’s known the giantesses actually enjoy eating tiny people like us, but as they can supplement their diet? Based on the ancient proverb that says:  “Not only from humans lives the Giantess” (Ok, not really :P);  they can eat also some… “vegetables”, like trees or something like it? They can eat other animals? What would you do in this cases?

-Mmm, one that has troubled me personally… if you are a Giantess that growth, How can you solve the problem of thirst? Drinking the water of municipal pools, lakes in parks or rivers? Eating food rich on water (maybe tinies like us)?  Condensating the clouds (if you are giga-sized)? Or travelling to the poles? Or all those things? Or nothing of those things? :P  And i consider the fact that not only be fresh water, also should be fit for human consumption… Or maybe your body (thanks for your giantess condition) can be hydratated with any kind of water, included salt water from the seas and oceans, where the salt concentration doesn’t means a risk?  May depend on the size? (a “few” questions :P)

-Do people from different countries have different flavors? Maybe the tiny french people taste different than the japanese…

-And… the tiny mexican people -like me- really tastes like chilli an pepper? Maybe you want taste (or eat) me… O.O -Jaragua_sphaero

A. If I was a Giantess, in the mood for something other than people, there are multiple options of food source (and hydration) that I easy see but of course each depends on my size:
-Farmer’s fields: Easy! Fields and fields worth of fresh produce for my hungry belly.
-Food court at the mall: rip the roof off the mall, and have all of the workers cook up a storm for me. The mall goers jobs would be to bring the food to me, if needed. Otherwise I could carefully dip my fingers into the food court to grab my food.
-Food Transportation Trucks: Walk to the biggest interstate around and walk up the road in search of food transportation trucks. Now, I presume this would be pick of the luck, so I’d probably need to check every one that I see in order to find food this way.
-Supermarkets, grocery stores, whole sale clubs: Rip the roof off and have myself a feast! I could even gather a development or two worth of people, tell them to all bring their grills to the grocery parking lot, and grill me up some food. Or I could pinch up cartfulls worth of food and leave it on people’s doorsteps, commanding they cook like they’ve never cooked before and serve it by leaving it on their doorsteps! >:D

Hahaha!! Yea, people might have slightly different tastes depending on their diet. People who eat heavily scented/spiced foods would probably have the strongest taste. I don’t know if that’d be good or bad… I’d have to find out for myself. See what flavor I like and don’t. I’m not too picky with food, I’m sure I’d like them all. I imagine their bodies would be secreting their food signature uncontrollably as they sweat and tremble before my wide open mouth as my saliva strands drip in await for their arrival into my hot wanting mouth. Gaaaaaaaaah. >=P

Bug Vore

Q. Do you sometimes swallow bugs, just for your pleasure? -mrtiny

A. Just woodlouse! They are my favorite type of bug to eat with how super cute, interactive, and small they are!


Q. What would you do to me if you had a shrink ray? Can i be your sex slave and what would i have to do? -Shrunken slave

A. HISTK comes to mind any time I hear shrink ray. I’d want to make that fantasy come true and place you in my cereal for breakfast. If you can survive the game of dashing clear my dipping spoon, then as a reward for your strength and my amusement, I’d take you up to the bedroom and make you wait on my bed for me to return from a steamy shower. After getting all clean and lotioned up I’d come out in a pink rob, nude underneath, and give you a sexy tease while I reveal my glowing skin and feminine shape. Once your shrunken slave boner is dripping rock hard from my bedroom tease, I’d spread open on the end of the bed allowing you to lay back and enjoy my massive pussy riding you from high above. The only thing that might help you last is the fact that your body will go into survival mode from being grinded on by a giantess. Luckily, with my great muscle control, I could easily see you surviving it… but you cock on the other hand wouldn’t last a minute with all of the silky hot action, not to mention my massive perky boobs bouncing high above you, my face visible with big wet moaning lips.


Q. I’ve always been a breast play/crush kind of guy. Being in between your breasts so soft and warm has always been a dream. If you found me, would I eventually end up there if I pleased you well enough in other slavely duties? -Tiny Carlos

A. I most definitely believe in reward systems so yes, if you were a good shrunken slave and pleased my every desire then I’d be overly horny and energetic to return the enjoyment! ;) Here are some boobtastic ways I’d reward you as my best behaved slave: insert you in my workout bra before doing some lightweight cardio, jumping jacks, and sit-ups. The sweat my body would produce would act as full body lube, making you have multiple orgasms between my big soft boobs before I finish my full workout 2) I’d stir up a luxurious candle-lit steamy bubble bath and once I’m in a very sexy position with my mountainous boobs peaking out of the foamy bubbles, I’d drop you in between my glistening mounds and let you glide all around having your fun on them like a water park 3) While I’m relaxing, I’d take off my shirt and let you spoon my cleavage while we watch a romantic movie 4) I’d share you in between a me and a lesbian/bi girlfriend letting you get tons of bi-boob action with our tongues licking up and down your little body making you climax- then you’d get to watch us fuck until we climax.


Q. You’ve caught me sneaking around your house, and now that you have me underfoot, what would you prefer to do: crush me or eat me? -John

A. CRUSH YOU. You’ve trespassed into my house, similar to but unlike pest who not know any better. You would deserve no mercy. I’d crush you for voyeuring on me.


Q. Hi. Remember this question I made? “For someone who is making doubtful steps in the GTS community for years like me, looking at it with interest but not being decided to take the first and definite step, how would you help them to make their mind?” Well, I can see that my hand/glove fetish could help in this. However, this doesn’t mean that it is over, that all my doubts are gone, because what I want is to paraphrase my previous question: I have seen that you are not that much into hands – aside from liking a man with nice hands -, but if you could use someone’s hand fetish as a way to lure them into the world of giantesses, would you do it knowing that will be a good action? I’m not talking about custom videos here, but as a more personal initiative. Also, I have to admit that your hands, bare or not, are really nice. I would love to be caressed by them, no matter the size. :) -Chuck

A. Thanks for the hand compliment tiny one! I feel that you should move forward with excitement to fully take hold of your sexuality. Dive in! Fetishes and sexuality are a gift to be explored… embrace the satisfaction your sexuality may bring you by approaching it from all aspects of what you find the most appealing about hands!

Giant Couple

Q. What would your ideal growing man/boyfriend scenario be?  If not, ideal giant/growing couple scenario? -jbug

A. A highly successful business couple growing to extraordinary heights, clothes and miles worth of city destroyed in the process, and them rock hard and dripping wet from their new-found power and fucking as 2,000-5,000 ft giants above what once looked large to them but now looks like a foundation filled with mere toys to mix in with their fucking-licking-crushing.    

Q. What would you do if you were a hundred feet tall and had a giant man with you?  Would you and your giant man ever force the tiny people into homosexual acts against their will? -jack jackson

A. At that size I’d want to find a park to start making out in. Cause a huge scene, our passionate love making people blush, get hard, wet, and wanting to get in on the fun. We’d allow anyone to join, letting them fuck on our privates, on our bodies, between our lips. It’d be “Orgy with the Giants at the Park” Day. And it’d go on all day, every day, always fun and sexual exploration to be had. I’d hope the population would become quite fond of us, wanting to see us use different objects for our pleasure. Rubbing my tits against skyscraper windows as he fuck me from behind, sucking his cock and him suck my tits high above party atop a skyscraper rooftop, him fucking me doggy style beside a windy highway, 69ing in a field, and the list goes on. I’d want to be as careful as possible at our giant heights but while also being able to enjoy whatever we can at our superior sizes, hopefully even luring Giantess fans to see us and them unable to resist the dream fantasy come true of being used by us. No, I wouldn’t be interested in forcing people do do anything against their will. I’d want to enjoy the life of being a few hundred feet tall as long as possible.


Q. How do u feel about the growing scenes in Alice in wonderland and wut would u have done to pleasure urself if u were Alice? -Brian

A. The scene I blushed the most is when Alice tried a cookie in the White Rabbit’s house which almost instantly made her start growing. It was such a turn on seeing her body grow to fill the house, limbs protrude the windows, almost growing beyond the capacity of the house. Naturally, if I was Alice I would have wanted to stay at Giantess height! I would have wanted to eat more and explode out of house! =) I’d get a total kick out of the White Rabbit’s reaction, but I wouldn’t want to crush any of my furry friends… just the Evil Queen! Oh, the fight she’d put up would be priceless! ;)

From how turned on I’d be after that, I’d probably use parts of Wonderland here and there as my personal sexual playground while making myself grow more and more until I needed something larger than wonderland to amuse myself with!

Q. If you really found a tiny human, what would you honestly do…not trying to make it awkward, I’m just vary honestly curious. Mind you it’s the “only true tiny you will ever meet”. -Blaecho

A. I would keep him around as my deepest secret. Wouldn’t share him or talk about him with anyone, ever, as I wouldn’t want word to get out and possibly lose him. I’d let him live a privileged world underneath me- he’d never have to worry about a thing. He’d be absolutely spoiled, like a best-ever kept pet. But greater than that, he’d always be sexually pleased as well. With my high sex drive, I’d let him into my panties or enjoy my giantess body at any given time. Even if it was the wrong time like say when company is over, what’d be going on in my panties would be so fucking incredibly hot and sneaky that I’d have to excuse myself right before climaxing so that it’s not incredibly apparent there’s something going on. That’d be fine too if I accidentally came, I’d enjoy how sexually powerful it felt to not have the power of controlling my orgasm. If that makes sense. The last thing I’d ever want to do is put the tiny man out of existence. And if it so happened he wanted that, and that desire was strong enough to be completely certain, I’d use him in every dangerous Giantessy way imaginable letting the process happen naturally within the fun we’d be having.

Q. If you found a tiny man in real (imagine it’s possible), i think you want to play with him, but finaly, what do you want to do for kill him? What is your favorite scenario for “the finish” ? -mynameislittleguy

A. My favorite aspects of the fetish are Vore and Crush. I’d want to keep him around for a good while for my sexual pleasure and amusement, use him in videos, and then end his ultimate fate either under my warm cuvalicious bare soles or inside my dripping hot wide open mouth.

Q. Have you ever fantasized about an encounter between a shrunken you and a giantess you? where, for instance, you play the rule of the shrunken Katelyn as the giantess Katelyn takes hold of you? shoves you into her vagina? rubbing your body between her puffy toes and enjoying every minute as she feels your body weakening, while being completely unaware that the this tiny person in front of her – is actually herself?! -Kesller

A. The idea has crossed my mind before from a general requests or two that I’ve gotten over the years, but I’ve never personally fantasized about a scenario in which I’m full size with a shrunken me.

Q. If you had a shrinking potion, who would you use it on? and why? -Shush

A. I’d keep it on me as a super-treasure of sorts because it would be a huge turn on simply having the potion with me and knowing that I could use it in the perfect given moment. =) If it say, expired after so long, and I had to chose someone… naturally, I’d go with my ex. I’d probably put him in a small and thin clear container with a pebble of cockroach food. Then, I’d insert that container into a larger clear container, in which I’d insert a cockroach. That way he has to live in terror of when the cockroach becomes so hungry it destroys the container to get to the food eating him in the process.

I’d keep this on my work desk so he feels like he has the chance to beg for anything but the situation he’s in. But while he’s doing this, I’d mostly ignore him… of course I’d want to see his terror as the cockroach approached him closer!

Q. What’s the greatest climax you’ve ever experienced that’s related to the concept of giantess’ and shrunken men? what was it related to? did it happen while you were watching one of your videos? ;) -Shares

A. One of the greatest Giantess/Shrunken climax’s I ever experienced happened when I was living in a very shitty situation. Living with those people on a daily basis, my ex and I would fantasize about shrinking them down and him with them, forcing him to witness me crushing each and every one of them -people who had feelings for eachother in real life- saving him for last or perhaps even returning him back to his normal size. Another of the greatest fantasies I’ve had is the thought of building a cloning machine, shrinking my ex, and forcing him to relive getting obliterated by my giant size repeatedly for the rest of his life. Each clone would feel genuinely like him, and like something never experienced before, so that the situation would not dull for him. For me, it eventually would dull. I’d make him watch the hundreds of ways I’ve crushed, eaten, and tortured his clones and with having being hooked to an anxiety level I’d choose the one in which is the most disturbing and drag that out for hours, days on end, before finally getting rid of his real shrunken form which was saved for last. 

Q. Most of what we see in this fantasy involves slave/mistress scenarios, but you’ve also done some gentle giantess clips in the past. Do you always view your tines as disposable? Or do you think you could develop real affection for a shrunken guy? If so, would you treat him differently because of it (i.e., being more careful with him)? or would you just behave the same towards him and hope for the best ;) -Spray

A. My shrunken pets are disposable on a situational basis. Some of them WANT to get crushed or eaten! Some of them DESERVE to get disposed of! Others, well, are quite pleasant and those are the ones I’d like to keep around the longest. I enjoy great company regardless of size. =)

Yep, it would be possible for me to develop real affection for a shrunken guy (or a shrunken woman!). But… I think I’d probably miss having a full size partner, at least at some point, so he’d have to accept that he’s my pet and can’t have me all to himself.

Q. Wanted to propose a scenario with a few twists. I (and many others i’m sure) would like to know some of your thoughts as a true goddess :) If this entire community (your best :D fan club obviously!) were shrunk to plus/minus 1 millimeter tall in a small city, no bigger than the size of a sheet of paper, that you found on your bed… what would you do if you didn’t know it was us? Say you did it purposefully. What would you do knowing it WAS? I’m sure that it’s bound to change things somehow, right? Would you share the one time experience of owning such a limited population of tiny specs with your roommates? What would would happen to us if your roommates were a part of it as well? Hope I wasn’t too lengthy with the post. Thanks and best wishes. -Tim

A. If I didn’t know it was a city full of my fans: I’d tell the city about my fetish, drive the fear of ultimate doom into each of their minds, I’d masturbate to the panic all while not crushing a single soul… well, perhaps just one or two. After my orgasm I’d find some containers and I’d ever so gently separate the city into the containers in an organized fashion, for my later enjoyment.

The only difference if I did know the city was full of my fans would be that I’d let whoever wants to be my “First” come to me from within the city. I’d say that’s pretty fucking special. I think it’d kinda be like breaking my virginity. First shrunken man to touch me? First shrunken man to get close to my pussy? In it?! First to go up my ass crack? Between my boobs? I bet some of you would even fight to the death to get close to me! I’d would watch while furiously fapping it. I’d feel so powerful being wanted by so many, watching them charge after me in the fashion of a raging horny army of men, observing how everyone else is reacting in the city– seeing thousands fapping it in the streets to their new giantess-dream world become reality.

After having the multiple orgasms I know I would with all of you (hopefully not squirting as I wouldn’t want to drown any of you, that’d be a waste as I see it) I’d let you all live as my beloved pets. Want to be kept in a glass cage and I take care of you like pets keeping a magnifying attention of detail on all of you? Done! Want to roam freely around my house? Sure- no promises my cat won’t mistake you for a bug though, not to mention I may accidentally crush you! Want to live in my panty drawer? Pouf, there you go! I would want all of you to live out your most ULTIMATE giantess/shrunken dream life, as you’d be mine, and in my world, as very long as possible!

Q. Hello up there, G.Katlyn :)
I’m not sure whether or not I’m too late to submit questions for the AMA blog, but It wont hurt to try and ask a fun slightly ultimatum-style question:

1.) If you could either have only one special type of a shrunken slave, which of the two would you pick? Why? And what would you likely use them for?
-An indestructible slave: A shrunken slave that cannot crush, although weak and helpless, the slave’s body is literally un-squishable. No matter how hard you could chew on him, squeeze him or hit him, the slave’s body won’t break. However the pain receptors of the slave’s body will still function normaly as if their body really was being crushed to death, however due to it’s inability to be crushed the slave will be likely to be braver and less fearful than the common slave.

-A fast healing/regenerable slave: Alternatively, a slave that can be crushed, bitten in two and rubbed and smooshed into a fine red paste upon your skin. However within the span of 5 minutes, left undisturbed, the slave’s body will always regenerate and heal bringing it back to life. Upon regeneration, the slave will have forgoten it’s death and remain unaware of its capability to return from the dead. However thanks to it’s fast healing, unlike the indestructible slave pain will not be a bother but instead it will be more likely to fear getting crushed and killed etc

The slaves can be any height which you desire but you must and can only pick one of the two, so which would it have to be? -Alman001

A. #2 is fucking awesome! That’s really close to how I’d want it to be. It’s even better the slave wouldn’t have any memories of what just happened, because then for the tiny the terror would endlessly repeat! The fun would never dull… for the tiny anyway! I imagine I might eventually grow bored of ending the same shrunken man over and over again, so perhaps then I could build strong emotional attachments to him keeping him around for longer durations before using him for my any desire again.

The only alteration I’d personally want is that the shrunken slave feel pain. But then again, on the flip side, this could be a good thing the shrunken slave doesn’t feel much pain especially if he or she has the Giantess fetish. Imagine being able to feel the panic and fear of being hunted in my world, having a raging sexual desire to get crushed (either it be underfoot, ass, breasts, or other) or eaten by me, and cumming insanely hard because your bodies pain receptors don’t turn on. WE get to emotionally and physically enjoy it while you’re actually not being harmed at all, regardless of your makeup in reality being squished or digested by me. Now that’s what I call a win.

Q. What is the best way for a me and my GF to role play giantess stuff. So fare we have done dirty talk but, I’m guessing you might have a better idea of what to people into it can do. -Littlebill343

A. Here are some ideas for the both of you based on my own experiences and fantasies =)

-Have her ride your cock like a skyscraper while fantasizing about the destruction of it aloud with details growing juicer the closer both of your orgasms.
-Ping back and forth with a scenario you’d like to be in- you the shrunken man, her the Giantess filling in all of the sexy details of what’d be happening in your shrunken world. Also tell her how you’d be feeling in her world and how you’d be reacting to her and your surroundings.
-Fuck with her bare soles in your face, worshiping them with your cock deep inside of her warm wet pussy, while also taking in the fine details of her soles and looking down at your cock sliding in her, up her body to her gorgeous mouth and eyes. If you’re into Giant Couple stuff at all this would be the perfect time to talk about those scenarios, while also getting to experience what it’d be like to be under her feet.
-Look deep into her mouth while fucking her and let her feel how horny her mouth gets you when your cock grows more and more inside of her, thrusting in and out with slowly increasing speed the juicer her mouth and your privates become.
-You’re both nude in the office. She’s sitting on your lap, not fucking yet. You look at Giantess porn together, each talking about what you find hot, and the hornier you get the closer you get to fucking. Before you know it you’re fucking to eachother’s fantasies and the hot Giantess porn on the screen.
-Make her a collage! Have her slip on your favorite outfit, make a sexy collage her while fapping off to it but save yourself, then fuck to it in bed for your final release while trying to last through your description of everything that’s happening in the image.
-Giantess sext eachother. At work? Check your phone for some naughty pictures of her bare soles, wide open mouth, ass pov, etc while she tells you what she’d like to be doing to your shrunken size with that part.
-Send her sexy texts of what you’d like to do with her as your Giantess!
-Write eachother a size fetish story so that when you’re alone and missing your partner, it’d be like opening up a secret door to one of their fantasies that you can fap to while reading.
-Get a camera involved! She might find it ultra sexy to do giantess poses for you, or film her while fucking from your PoV under her to make her appear like a Giantess! Roleplay during the video, and then you can enjoy it later too!
-Going to the city for the day? You can playfully RP in public about how tall the skyscrapers are, how busy the traffic is, how many people there are, and what you’d like to see a Giantess doing to everyone (and the both of you!) at that very moment.

Hope you and yours find something you’d like to try out! <3

Q. im a long time fan of your work. how would you go about roleplayin as a giantess in bed? i told my girlfriend about my fetish of being shrunk and crushed beneath her ass. AND SHE LOVES THE IDEA OF me struggling in her thong as she smothers me and crushes me. but not really sure how to role play it. any tips would be apreciated?

also. if i shrunk myself down to 1 inch and mailed myself to you with a note saying, im all yours and would love to be your ass slave. how would you crush me or what would you do with me? would you put me in your thongs and squeeze the life out of me with you cheecks? or would you smother me under your beautiful rear? -giantessasslover93

A. In answer to your first question, check out the previous question I answered!

If you mailed your shrunken 1 inch self to me with a note that you’d like to be my ass slave- that’s exactly what I’d make you! I’d keep you around for a good while to have some asstastic fun with you. Place you in the back of different styles of panties, let you have fun on my computer chair as I work, secure you in a pair of my spandex pants and go on a nature walk, do some glute workouts, squeeze you between my ass cheeks, lie on my belly and let you explore my valley sized ass crack. Once I want to have my fun crushing you under my ass for good, I’d do it by getting dressed up in something sexy you like, then give you a lap dance and crush you under my big soft-yet-firm round ass!

Q. Seeing as you’re a confident, young woman who has grabbed her sexuality by the kahunas, I’d love to hear your advice on what sexually inexperienced young men could do to satisfy a woman physically and emotionally when coming together for the first time. Do you have any tips for overcoming shyness, embarrassment and other insecurities that one or both people may have? If it’s not too personal would you tell us about your own first experiences (you don’t need to get into anything too explicit)? Finally, what crazy name would you give your (real or made up) signature ‘move’ for the bedroom? Mine would be ‘the Flamencan waffle cone.’ –W-A

A. I would recommend reading The Guide to Getting It On– All of your questions and MUCH more will answered! Best book I’ve ever read! =)

If you’re not interested in reading the book, these are some general tips I’d have:

Emotionally and Physically Sexually satisfying your lover: When the both of you are all snuggled up (perhaps a little horny!), having a relationshipy talk, start dipping into the subject of sexuality. A little shyness is actually a good thing! It’ll allow you to naturally ease into finding out what she likes to fantasize about and what she’d like to sexually explore with you. =) Don’t expect it all to come out at once, as whatever she’s recently/currently fantasizing about will be what most likely surfaces.

Take deep, genuine, interest in her fantasy, the same as you would want her to do with you. Dive in for the details and allow yourself to feel and get turned on for what she likes! Let her know, with your cock and mind, that you fully accept her sexuality and want to explore it with her.

With that kind of emotional and physical support of the small part of her sexuality she’s opened up to you thus far, I’m sure you’ll feel the passion returned when it’s you who are talking about what turns you on. Also, with the Giantess fetish, I would recommend really easing into it. Start off with something general, like foot fetish or mouth fetish and see how she reacts to it, and ease into it a little more as time goes on. With the emotional and physical complexities of the fetish I do really think it is easier done this way.

Plus, everyone has lots of different fantasies, some more complex than others. I’m sure you’ll find that she’ll open up more and more over time too so it’s to be expected. =) And remember, sexuality and fetishes are a gift in which endless exploration can take hold, so grab on and enjoy the ride! ;)

FX / Photos / Videos / Comics

Q. I was wondering after you just finished with one of your amazing movies have you ever felt like you are still in your giantess mode after the cameras have stopped rolling? -Jeremy

A. That’s exactly how it works. Every time I film I do notice it takes me a little time to warm up, with acting my sexuality out in front of camera it does feel a little un-natural at first, but then before I know it it’s like the camera isn’t even there and I’m full on enjoying myself sexually. The enjoyment extends throughout the shoot, ultimately if I climax, and during the shoots in which I don’t climax I’m incredibly horny afterwards and I go look for release or I save it for that much sexual energy my next shoot.

Q. I’m quite the fan of anal insertion and have been endlessly teased by someone some of your earlier posts. Do you intend to make a full-on anal movie? Its an area of the giantess fetish that doesn’t often get explored.  I’d say it’s highly sought after even if some may be hesitant to admit so. You have a gorgeous ass and you need to quit neglecting that gift and use it to drop our collective jaws as you send a shrunken victim to the confines of your asshole. I’d buy that! -sambo

A. Nothing’s in my current plans, and I can’t make any promises, but I can at least say that yes- I would totally be up for doing an anal centered movie at some point! It’s most definitely and interest of mine, especially lately the kinkier the better for me!

Q. In a recent blog, you’d mentioned you were looking for male actors for Giantess Couples &amp; “vanilla sex” videos. Did you find any actors for these videos? I’d be very interested in seeing these vidoes! And will you &amp; the boyfriend grow into Giants in these vids, or will you two be normal-sized, while a shrunken man watches your sexy deeds? I personally would really like to see your “boyfriend” shrunk first, &amp; then made normal-sized for the “vanilla” stuff! Hmm, maybe you can do all of these in your near-future vids ;-)  -Bill Thumb

A. Glad to hear you’re interested in Giant couple content! My ex and I were originally planning on making that happen together, which is why it didn’t happen in 2013 like we were all expecting. It’s still an interest of mine so I’ve been casually looking for the perfect male co-star but I won’t be releasing any details unless it actually happens. I don’t want to get anyone hyped up for something that might not happen, or might not happen for a good while yet. =)

Q. Will any of your near-future FX videos have scenes of you holding a shrunken man in your palm, holding him close to your mouth, &amp; low angles of your gorgeous face? -Bill Thumb

A.  Hey Billy! I know you’ve been planning those shots in the Fx script for your custom video, so I look forward to making them happen at that time. As for my own works, I’d like to not talk about anything unless it’s actually happening. =)

Q. It’s clear you LOVE the foot fetish aspect of GTS, is it ever a challenge to try and not let your soles take the center stage when filming a scenario that isn’t necessarily foot related? -Tiny Carlos

A. Actually, ~Vore~ is my favorite aspect of the Giantess fetish! ^o^ Barefoot Crush is a very close second, with all other crush methods and even gentle giantess coming in at a very close third. If I notice I’ve let my soles or my mouth take center stage for a while within my regular productions, what I’ll do is sit and look at some collages or drawings including other aspects to get my heart and pussy in the mood for indulging in other scenarios!

Q. In your video “Giantess meeting unaware” – there’s a large portion of the video, when you massage your upper foot and toes against a metal ball, that’s decorating one of the table legs.
Where did you get this idea? do you have a table like that at home? and do you like to massage your foot upon it?
Also, when you’re outside – do you like to skip your foot out of your shoe, and massage it against cool surfaces such as metal bars, table legs, etc? do you also like to massage the area between your toes upon such objects? like how the shrunken man was crushed in your video? ;)

A. ABMU was a semi scripted / improvish video concept of my ex’s. We actually shot the part you’re referring to much later on, even at a different house, to add some more diversity to the movie. I do still have the table!

Q. As a gentle giantess fan I tend to notice that the more violent types seem to be in greater supply than we gentle fans who’d like nothing better than kind if playful giant girls to interact with. What do you reckon gentle and unaware fans should do to get their preferences heard more if possible? Also, have you ever considered doing a sort of ‘choose your own adventure’ style video or photo series where the reader interacts with you or one of the other girls all tiny and can pick what they want to happen? I’d think that would be a fun thing to see on the site! -Derek Metaltron

A. For my site specifically, you can order a custom which would guarantees the production of what you like to see! <3

I rarely ever get a Gentle Giantess custom so I know the contrast you speak of first hand. If other producer’s work is anything like mine, it may be due to the high demand of custom work eating up the producer’s schedule leaving very little room to fulfill general requests.  With me specifically- any time I’m not filming a custom, I like to film whatever I’m personally in the mood for. However, if you’d like to get your voice heard by other producers whose work isn’t mainly custom videos, I’d recommend sending your request on every means possible. To their email, twitter, website, forum, fb, etc, that way it’s harder to miss within the bulk of the general requests and messages they receive.

Something I personally think would be fun sometime is if I set aside a week or so film nothing but requests! An open blog post of sorts where any short / 5 minute scenario has an equal chance of being made to the rest, and then for that entire week just film like crazy and in return for the work done, the videos would be listed in my store for pick-up which would also be *much* cheaper in comparison to what a custom video charge is. That is something I would really love to do once I get a week or so that I can dedicate to such an ontaking.  So last but not least, look out for anytime a producer is publicly open to suggestions and even ask for other people to raise/support your suggestion if they like it!

In response to your second question: Yes, in fact I have videos and photos available with a “choose your own adventure” theme! I got that idea when I shot with Gary and Isabelle Shy way back many years ago, which led to the production of Forced to Squish Him and Forced to Swallow Him. I then suggested the same idea (of multiple endings) to my ex for the Valentine’s Fx videos and it was used again in SAHSH.

Q. Did you ever think about letting one of the artists here, like pogojo for example, make a giantess comics of yourself? such as Amy &amp; Eri? I think I would love to see that happening. Plus, I think the second part cover fits you like a glove. ;) -Teenytiny

A. Sure! The artists who sell through my site are more than welcome to collaborate with me about that. I’m happy either way, as what I most enjoy is seeing them explore their fantasies in their artwork!  

Q. can you record your belly gurgling as it digests a large meal? -theman

A. Yep, I already have! One night after a big meal at a local Thai Restaurant, my belly was oh so full and making all sorts of loud guggles and splishes. It was so loud that when I got home I got out my camera and recorded it. Later on I went through the audio and stashed the coolest sounding parts making for the perfect digestion sound Fx in my videos when needed. Did the same thing with my farts, actually. I am due to record some new digestion sounds and farts though, as I want to keep my sound Fx fresh!

Q. As a PFC of the United States Marine Corps, you have our support (well mine anyway). Have you ever thought of doing a “Katelyn Vs The Military” kind of FX? One where you would presumably grow to massive heights and take on the military, I mean? -TheMarine

A. Thanks! My ex has thought of doing “Katelyn Vs The Military” kind of FX, but I haven’t. Who knows, maybe someday. I’d want it to be as realistic as possible though and that be pretty hard to pull off as far as finding and budgeting actors, shoot locations, and of course all of the required props.

Q. Wow, first thanks for reading all these questions Katelyn. You must be so busy with all your website and filming, along with your private matters. I’d like to ask if you were left in a room with a large model trainset (highly detailed with houses , bridges and large train stations) and a camera, what film would you like to make? -n-gauge

A.  I’d want to shoot either a schoolgirl’s or business woman’s project scenario, because it would be a totally believable situation for either to be in! Maybe a schoolgirl gets frustrated with her project and ends up destroying it? Or maybe she’s a bratty horny schoolgirl who wants to sexually experiment! Or maybe, it’s a business woman who craves more and more power, and gets turned on while looking at her model city layout because of the power she feels in the size difference, and then ends up venting some office rage while getting just a little carried away with it… lol! :) Yup, so I’d want to film one of those.

Q. Love the detail of your soles. I have never seen so many lines on a woman soles before. I would love to see a photo set where you write some of your fans names on your soles as sort of a shoutout. Thanks in advance.

A. Thanks tiny one! :) That’s actually a great idea, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

♥ To all of my shrunken lovers- I’ll be hunting down some fun colorful markers and drawing your names wherever you’d like to be / get crushed by me on Valentine’s Day! Chose from my bare soles, feet, ass, belly (maybe you’re inside digesting!), boobs, or hands. Simply post a comment here with your name and where you’d like to be. Then check back on Valentine’s Day to see the fun pics! ♥

Q. 1. Ever heard of Reddit? You should do a AMA there and submit your pictures in the sub groups of giantess or porn or (too many to list your SOO hot!!) 2. Who took/takes your photos? (Timezones) – When you first started out, beginning to get noticed, end of relationship with Tristan, and now, -LLAMARULER

A. Yep, my favorite section of Reddit is fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu :D

When I first started out, taking pictures together was great fun for my ex and I. :) He’d take pictures of me as a Giantess and then I’d take pictures of him playing the shrunken man. We were pretty much in an empty 3 bedroom apartment that he had shared with some college guys and all we had was an old camera and some cheap Walmart table lamp for lighting, lol! I have fond memories of walking to the local pizzeria to get a slice of pizza or a sub after shooting.

Around the time I programmed my first ever site and was shooting videos of myself for clips4sale, he started working for a gaming company so we kinda split off into our own things. I was really happy that he had a job so I could follow my heart with my site. :D

I still enjoyed his help whenever I could get it, but I started getting that cutesy relationship grunt when you ask your partner to do something and they don’t wanna and I didn’t want to bother him with my stuff. I started shooting all of my own photo sets alongside my video work. Wasn’t much of a problem since I’ve always liked photography. Plus, every now and then he’d be up for helping me shoot some collage material!

Looking at all the photo sets on my website, he’s helped me with about a dozen or so of them over the time we were together. I always have shot nearly all of my own stuff with the exception of help here and there from whoever’s up for it. =)

Q. I don’t know if this has been asked before but is there any chance of seeing more Daphne Rosen?  I’ve wanted to see a full FX movie with her in it for ages, price wouldn’t even matter :p -Izz

A. Having her over for another shoot would be awesome but it most likely won’t be possible since, as far as I know, she’s now working behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Q. I don’t know if this was ever asked but, Is it possible to have others Giantess tied up/down by mini’s like “the gnomes of Guillivernia”?
Thank you very much for listening to this.:)

A. I won’t be using the exact tinies in Gnomes of Gulliveria again but it might be fun to play around with the tied-up by tinies theme again sometime, either in prop, pov, or fx. =)

Q. Katelyn can I submit a story to your website. -Katelyn’s tiny slave

A. Yes! You can submit it to me at [email protected] and if it’s good, I’d be happy to add it to the fan story section of my website for all to enjoy! <3

Q. Hi Katelyn :) do you ever think you would get an endocscopy and do videos with it? -Kane

A. Already have! If you’d like to check them out, here are links to most/all videos I have available including endoscopic views:
Lost in Nova’s Mouth
Deep Throat Endoscope with Katelyn
Endoscope Cam with Ava
Billy’s Private Adventure
Around the World Mouth Fuck
Jade’s Deep Mouth Cam
Your Hungry Unaware Wife
Midnight Goddess
Bowels of Eternity
Consumed with Kerri’s Black Licorice

This year I got a new HD endoscope that I’ll be playing around with in some of my upcoming videos!

Q. Why wouldnt you accpect debit card -hlokon adzi

A. My store accepts a variety of cards – Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. I am limited and I cannot accept AMEX, Diners, and some others due to these companies not accepting High Risk labeled retailers (which the adult industry falls under). However, if you don’t have a credit card you can always get around it by obtaining a disposable Visa/Master giftcard which works the same during checkout so long as it’s registered. I also accept cash to my PO Box through snail mail and Amazon Gift Certificates for store payments by emailing me at [email protected] with what the money is for so I can add it to your download area once it arrives.

Q. Hi Katelyn where do you get these dolls with those dicks!? i’m going crazy looking for.. tell me please!! -zooler

A. I totally understand! =) I was going crazy looking for one too. Then, it was during one of Giantess Emma’s shoots that she laughed at the ken doll because he wasn’t “anatomically correct”. (followed by, poor shrunken man!!) She was a part time nurse, so with hearing her proper terminology it hit me. Just search for “anatomically correct doll”! It’s been years since I bought the one I have but I found him by searching for exactly that on eBay.

Q. Hey Katelyn! just found your amazing crush site! Didn’t you swear off bug crushes a few years ago? why? why did you decide to do them again? Hope to see a lot more of them! just a small request, if I may… can ya do a crush vid of snails or something wearing a thong, bikini top and those awesome black and pink cleats!? I’m buying all your vids tomorrow! can’t freakin wait! So I guess it’s true, you really do love to step on poor lil buggies and squash em dead, huh? Thanks! -Stinkpickles

A. Yep, I quit producing bug crush many years ago due to a flame topic at GC. I am no longer available for bug crush customs or requests.

Q. Hi Kat, I would love to see u blowjob a doll till cum… POV shots… Yeah… -Maxx

A. Hahaha! I’ll have to keep that in mind and fit it into one of my own fantasy productions once I have some time in between my custom work sometime. ;)

GiantessBooru / Giantess Community / GiantessKatelyn

Q. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come over the years. Lets cast our minds back to the early days and the very crude videos ( you always looked fantastic, the goth phase was bliss ). But as a long time member of the scene I’d really like to ask you how you feel the community has grown over the years… And where did all the good people go? -JudasBlake

A. Haha oh gosh, I have come quite a ways over the years, and in many a ways. =) Glad you enjoyed my goth phase, lol. That was something that carried into my early 20’s from my highschool angst.

As for being a long term member of the community and seeing its growth, I’m especially happy with a few things:

-The technological improvements! Now days, it’s very common for everyone to have their own computer, camera, and techy device. This easier allows for fetishists, models, and aspiring producers to follow their heart making art for share or sale. Those who are just now finding the community have it really good in this aspect. It’s like growing up with Game Boy vs the 3DS XL. :D

-Sexuality! With the amount of fetish content on the web, I think it’s becoming less taboo by the day to have a fetish. More and more people are coming out with their fetishes and finding home within their respective fetishes communities. I’m especially happy to see how our community has grown in number. Though, the only thing that’s ever made me feel a little weird is… where are all of the Giantesses? But then again, when I look at other fetish websites it’s not like there’s a huge difference in ratio of guys vs girls compared to our community. So, this is one way I’d still like to see our community grow yet. More Giantesses. Lots of Giantesses! A Giantess for everyone! And GENUINE Giantesses. No more men pretending to be women, which I’ve seen happen way too many times.

-Growth! With the growth of our community, it has made it more realistically possible for artists and producers to create works full time filled with their passion with the support of the community and their fans. This is really awesome because in my case for example, I pour everything I can back into my works so that my quality is constantly improving. With the support I have, I’m able to continuously strive for the next best thing. Most of the time, this includes props for scenarios, mani/pedis to keep my feet looking ultra sexy, costumes which make for realistic scenarios, computer equipment so I can edit faster and more efficient, camcorders, cameras, endoscopes, lights, etc. The support also allows time for me to connect with my fans through email, and write blogs like this!

Hmm, as for where the good people went… I bet they’re still here! Over the years, many people have come to me privately in email venting frustration about trolls at Giantess City which often leads them into the direction of lurker status. Or in worse case scenario, they find a new corner of the web to call home. I really do think the trolling issue is bigger than what it seems. Imagine if people were just going around on that kind of level in real life- they’d probably have a lot more fear being crushed like the pests they are! They’re making an otherwise positive place to fap a miserable place to browse. Their land mines are all over our beautiful field, and even for those who don’t trip over them, they don’t want anything to do with the chance of running into it first hand so they avoid. It’s not sexy seeing the shit that goes down there- it’s a total mood killer.

Q. Misc: Since you’ve been in this fetish awhile, what is the best and worst Giantess material you have seen? Giantessbooru/Giantess Community: Addition(or Creation) of a Chatroom and/or place to Roleplay? I feel like tons of people would love that. Multiple sized giantess?: in a few rare pictures on Giantessbooru, you can see a giantess demolishing a city…and then an even bigger one about to crush her! how do you feel about this topic and would you ever -nboud223

A. Some of the best I’ve seen:  Dragonesslife, Wonderslug, Mikeyboy, E10, Giantess Fan, Pogojo, Sheela, Petite-Emi, Karbo, Big Mansini, I-Raf-You, VorepreysShazam, Megalover93, SorenZer0, and too many more to list! Some of the worst Giantess Material I’ve seen is the stuff that dates WAYYYY back. I don’t have anyone to mention in particular; I appreciate everyone’s contributions to the community. <3

A chatroom/RP area for GB does sound like great fun but there is one problem… lack of Giantesses. However, I do think it sounds fun and it might even get more girls to open up to the community! =) What I’m currently doing is saving up to hire someone to re-do GB in its entirety. I would love to find someone experienced with the development of community + porn websites to make it absolutely perfect for everyone. In the meantime I have been trading custom content and such with one of my fans in return for upgrades whenever possible for GB. I wish I could push things along faster.

As for multiple sized Giantesses in one image, doesn’t do much for me for some reason. I prefer same size Giantesses or one Giantess. =)

Q. Hello Giantess, I was wondering about how you felt concerning the number of minorities in the GTS community? I rarely find black/Latina giantess or shrunken black men -Insole

A. Interesting you ask. Actually, I think they’re only minorities due to a producer’s attainability of local and traveling models. That’s my experience anyway. All races are beautiful in their own way, and make for great Giantesses or shrunken men, and I truly do wish there was a larger ethnic diversity in the content available on my site and others! :)


Q. Have you ever traveled outside the US? What other countries have you visited? -Jay

A. I’ve never been out of the country but I sooo wanna go on an adventure! My roomies and I have talked about the possibility of traveling to Canada sometime, since it’d only be an easy few hour drive, once we all have some extra cash and time on our hands! I sooo look forward to going to a different country and experiencing all of the differences in culture, nature, the attractions and surroundings.

Q. Have you ever ran into anybody in person that recognized you from your website? If not what would you do? -Derrick

A. This one time I got a facebook PM from someone asking if I was at a certain place at a certain time, and I was! Surprisingly enough it was only someone who has seen me on YouTube, and not being sure I was who he thought I was he didn’t approach me in public. If someone does ever approach me in public, I’d probably actually be up for grabbing a coffee and chatting it up for a little before parting ways. I think it’d be awesome to meet a fan in person in the blue like that and would want to make the most of it. If you’re lucky, I might even let you feel or kiss my feet goodbye if you’re into that! ;)

Q. I’m curious to know if you’ve ever been recognized by a fan while in public and if so how it went, did they say hello or anything ? I’m also curious as to if you’d be ok with a fan saying hello if they recognized you in public so long as they were respectful and didn’t make a scene. Woops, that was a two for one. Forgive me =P -Epic

A. See the above Q/A =)

Q. I’ve always been curious to know what you do or use to get your skin so pristine and even. -W-A

A. My skin is high maintenance due to having Keratosis Pilaris, predominately on my upper arms and lightly in various other areas. For anyone who has a skin condition, I feel for you. To get my skin looking as good as it does in videos, I use the following skin routine honed over the past 5 years of trial and error: UV tan 1-3x/wk, exfoliate with “KP Duty” 1-2x/wk, cleanse with Cetaphil Antibacterial soap and use Cerave Sa Skin Renewing lotion after every bath/shower, Tretinion for breakouts as needed, and before large shoots (working with other producers or filming an Fx video) I use Steroid Cream for 10 days and I mystic tan. This reduces my KP by about 75% to the point where it only looks like freckles / hyper-pigmentation, which I then get rid of through digital wizardry known as grain removal for videos and spot healing/cloning/airbrushing/skin filters for photos. Oh! Oh! I also like to apply Lush’s CoCo Lotion or Dream Cream anytime before shooting or going out in shorts or a bikini… if I have it. Those lotions are the fucking bomb and they’re what gives my skin the healthy glow you sometimes see in my videos.

Q. Do you have a religion -mtsjin08

A. If anything I’d have to say I’m Agnostic. I’m rather open and accepting of other people’s religions, but without proof of existence I’m quite neutral. I do however believe in Evolution Theory.

Q. Do you have a favorite amongst the Star Trek series? The Original Series? The Next Generation? Deep Space 9? Voyager? I’m personally tied between TNG, and DS9. Also! Favorite characters from them? -Marcu

A. Ohhh… tough one because I greatly enjoyed all series! :D If I had to pick a favorite then I think I’d have to go with Voyager. Not only did I like the entire cast but B’Ellana Torres and Seven of Nine both, at times, reminded me of myself. B’Ellana for the times I’m blunt, dominant, maybe a little firey, and Seven for my work and goal determined nature and my love for learning and knowledge. Not to mention, I had a girl crush on both of them! .` )

Q. Since you brought it up in your why you like Washington post….would you consider marrying a woman? -Megagiant5280

A. Yea, for sure! I actually liked girls shortly before liking guys. =O I’ve dated and fallen in love with both sexes, so marrying a woman someday would certainly be a possibility.

Q. Do you smoke weed? PS I really want you to eat &amp; digest me &lt;3 -squishable

A. Nope, but I have to admit I’ve been quite curious about trying it out again since it’s now legal in WA. I used to smoke here and there when I was in High-school and College, and I seemed to get mixed highs from it. On a good high I’d just wanna fuck and do something fun. =) But on a bad high I’d feel like gravity was against me which would then produce anxiety too. However, I really do think there’s a possibility my bad highs were from laced weed, so I’d especially be up for trying it out again now days once it becomes available in stores (a trustworthy source).

Q. I saw you wanted to learn how to dance? What kind of dance do you want to learn? -M4ntStain

A. Yes, I have always wanted to learn how to dance, and so last year in 2013 I started taking Zumba and Belly Dancing classes since they’re included in my gym membership. I actually like them both and would love to explore more styles of dancing to perhaps find my favorite, and then work on expanding upon whatever style I enjoy the most. As a side advantage, I love how by taking dancing classes I learn how to fluidly move my body and pose in sexy ways which I had not thought of before the classes, so it inspires my works too! =)

Q. I just want to start by saying your feet are so sexy and i dream lf enhaling there sweet aroma and sucking them for long hours… however If you could control your size in reality what would you do? would you become a unstoppable mega goddess?? Or would you just increase your size to that which is big enuf to crush a man and vechicles with ease or maybe both?? Either way would you really go on a real life giantess rampage and crush real civilizations if you could had the power??? Or would you not want to hurt anyone?? What about if you could only control another persons size?? Or better yet what if you could do both my goddess -Yi

A. See the next Question and my answer.

Q. So I am wondering if you could actually control your size in real life would you really destroy cities how would you handle taking lthe lives of millions of people -Young young

A. This is a controversial question which my ex and I once approached together in a blog post called “Giantess Morality”- it went into the great details of what I would actually do if I grew into a Giantess (in a fantasy sense!) but was then later removed due to a huge uproar in the community about it. We then posted a part two in which my clarification was and still is the following:

“It’s very hard to separate fantasy and reality, because often times when you’re thinking about the reality, you start fantasizing. :D To this day I’m still not really sure, and I can only give you my best guess in a situation that would have millions of different factors such as how tall I am, if my thought processes would be affected, what the world’s reaction to me would be… the new laws of physics… pretty complex, unpredictable stuff.

If I grew into a Giantess, I would actually try not to intentionally hurt anyone- although I couldn’t help it if there were a few actual accidents- depending on my size. And make no mistake!! I would be FULLY content living my life out as a peaceful Giantess of my dream size- think of all the fun I could have sexually!! Of course, all of this provided I received food and shelter and you little bugs were willing to help me adjust to my new size and not just abandon me. (Maybe move me to a remote island where I can build a Giantess paradise? LOL Anyone who wanted could join me!) But if you little humans left me to die- or started shooting at me- I wouldn’t fucking mess around. Don’t think I would be content to sit there and starve to death or get shot at for the good of the human race. If you little bugs treat me less than human- I will treat you less than human right back. (At least to those who deserve it) You help me out, I help you out. Maybe I could even be a super hero!!!!!!!!!!

So there you have it. Yes, if I could control my size in real life I really would want to be a Giantess. But no, I would not heartlessly destroy the lives of millions of people for real. If anything, I’d want to find a way to do the planet and humanity good while also being able to enjoy myself sexually at my new size too. =)

Q. If u could be a real life giantess tomorrow and become any size you wanted whenever you wanted would you really live out your fantasies. would you really go mega and compress entire cities under your sexy soles?? would you be able to deal with being basically an unstoppable mass murder?? -bow bow bow

A. Same as above.

Q. Welcome back kitty-kate! I am euthsiastic of your return and congradulate you, for one. I guess I do have a question that I have always wanted to ask you. How do you feel about the (pred)role when it comes to vore and do you truly embrace it? -limpdik

A. Thanks tiny one! =^o^= Yes, I truly do embrace Vore- it’s one of the strongest fetishes that I have, closely paired with the mouth fetish. The hunt, the licking and tease, the wet warm dangerous mouth play, and the final gulp of sending my victim to his/her fate is truly orgasmic. And what really tops off Vore for me, compared to the other aspects of Giantess, is… even when I’m all done, my victim never to be heard from again, I can sit back and fap (or go back to whatever I was doing!) knowing that for the next 24 hours, my body will be digesting and using my victim’s remains in any possible way it can to nourish itself, without me even thinking twice about it. 

Q. Hi Katelyn, Have you ever had a guy masturbate in front of you and then allowed him to cum on your feet? Do you like to have your feet cummed on? -Dre

A. Yes, most certainly. One of my favorite things to do with my ex was to feel his face under one of my bare soles (while pushing, twisting, and crushing- gently and with increasing pressure) while rubbing his hard cock with my other foot at the same time up until he made a huge mess all over it and himself! It was also common he come up to my feet, wherever I am whatever I’m doing, and get off to them right then and there. Foot fetish play was one of my favorites with him. Felt good to get my feet worshiped too- I miss the kisses, licks, snuggles, and lovey cumming to my feet!

Q. About how many footjobs have you given, I don’t see any anywhere so I’m guessing not many and if you have did you make that lucky person cum loads? -Mr Big Hands

A. Only one person has ever had the privilege of cumming on my feet and to them in person, and that would be my ex Tristan. And ohhhhhh yes, he has blown loads and LOADS of cum to my feet! =) 

Q. Thank you for answering a couple of my questions….here are some more. Fetish wise: What would you look for in a Giant? What are some giantess/GC/Giant stories that get you off? If you were a giantess/GC, what city would you most want to visit? Do have a friendly(hangout on friend level/no fetish) with any of your models? Personal: What are your favorite movies and TV shows of all-time? Are you a sports fan? And if so what sports and what are your teams? -Megagiant5280

A. What I’d look for in a Giant in an aesthetic sense would be: someone well groomed- shaven pubes, nice lips, teeth, nails, complexion. Some muscle definition. A nice looking cock that can last. Someone with a hypersexual sex drive, who’d get off just as much as I if not even more by the thought and actions of using civilization for our sexual pleasure.

Dunno why, but stories aren’t something I look for very often. I tend to go for collages and artwork, but stories can be just as good if not better at filling in all of the details of the fetish, especially when it comes to fulfilling the complex emotional side of the Giantess fetish. 

If I was a Giantess I’d most want to visit Miami, FL. The beach, all of the attractive men and women, the blue sky with fluffy clouds, palm trees, fancy cars and houses, and the flat roads allowing people to see me towering high at my Giantess height even with them being miles away!

As far as friendly level with models, Nova and I have skimmed the subject of having a nerdy LAN party sometime haha. Other than that, Giantess Ava is actually one of my current roommates! It’s been fun having her company around. We work out, cook and eat, game, watch movies, drink, etc- the typical roomie stuff. I’ve also grabbed food and drinks with Giantess Daphne before at a Tavern, and we might do that again sometime. She is great fun to talk to with being a producer and pretty-much retired model. Other than that, last time Giantess Rachel was here she dragged my ass out to get ice cream with her after the shot hahaha. It was so goood! I really like Rachel because she’s naturally a really tough, tall, Texan attitude chick. Definitely one girl I genuinely wouldn’t mind getting shrunken by! :D

My favorite movies and TV shows of all time, ones I have watched and absolutely loved and have or could watch again would be: Star Trek (all series), Invader Zim, South Park, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, Hayo Miyazaki Movies, HISTK, Pokemon Series, LAIN Series, Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Grinch, It Man, The Man from Nowhere. I’m sure there are many more, those are just some off the top of my head!

Q. Dear Katelyn, have you ever dated anyone off the site or do you prefer leaving social life to your own time? do you like unbirth scenario ? and what is your favourite fetish? hope you don’t mined answering 3 questions your loyal shrunken bloke ;) -aussiebloke

A. Nope, I’ve never dated anyone that I met on my site. I was with someone I met on a dating site from ’06 up until last year. After such a long term relationship breakup, I haven’t even been interested in dating again yet, and I think I’m going to aim for someone I come across in RL this time as opposed to meeting up with someone I met online. Ya never know though!

Insertion is one of the many aspects of the Giantess fetish that I like to explore. My favorite fetish/aspect is Giantess Vore and Giantess Crush (2,000ft+)

Q. How many time you masturbate in a day? What is your masturbate metod? Look pics, story or use only the mind? The “G-spot orgasm” post are real? are you a  squirting girl? in te future you write a new post like it? What is your favorite giantess story? When you made “girlfriends world” for the GTSzone site you are really horny? there is some anecdotes on the production of this movie? -karn

A. My sex drive fluctuates depending on my menstrual cycle. At the start of my cycle, on my period, I begin feeling overwhelmingly horny. Everything I see and do becomes sexual in one way or another. For the first week after my period, it’s pretty average for me to fap anywhere from one to two to three times a day. After that week is up, my sex drive steadies out to fapping perhaps two to four times a week. And by the time I’m a few days before my next period… … … I turn into a PMS Chocolate Monster and all I care about is getting my hands on some chocolate pie, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate frappuccino, and then coat that with even more chocolate. Then, the cycle repeats. Hahahahaa. :D

Anyway, when I masturbate the first thing I do is I grab whatever dildo I’m in the mood for and then I bring up GiantessBooru. I’ll usually find an image on there that I want to cum to, but if I’m in the mood for something else I’ll watch one of DragonessLife’s Videos on DailyMotion, fap it off to one of my own productions either it be myself or a video I shot of one of my Giantess girlfriends, and every now and then I do get in the mood for regular porn like lesbian hardcore or bj, and Men’s hands. I like looking at porn on my computer or on my phone when I fap.

Every once in a blue moon I have a G-Spot orgasm, and usually it does squirt. This one, for example. ;) There may be more squirting videos (or posts) at some point, but no promises.

Yes, when I starred in Girlfriend’s World I was just a little turned on! It was also my first time acting for another producer, with another model, so honestly I was little nervous too. *blush* My favorite part shooting that video was the end, where Isabelle and I rode eachother as Giantesses ontop of the destruction we caused. Fucking HAWT!

Q. Your bucket list mentions dating a woman. What would you look for in women? What physical attributes turn you on? -Xan

A. Hmmm… As for physical attributes, I’d go for a nice tan girl with full lips, pretty teeth, a cute nose, seductive eyes, beautiful hair, preferably short or tall (~5’2 or ~5’8), toned body, with nice tits. Any color hair, piercings, tattoos, etc don’t matter much. As for personality, I’d go for someone tom boyish, goal determined, hard working, athletic, optimistic, energetic, nature loving, with a slightly above average sex drive, can be kinky/finds fetishes fun, open minded, pretty much a homebody but likes to get out and go on fun adventures and such too. Honestly, I’m always crushing on girls at the gym because I see so many there that seem to fit those descriptions! And I am just as open to dating a girl as a guy so you never know… my next lover just might be a girl!

Q. Well, what kind of music is your favourite; and the music is very important for the fantasy-fetish on the giantess side (but i guess the answer is obvious XD)? I say that because the music does matter to me in the side of the tinies, and it can motivate me to escape from the giantess or almost surrender inconditionally :P -Jaragua_sphaero

A. Chill music ultimate favorite. Often times when I’m working play whatever new chill songs I can find on YouTube in the background. I also listen to Groove Salad a lot. In fact I’m listening to it right now. =)

I also highly enjoy all types of IDM, EDM, Techno, Trance, House, Ambient, Etc. On occasion when I’m in the mood for something much more mainstream I’ll listen to any kind of rap with a hot beat and deep bass (the sexual kind of rap, and *not* the kind of rap that talks about the streets/drugs/violence). I like rock too but I’m very picky- off the top of my head Tool and SOAD are two of my favorite Rock artists. Celtic is a favorite of mine for the holiday season.

Q. I was wondering what types of Slippers do you have and if you have stepped on many bugs or tiny people with them? -Bezant1223

A. I have some sexy Victoria’s Secret slippers, as well as a blue pair sent to me by a fan, but I rarely ever wear slippers… or socks! Whenever I wear such footwear my feet literally reject whatever’s on my feet- one sock on, one sock off, or both gone and often times without me even realizing it! >.> My soles and toes insist on being bare, to scrunch and flex in all of heir nude glory high above the tiny world below!  xD I am, however, all for in-shoe crush. In-slipper crush sounds like it’d especially be fun, with the amount of free movement slippers do provide, and reading your question has inspired me to make a video of sorts with this theme! =)


Q. Just a random question – are you still keeping up your deviantArt account? A lot of birthday wishes are on there from fans (as well as a couple of trolls, unfortunately) but there’s obviously no recent content on it. Also I noticed all Tristan’s collages of you are now up on his own deviantArt gallery (as barely-noticed). I appreciate they are his work, but didn’t you say before that you weren’t happy with your image used for his publicity purposes like that? Really not sure just how much of the Giantess Katelyn presence outside of this site (dA and Flickr) was down to you and how much was down to him, but is anyone looking after these sites now? -microjb

A.  Ahh, getting my Deviant Art account organized and up-to-date is in my back-burner plans. Once I get it current, I’ll strive to keep it that way. =)

And yes, my ex was using my image for his own publicity against my request not to do so. I appreciate he made the collages but it was the fashion in which he went public -a masquerade while getting off to his manipulation of my fans, all while further psychologically fucking with and threatening me bts in attempt to manipulate me back into the relationship- that got under my skin. I don’t stand for who he is under the mask; I want nothing to do with him. I loved him, and still do, but I am deeply hurt by who he actually ended up being, what happened between us, and how we broke up. He doesn’t have a release for anything he made for me over the years, as he was working for me / making them for my site. Someone unknown to me ended up getting them taken down from his DA. I appreciated this because I asked him to take them down and got threatened in return, so thank you. However, to whoever go the images taken down, I think it was too much to flag his independent MileHigh works in the process. Sorry for the drama, just posting the truth. I would like to avoid the topic of him whenever possible. I’m really happy with being away from all that an in the present, and I look forward to the future. :)

Q. Lastly, as a gamer, do you think there will ever be a truly high quality giantess related title? There are smaller games here and there but I mean a game that looks and feels as though your character(from first person), be it tiny or giantess, is actually within a highly interactive fetish video? -Tiny Carlos

A. I’m actually quite a casual gamer and would love to hear other people’s opinion on this. The coolest thing I’ve seen so far is a mod for Skyrim, but honestly I haven’t really searched so who knows what else is out there! 

Q. I was recently dumped by my girlfriend of 3 years. probably the hardest thing i’ve ever had to deal with in my life, i still love her dearly but i lost sight of myself and caused her to lose interest in me. She’d been so supportive and into my fetishes and kinks since day one and now without her i can barely cope. I was wondering what some of your coping methods are and if you have any advice for me. in the long run i’d love to win her back but in the mean time i simply need to find some way to pick myself off the floor. -epic

A. Awe, I’m deeply sorry about your loss and I hope you’ve been healing and feeling better within the time that’s passed since you posted this. Three years is a long time to be with someone and I understand how hard it can be, especially seeing how she was supportive and into your fetishes. You’re used to having her there and now that what you had is now gone, you realize how good you had it and wish you hadn’t lost sight of yourself. This actually sounds a bit familiar to what once happened to me.

Remind yourself that the breakup happened for the better, or it wouldn’t have happened at all and now being single is temporary. Life doesn’t end here. You will find someone again, you will be happy again! And there will be no better time for that opportunity to arise than when the past is truly in the past. But don’t beat yourself up- this can take time. That floor might be cozy for a while, especially after a long-term breakup. Let yourself ooze all over it if  you must, you can’t truly heal bottling your feelings so allow yourself to think through them and accept them, but then move on with the gained emotional and logical knowledge learned first hand with the experiences from what you went through.

Also, you must find ways to enjoy the present to move on from the past with your new life. Over time this will become easier and easier as you will naturally move on from everything that happened. Allow yourself to enjoy all of the personal time in the world that you have to yourself right now. Are there any hobbies you’d like to pick up? Games? Friends? Fappathons? Night Clubs? College? Work? Ask yourself what’d make you happy emotionally and logically that would move you away from the past and into the present, and see where you get with it! Experiment and have fun! =)

Have you thought of the possibility of your next girlfriend being even more supportive and into your fetishes than she was? Even hotter in her own unique ways? Don’t believe for a second that it’s not possible, because anything is possible! Just hang in there, accept what happened and move on from it in a healthy way, and have fun with life- you’ll see. :)

Q. if you were dating a guy and he told you, that he wished he could be shrunk and then slowy teased by you as he was jerking it in your mouth before you swallowed. what would your reaction be to this and if it were possible would you do it and or film it? just wondering -Jimmy

A. I would tell him a HOT Giantess/Shrunken Story based off exactly that and make him blows his hot sticky jizz that much harder and deeper into my open mouth! <3 Experimenting sexually is one of my favorite things to do, so no matter what the fetish, if I was dating a guy (or girl!) I’d be all up for exploring it with him and making his wildest dreams come true!

Q. Have you ever posed or modeled for other websites beside your own? -Jaytoms

A. Yes, I have! I generally enjoy my independent works both infront of and behind the camera, but once in a while it is a lot of fun to work with other producers, photographers, and independent fetishists/models like myself! Here’s a list of who I’ve worked with including links to their websites: Size Fetish Zone, Bratty Foot Girls, Spoiled Bianca, Soft Body Sweethearts, Ass Brats, PAWGs & Bustys, and Taggs Photography!

Q. I like that you would wear me if i were your panties and i would love to custom order a video but would you turn me into a small pet like a guinea pig and keep me i just love the thought of being helpless:) I also want to let you know that Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda game. Do you like all the Zeldas because thats my favorite game series. -mtsjin08

A. xD A guinea pig?! Haha. Ummm, prooobably not… but I’d be happy to turn you into a cute little white rabbit! :D I’d take care of you very well, and spoil you with little kisses, treats, play, and snuggles- just like I do with my white kitty! =)

Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda Series game too! (Maybe you knew that!) :D With my free time, I’ve been playing A Link Between Worlds (I even got the Limited Edition 3DS XL Bundle *pushes nerdy glasses up* -^^-), the newest Zelda Series release, and have been head over heels with it. So much that I’d even say it’s tied with Twilight Princess in my book! I can’t express how happy I am with it *especially* after Skyward Sword (which without getting into details, in my book is a fail). I’m really, really, really hoping Majora’s Mask 3ds will come out next. That’s one of the only Zelda games I haven’t played the whole way through yet and would love the experience to be in 3D!

Q. hello katelyn! :D I hope you find time to answer to this message I’m 20 years old, female from Mla. One question. When someone has a Giantess fetish, does that person who has it fantasizes about himself being the giant (the powerful one) or himself being stepped on(the feeling of wanted to be dominated)? thanks katelyn. By the way I love your foot. It’s so hawt :))))))) -Dory

A. Hi Mla! To answer your question, here’s an excerpt from the “About Giantess” section of my webiste:

“What is the Giantess fetish exactly? Also known as Macrophilia (Or in my case perhaps, Microphilia), it’s an intense sexual attraction to giant-sized women. Not just tall women, but incredibly tall women. For example, imagine a super model the size of a skyscraper! For the females like myself with this fetish, we have an intense sexual desire to being godzilla-sized along with the same strong attraction to fellow giant-sized women- provided we’re just as tall! This fetish often involves many other sub-fetishes such as the Foot Fetish, Mouth Fetish, Vore Fetish, Furry Fetish, Domination, Hand Fetish, Boob Fetish, Ass Fetish, and as many others as you can imagine. Rule 34, after all.”

Click here to continue reading! (Scroll to “My Fetish”)

Q. As someone who said that they think about being shrunken (occasionally) and someone who shot a video pretending a giant is outside I have a would you ever be willing to be the master of a man far bigger than you? If I were a giant to you I’d still be willing to let you be my master. -tiny/giant

A. There is one fantasy in particular I’d find fun in this type of situation, and that’s if I was a Genie in a bottle like in I Dream of Jeannie! But also keep in mind that I could make myself normal sized if I wished, and could use my magic on the environment and people around me including you! ;P

Q. Last question from me Ms Katelyn. How do you feel about mechs (the really large kind). I would like to think it would make someone like me safer but the size I am like imaging you I’m picturing it appearing as a toy in between your toes. -tiny/giant

A. Mmm, I like shrunken car and shrunken people props but mechs don’t really do anything for me.

Q. Miss Katelyn……………….do you have an amazon wish list? -oj strucell

A. Yep! Click here to check it out!

Well tiny one, that covers this month’s mid month update. If you got to the end of this… congratulations. Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of it! :) I love hearing from my shrunken ones! =) And if you were here, I’d let you explore my body in any way you want as a reward for getting through this massive blog post! :D

Until my site-wide update early Feb, I’ll be back to work hyper focused into my massive workload. Filming customs, prepping and queuing my every other day vids, doing Q4 state taxes, starting my federal taxes, getting 1099-MISCs out to models and artists, working on GB behind the scenes, wiping out some of my overflowing (as always >.>) emails, getting my ass kicked at the gym and training, getting a new manicure and pedicure for filming, editing, getting the next POTD in line, and much much more!

Take care tinies, muah! Mega sized love,
Giantess Katelyn


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. Chuck

    You really took your time to answer these… O_O Well, that’s pretty good, now everyone has their answers and that’s cool. :D

    As for my remaining question, thanks for the support on exploring my sexuality beyond the basics, sometimes it’s kind of hard getting support, but when someone comes and gives you some good advice, I always appreciate it.

    Curiously enough, now that I’m talking about this, not long ago I was attempting to write some fetish story for myself, just for some giggles, and… well, it turned out to be a giantess-shrunken man scenario with some hand fetish in it. Guess I was already practicing this fetish exploring without being that aware. xD

    And I still think you have some gorgeous hands, you sure take care of them as you do with the rest of your body, keeping them this beautiful. And speaking of your hands, I went back to the “Worship” area here and watched the “Hand POV” video. A pity it doesn’t have any sound, but despite being mute that video is already arousing, and gotta love the smooth gentleness you show.

  2. tiny/giant

    I am very pleased that you answered all of these. I felt so guilty when you were talking about getting so exhausted that you ended up having to take days off for your health. I bet this took a lot longer than it look to us. You also have a very genuine niceness in how you answered everything.

    I am going to try and follow the directions if I read them right.

    can I claim a spot on your bottom.

  3. Alex

    I love these AMA answers! The process of getting here has been awesome. Hehe. I love getting to know you. Also, being crushed under/between your toes would be awesome.


    Thanks for answering mine and everyone else’s questions Katelyn! Reading these did answer some questions I had about your life and fetish that we all share here! XD

    As for the Valentie thing, I would like to take your beautiful ass. The gluteus maximums has always been a favorite for me in your videos and others (in real life too! XP)

    Thanks again

  5. MarkM


    I’ve enjoyed reading this blog immensely. Blog was so awesome I’m not sure how to reply to it other than which part of your body I’d like to be crushed by for valentine day!

    It’s obvious by the amount of time and effort you put into this along with all the other things you do for us that you truly and sincerely care for all of us.

    Okay it’s no secret. My favorite place to be crushed would be right under the ball of your foot just how you normally do to the other lucky victims I’ve seen from time to time.

    With Love, Mark

  6. Brad

    Just make it out to “Little Bee”….would it be possible to have it written anywhere on your thighs? :)

  7. Name

    Mmm :) Jason on your butt please

  8. Name

    Dylan on that big beautiful butt :)

  9. Ryan

    Hello Katelyn,

    I really enjoyed reading this blog and reading all of the answers to the questions that your fans wrote to you. I never got to write a question to you as I must have missed the blog that told us we could write questions to you. I’ll keep my eye open next time so that I can ask you a question or two ;).

    As for the valentines day picture treat, if it is not to much trouble, I would love to volunteer myself as the little chocolate candy that you swallow down your throat and digested completely by your beautiful stomach. Thank you again for taking the time to answering questions. Stay beautiful and stay hungry ;)

  10. Name

    It brings my micro sized heart joy that you exist and want to share yourself with us!

    For valentine’s day, would you write down Jamie on your butt? It’s…inspirational to me.

  11. Chuck

    *checks the AMA again and looks at the Valentine part* I knew I was missing something yesterday! xD Sorry, got carried away with the whole hand thing… Speaking of hands…

    For the Valentine treat, I think it’s pretty clear where I wanna be: right on the palm of your hand. Though, you know, I’m more for the gentle part than being crushed, but I won’t question the Goddess’ wishes. ;)

  12. Steven P.

    For the Valentine Treat could you put my name “Steven” under one of your feet on the sole or arch. You are one sexy Giantess and it would be an honor to have my name on any part of your body. Maybe I could be put on your belly also but it’s your choice.

  13. Greg Viera

    Wow really great job on the blog post :-)
    you never cease to amaze me

  14. Greg Viera

    for the Valentine’s Day treat
    I will love to have my name under the sole of your foot hehe
    that would be a perfect way to go getting squashed by your bear sexy soles. so it will be an honor to see my name written on the sole of your bare feet

  15. Cody

    I’d LOVE to get a spot on your belly or foot, Goddess ^_^

  16. Slayer325

    for valentines treat could you put “Austin” on the sole of your foot?”

  17. Richard M.

    Great post, it’s always a treat to learn more about the beautiful woman behind the website, apart from getting the usual joy of worshiping a goddess like you.

    One thing though, is it possible to obtain the picture on the blog avatar? Maybe im going bling but I couldnt find it on the site if its there. Thanks ;)

    Oh and more thing, for valentines day nothing would be better than having my name, Richard, on your beautiful bare feet

    Always a pleasure to learn more about you goddess. I wish u the best this coming year ;)

  18. Tiny Todd

    For the Valentine treat, I would love to have you write “Tiny Todd” on the sole of your foot just under your toes. Thanks for all you do for the GTS Community Katelyn! We really appreciate it very much.

  19. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    I just want to let you know that I’ve been working on the custom video script, should be done soon, but it’s turning out to be a little longer than I thought it’d be O_0 So hope that’s okay with you & that we can work this out!
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  20. mtsjin08

    Dear katelyn brooks
    I’m glad that you like Zelda but a link between worlds was a bit off due to it mostly being link to the past nostalgia twilight princess is still my favorite and I want a rerelease of majoras mask as well

  21. Arathos

    This was a great read Katelyn, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this! As for valentines day deal my name(arathos)on your wonderful butt would be amazing.

  22. Alman001

    Thankyou very much for responding to my question, Katelyn. I’d honestly completely forgotten about it. So reading through this blog and finding it coupled with your response was a most welcome surprise :D
    I enjoyed reading all of your other answers too. So many questions that I hadn’t thought of but glad to find answered ^_^

    As for the valentines day thing, I’m honestly very stuck for choice between getting crushed under your boobs or butt!
    Having my name (Alan01) written on either area would make my day. But then again, though thinking about it, I would definitely prefer getting butt-crushed by you ^_^

  23. paddy-joe

    hi I love reading your anwers so much! :D could you write Paddy-Joe on your sole btw? x also I am hopeing to eamil you two storys this week one about a giant cupel and one about the day to day life of your tiny foot slave I hope you enjoy them both <3

  24. Leo

    I would love to be crushed under your sole. So many lines… so soft looking. Could you please place my name “Leo” on your sole? ^^

  25. Josh

    Hello Goddess. I would like to have my name on the bottom of your big toe if that would be okay. Also, I may have just missed them, but I had asked some questions and I can’t find your answers to them. I know you are a busy Goddess but I was hoping you might find time to answer them.
    Here was my post from your other thread
    1) Have you ever given thought to being shrunk in one of your FX’s? Like a girl shrinks you and then you get back to normal size and make her your toy for pleasure?

    2) I know someone asked this question kinda but what are the chances of one of us ever getting to be in your movies as a tiny? I would love to be in them and would gladly do it for free.

    3) Do you have girl friends that like to worship your feet? If so, how much do you enjoy making them worship your feet?

  26. Collin

    I’d love to be under your bare sole. Preferably wrinkled, but it’s not up to me ;) My name is Collin!

  27. Kuba

    I’ d love to se my name on Your inner thigh. That would be my favorite place to be crushed :)

  28. El Portero

    I’d love to see my name on your flawless stomach, as close to that perfect belly button of yours as possible!

  29. James

    Can’t pass this up. If you’re still taking these. I’d love to have ‘JDO’ written as close to your pussy as possible. Cheers, lady.

  30. Lol

    Nick on your Belly

  31. omicron

    I’d love to see Jeremy written near your belly button if you are still taking requests.

    Thank you.

  32. Jamie

    Hey in case my previous request got swallowed up, I would be forever ecstatic if I saw my name (Jamie) on your glorious derriere. You were the first giantess to really nail POV buttcrush for me and for lack of better words you have rocked my world since that day forth.

  33. Taran

    Hi Katelyn. My question probably doesn’t surprise you (or anyone else here):

    Have you ever masturbated with a toy car/bus/train/plane and if so, did you squirt?

    Also, do you masturbate during shootings if the scene gets you hot?

  34. Jordan

    Katelyn, thankyou so much for answering my previous question, they were perfect! What would you do if once I was tiny you could transform me into to anything you like involving your feet, what would it be? And what would you say if you were wearing nylons and your feet killed and you wanted me to massage,kiss, lick and suck, like how would the scenario go? And finally, I would just like to say, I know your not keen on talking to people off site and that but I honestly think the world of you! If you ever had ANY problems i would be there to make you smile! Want to call you my princess

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