Zombie School: Chapter One

Zombie School: Chapter One

Hi tinies! Today I’d like to introduce you to one of Vivian’s comic friends, Volcano-Poplar, with the enhanced English version release of his comic Zombie School. Packed full of PoVs, crush detail, and sneakers, this comic features a school-grounds setting and a cheerleader named Alice who pulverizes hundreds of shrunken zombies under her sneakers in search of her boyfriend Nick.


“Alice is your average student. She’s perky, she’s fun, she’s a cheerleader, and she just so happens to be a zombie slaying badass! So what is a typical girl to do when zombies attack? Well, what she does best of course: Stomp the problem out! Follow the adventure of Alice as she storms into a zombie infested high school in search of her boyfriend Nick. She’ll have to crush, stamp, flatten and pulverize her way to victory and get Nick to safety! Of course, things get a little weird once some other mysterious women show up on the school grounds. What could they possibly want? Alice has her work cut out for her in this first installment of Zombie School by Volcano-Poplar!”

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Before going, I’d like to take a moment to give a thank you shout-out to Sheela! I was able to hire her for the English enhancement and ad work of this comic- helping reduce my current overwhelming but slowly stabilizing workload. Also, her birthday is on Friday, so give her a shout out! Happy Birthday Sheela!! ^^

Until next time, tiny ones! MUAH!


The Shrunken Perspective

7 Responses and Counting...

  1. APasserby

    I like how this seems to take inspiration from Lollipop Chainsaw

  2. Adrian

    I love this comic. Will there be a second chapter to this? If there is then i think that some bare feet content and maybe even some vore should be added to make it well rounded

  3. vivian

    “Zombie 2” will be in late June this year to start production. Thank you for your support!

  4. JT

    When’s Sheelas stuff coming out?

  5. Alley

    I love this comic, it’s really refreshing to see a shoe-crushing comic, there is so much barefoot stuff out there shoe-crush gets left behind a lot. Would like to see more heels though, converse sneakers are fine but the femininity is much higher with heels

  6. Adrian

    it would be great if chapter 2 had vore in it and bare foot.

  7. ASM

    is the second chapter in production now?

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