“Your Hungry, Unaware Wife” – RELEASED!

“Your Hungry, Unaware Wife” – RELEASED!

That’s right- there’s a brand new Special Effects Movie now available in my store. Surprise! :D Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have me as your wife? Well wonder no more, for here’s your chance! Introducing my latest fantasy-to-movie I present to you “Your Hungry, Unaware Wife” … Me! :eek:

Featuring Vore, HUGE Boobs, Dirty Bare feet, High Heels, Incredibly Sexy Dialog, and not to mention the discovery of your wife’s sexuality, this movie is a romantic -yet life threatening- look at what your life would be like if you accidentally shrank down only to be mistaken for a common ant by your powerful, giantess-sized wife! You can read all of the juicy details on the movie here.

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 1

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 2

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 3

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 4

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 5

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 6

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 7

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 8

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 9

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 10

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 11

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 12

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 13

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 14

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 15

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 16

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 17

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 18

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 19

Your Hungry, Unaware Wife Preview 20

The movie is 13.5 minutes long and comes with a bonus 2.5 minute Deep Mouth POV Clip. You can buy it now in my store! If you’re a fan of either “Mistaken for a Mint” or “Midnight Goddess” or if you’re thinking of purchasing an effects movie from me for the first time, you simply can’t go wrong with this video! :) It’s definitely a must have for any vore fans!

Let me know what you think little ones of being my shrunken husband- as always I love hearing your feedback! :love: Enjoy!


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. bauerpower24

    I commented on this clip on your previous blog, but I will add here: DAMN, THAT IS ONE LUCKY STOOL YOU HAVE IN YOUR KITCHEN! The stories it would be able to tell. I’m sure they’d have LOTS OF JUICY DETAILS. If you ever decide to sell that stool, HERE’S YOUR BUYER! The screenshots you posted are fantastic. Thanks for another GREAT VORE clip. LOVE YA!

  2. bauerpower24

    The resolution on your clips keeps getting better and better too. Definitely makes this clip more realistic. I can’t wait ’til you’re shooting in 1920 x 1080. The only problem is my head might explode. But which one? Also, you clearly have MASTERED the art of shooting vore scenes. Other websites should look to you for lessons. Finally, I remember as a kid, all adults would say: “Don’t chew with your mouth open. No one wants to see all that nasty food inside your mouth”. WELL, WHAT THE HELL DID THEY KNOW? KATELYN, YOU ARE DEFINITELY THE EXCEPTION TO THAT RULE. Please keep the mouth vore scenes coming. They are something to behold.

  3. bauerpower24

    I have watched this a few more times so now I can add that the music you used was really cool. It complimented the clip well. And your trimmed toenails look REALLY SEXY. Oh, and with you spilling the dip on your boobs, I guess now we should call them a couple of DIP TITS! Hehe! It gets HOTTER & HOTTER each time I watch it. I hope to one day nourish you that way.

  4. Kisuke Urahara

    ……This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Your boobs look AMAZING from that view! This was worth the wait! And for your blog updates, i’m so happy! I love reading your blogs, the stories you tell make me excited in my pants!

  5. bauerpower24

    I miss the photos of the day. I hope they come back soon.

  6. bauerpower24

    Thanks for the info on the POTD. I can’t wait to see the next batch. LOVE YA!

  7. Shrunken One

    Best. Vore movie. EVER!

    I hope you use that tiny cam in future videos, too..
    just how far bak can it go? If it’s possible, and not too dangerous, I’d love to see into your gullet, watch the epiglottis and everything. ^.^;

  8. Nhyarlathotep

    Except the gnomes of whatever, I have bought every single FX Vore clip I found. With this one you have perfected the vore fx movie even more! I always can’t wait for the next update and I’m curious for your next vids. You leave all other giantess movie makers far behind you and I hope to see your next FX vid with yourself and one or 2 of your girlfriends (anna, daisy,…) with this quality.

    Your european loyal fan

  9. west911

    If this doesn’t get the gts growth potion meter going then nothing will. One little idea with that GTS Meter can’t we get a graphic of you growing through clothes as it climbs towards the goal… Just an idea…

  10. Giantess Ka...

    @west911: Keep in mind, the growth potion meter represents a rather large number- (and by that I mean HUGE) Midnight Goddess has so far moved it by about 20% – the highest yet- and with it being the second most popular video on my site that really says something! I also had to bump up the total that the potion represents as I’ve calculated in a few more extremely expensive expenses, lol :P

    Ultimately, it’ll still be a while yet. But it never leaves my mind for a second and I’m working like crazy to get there. :eek: Everything, and I mean everything I do is geared toward reaching that goal! And I will reach it. And I will destroy the world. <3

    @Shrunken One: How far back? I will have to continue to experiment! :woot:

    Thanks for the reviews everyone! I love hearing your feedback, thoughts, feelings and experiences with my movies as always!!!! :D

  11. bauerpower24

    NoM NoM NoM … I love salad with balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing. My current fave. Oh soo delicious. I want you on my salad, now!
    Well Katelyn, I’d gladly let you put me on your salad, but instead of tasting balsamic vinaigrette, you’d be tasting some balls. hehe. As for your new photos, I love you in a hoodie. You look dope. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. You deserve it princess. LOVE YA!

  12. MJG

    after that man just call me katelyn food man i want to eat me :bandit:

  13. MJG

    by the way katelyn um can u please respond cuz ive never got tlaked to by you before and i feel a ittle neglected

  14. MJG

    :whistle: ;-(

  15. bauerpower24

    Doing some emails/writing then have a house to clean. -.- I sure would love to have shrunken men all over the place to keep it tidy for me!
    I’ll gladly volunteer to organize your bras and panties for you Katelyn. Hehe. Hope you had a relaxing and peaceful day off. LOVE YA!

  16. mjg

    oh yeah katelyn i have two questions for you how do i send stuff to u and how do i write giantess stories

  17. thefranchise

    u ever thought about doin this stuff nude. i mean u have a great body. sorry if i sound like a perv. just curious

  18. rodrigo

    ought to make free video blogs :whistle:

  19. nico

    good morning katlyn it is necessary that you create one film or you follow a small man with your tongue and you cross in your pretty mouth and you swallows it living I love you

  20. joe

    I wish they invented the shrink ray already… I would give up all my freedoms just to be played with and bossed by the goddess.

  21. rodrigo

    There is an option for you will not get the videos purchased less free

    :p :wink: :eek:

  22. Granger17

    If only one day you’ll be comfortable enough to do a pov pussy scene. I’d love to see the experience someone goes through as such a small height being overpowered by your urge of love. It would’ve been better to have a pov pussy shot in Midnight Goddess, that pussy scene was hot :love:

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