Your Feedback Needed! My Next Giantess FX Movie

Your Feedback Needed! My Next Giantess FX Movie

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the universe is now the limit to what I can do with my FX movies. As my new place slowly comes together, my heart pounds faster with the excitement of finally being able to tackle ANY FX project I desire!! But at the same time I’m completely overwhelmed with my choices- I’ve had years to fantasize out Giantess movies and I have perhaps hundreds of ideas I want to bring to life. So I am left with one huge question…. what do I do first?!

Do I go with growth? Mega? Giga? Do I continue to grow? Focus on vore (oh how I love vore) or crush? Who do I play? What scenario should I do? These are the questions that have completely swamped me the past week as I’ve unpacked. Knowing how long and how excited you little bugs have been for this are only puts pressure on me further! With so many crazy plots in my head, I could really use some feedback from all of you to narrow down my choices.

So, please consider this blog post an open forum. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, your fantasies of what you’d love to see me do. I’d love links to your favorite giantess stories as well, as I find they are great for inspiration. I want to hear from YOU!

I also have prepared some polls. They are simple and fun, so please VOTE! ^^ You have no idea how much this will help me narrow down my plots and chose a scenario I know I will love and that I know you will love too.

And while I’m 95% sure I’ll be doing a Giantess film first (I have waited SO long) my first question is just to gauge how many people want to see what. Like all of the other polls, who wins may not determined the actual outcome, but it will most certainly help shape it!

Thanks everyone! Leave me some FEEDBACK! ^^


The Shrunken Perspective

93 Responses and Counting...

  1. Crusader

    ooooo this will be a heated battle, one that may be talked about for years!

    Ps, I assume that hitsk will be right after if it lose’s right?

  2. Oktober

    Getting right to it then. :D I definitely think you should do a full on giantess movie over any shrinking scenarios even though those are my fave. There’s two reason why I think it would be better for you to grow, the first is the obvious one where you’ve waited far too long not to do this at last. You have the tools, the motivation, and the elements of Seattle all to see you through it. The second not so obvious reason is I’m sure this will not be your last growth movie, meaning you can experiment and learn from everything you will do here, and incorporate it into all your future works going forward, growth, shrinking, whatever. That includes your Honey I Shrunk The Kids scenario which is a landmark for you. Doing a growth will only help you make that one even better from your improved skill set once you do decide to tackle it.

    As for scenario revolving around growth it becomes individual tastes I think. My own is I think a scenario where the reasons surrounding your lucky turn of events are as ambiguous as they are spontaneous. You didn’t know it was coming, you’ve no idea why it did and now you are in the world in the indestructible state of Giantess. I love the idea of gentle turning darker, that is highly erotic to me. Maybe protecting a certain person while he/she??? witnesses you becoming more and more creatively sadistic as time wears on. I’d link to think this person would remain relatively safe with you, perhaps just being treated a little more daring, a little more rough as you grow more intuned with your darker characteristics you’d had buried deeply beneath your sweetness. Maybe giving that person a treat inside of your shoes to fend against your feet, a game for you and a serious test for them. Again I’d like to think that person could not really become harmed or truly broken under your protection, but I suppose in the end you are the real judge of that. I just get turned on by the thrill of the struggle and unknowing outcome without actually becoming crippled/maimed/broken or otherwise extinguished. Even being tested so insanely I like that feeling of being safe with her as well.

    Speaking of being inside your shoes though, I often found a fully clothed giantess to be more a turn on than a fully nude one. I like the whole girl-next-door giantess even if she is dressed sexily. But then I’m someone who has a major sock fetish which is usually linked to the girl-next-door persona, so that is probably where it comes from.

    Anyway those are my own opinions, and I know they are individual and rare, but I figured I’d send out my two cents anyway.
    Look forward to what you have in store Katelyn, whatever you come up with it will be game changing to be sure. :D :D <3

  3. Giantess Ka...

    @Crusader: Yep! However it does depend on a few things- I need beautiful weather to film HISTK because some of it takes place outside, which means I would need to film in spring/summer. That means I basically would have to film it within the next two months or it would have to be put off until next March / May.

    I have thought about filming both a Giantess movie and HISTK at the same time, and then focusing on one until both were complete. However that would double my filming time and slow the release of the Giantess film. (I also don’t like to film more than one FX movie at a time, because I learn so much each time I make a new movie which improves the following one, plus it keeps things fresh)

    I have also thought about making my first giantess movie HISTK with me growing halfway through after the kids have been dispatched. That would be pretty awesome, but it would make the movie absolutely HUGE. And I’m not sure if the plot would be weakened by essentially having two main parts. It has the potential to be awesome, and I am looking into it, but I’m just not sure if it would do either plots the justice they deserve. I really have to think about it!

    @Oktober: Thanks for the feedback!! <3 <3 I will definitely keep that all in mind, thank you. And you're right, I've waited for to become a Giantess for SO LONG. However, people really want to see HISTK too. It's a very tough call. I honestly can't wait to do either!!

  4. Indigo

    This is going to be interesting.Well my votes have all been you becoming a mega giantess something I have been waiting for!!!

  5. Crusader

    That means I basically would have to film it within the next two months or it would have to be put off until next March / May.

    For the love of god no! I and many others have waited too long allready! You could at least film yourself in the summer and then do the fx later! whimper…. my dreams :(

  6. Oktober

    I dunno, on that schedule it does seem like you’ll feel rushed and it will in turn impact your project. Even if you shot it in two months would it end up feeling like a rushed job?

  7. Fred

    it definitely must be an unaware movie, or at least half unaware… ur last movie was evil so maybe this time u could made a gentle or just normal giantess with some unaware crush|vore or anything

    love ur work. U r doing great

  8. Wes

    I would love to see you drunk with power just growing and growing and making the world your play thing.

  9. daniel

    Writing in a serious way about a subject so exciting is going to be tricky; you don’t make it so easy to focus around here (thanks alot, Katelyn!) ;)

    First, id like to say that lately you’ve really been on your game; “antmen v soles” was a blockbuster. However the “soft” music cues (and the cat for that matter) were a little distracting but I feel like that is truly splitting hairs (which isnt as hard as you might think when you’re a few mm tall.) Absolutely terrible joke aside…

    I suppose I’m in Camp “finish your sprouts, then you can have strawberry shortcake.” Or if you prefer: “how can you have any pudding, if you dont eat your meat!” Perhaps ill explain.

    I was truly split between seeing a micro city scenario, and the full on giantess/mega/giga idea. I came down on the side of micro city for basically one reason. It seems simpler. They both could feature alot of the same POV and so on, but considering you’ve only just moved and the techniques used in making such a film are newer to you, it maybe better to practice that voodoo that you do.. do…*clears throat* on a slightly less complex work. I don’t want to be misconstrued – I have full faith in your abilities, but as you said, each project refines your technique, and a full city-scape environment has got to be difficult to begin with.

    PS. As far as POV goes… that pic that is currently your avatar (your beautiful lips above a canopy of buildings) would be amazing to see in one of your projects. Or.. ya know… all of em lol. It was my 44″ desktop for months when I first saw it *chills*. I would buy a clip made up of just that POV shot, with you talking down to the miniature city as the dominant Goddess we have cum to love in other projects.

    Anywho, now that all of that is said… its so difficult to write or think coherently when all the blood in your head needed for critical analysis has long since migrated south for warmer conditions. Regardless I’m on the edge of my seat, and as always – YOU’RE THE BEST!

  10. Tim

    You have a little civilization of micro people that keeping stumbling from an earth like planet in an alternate universe through the wormhole near the floor of your closet into one of your sexiest shoes where they’re trapped. You come by regularly to collect them and put them in the various places you have for them. Today you decide to take a bunch to your couch to play with. One game might be to leave them on the couch and hide behind it. Just when they’re climbing down to the floor to escape, spring up above them and chase them down with your tongue and however else you want to please yourself.

  11. daniel

    PSPS… Midnight Goddess was a perfect movie. If that helps clarify my position at all.

  12. Greg Viera

    Have you ever thought of doing a reenactment of “Attack of the 50ft woman” the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” parody sounds awesome. i picked my answers :) out of all of them this is the one that caught me the best: The Hot Big Sister (Crushes and Eats her brothers and their friends unaware)ohh i got one you should be Giganta <3 the DC Comics super villainess so many ideas!!!! whats your fav giantess themed movie of all time???

    oh i almost forgot you are so the perfect candidate for :Honey I Shrunk the Kids that’s one movie i would deff watch and put on my itouch <3 <3 <3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3

  13. rocky

    Would love too see a honey i shrunk the kids theme please :)

  14. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    I really enjoyed your questions & ideas. I do have some suggestions too. I totally think you should do a Honey I Shrunk the Kids theme / parody. It’d involve a guy who’s infatuated with his friend’s hot sister (you!). Turns out you’re an eccentric, but brilliant scientist, & you invented a big Shrink-Ray devise that might look like the one Rick Moranis used in the first HISTK film. Then you’d shrink the guy down very small, down to 1 inch tall, or 1/2 inch tall, or even 1/4 inch tall like the kids in the first HISTK movie.
    At first you’d dress more conservatively, attractive business suit & jacket, & later you’d dress more sexy & then nude. And you’d always wear nice jewelry, rings, have a nice manicure, etc.
    I know I’m in a minority, but I much prefer concerned, gentle, friendly & flirty Giantess themes. When the guy, or guys are shrunk, you’d pick him up in your hand, hold him in your palm, carry him close to your face, tease & flirt with him, place him on a table to study him, etc.
    However, you can still shrunk another guy, or several guys, & be more sinister with him. You’d mock & torture him, step on him, feed him to your cat, wash him down a drain, etc.
    As for the guy you like, later, you’d be completely nude as you lay in bed, & you’d let the tiny men explore your beautiful body :-) He’s crawl on your legs, body, face, lips, etc.
    Oh yes, I do like the Porn Star idea! After you shrunk the guy down small, you’d have him do things for you. If he did what he was told, you’d grant his wish to be made normal-sized temporally so he could have hot sex with you! Then you & the guy would get on the bed together & make-out passionately. And then you two would perform several different sexual positions ;-)
    I really hope you’ll consider these wild ideas 7 I can’t wait to see the results :-D
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  15. BigTj68

    Great story idea read you’ll love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dan

    Damn, looks like ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids Parody!’ is not going to happen.
    – Sorry Katelyn but I have no interest in Growth videos (cities getting destroyed (etc)
    I much prefer the shrunken aspect, i.e you remain at your normal size while the people you eat/crush have been shrunk some how or another.

    For me a Honey I Shrunk the Kids Parody! would be prefect, and I think it would suit you down to the ground as you wouldn’t have to rely on effects or indeed use a plastic toy city which gets a little old QUICK.
    – I’m sure if it happened in real life I would love to see a Giantess fuck up a city :)
    But doing it with toy cities or with a generated city just doesn’t do it for me.

    Ergo, I really do feel Honey I Shrunk the Kids Parody! is a much better path for you to take.
    – Alas others don’t think so.

  17. argonnj

    I would love something in Vore where you could see the person digesting in your stomach, hot!

  18. James ♥

    What I would really love to see in one of your future fx movies is
    -the prey is willing rather than unwilling to get eaten by you (there’re too many unwilling victims)
    -the prey is naked when he or she has shrunk
    -a couple you’ve eaten should have a sex scene in your mouth or stomach
    -the prey’s view should be first person perspective
    -I’d like to see one where it’s unaware vore where the prey sneaks into your food or drink
    -your prey begs to be eaten but you’re not sure about it and it seems it may not happen at all
    -your prey should be communicating (doesn’t have to be a squeaky voice)
    -you can hear the prey’s thoughts and it should have a dialogue
    -when the prey enters you mouth it would be nice to get different views of your mouth (like peering outside from the inside of your mouth or looking at the back of the throat)
    -sounds such as saliva working and breathing are important
    -it would be great to see the journey down the throat and into the stomach

    Those are the things that I’d love to see in your fx movies as I’m sure others would. I don’t know how small or advanced your camera equipment is but I know there is camera equipment out there that is capable of getting the shots I require. Keep up the good work Katelyn, I’ll check on your website everyday and continue to purchase more of your videos!

  19. Jaedon

    I’ll say simply to cast my vote a bit better than the polls. Really I’m not one who cares very much for the ‘why’ of why a scenario happens, only the aftermath.. I’d be more excited if the sfx would sometimes revolve around the guy in it.. A more.. prey.. point of view to the Goddess. A random lot of people getting eaten/crushed even if done brilliantly in sfx will never be better in my opinion than seeing it done to just one who is teased and talked to alot.

  20. moldy

    Hey Katelyn! So nice that you are letting us give input to you project. I would really love a Honey I Shrunk the Kids parody with you as the hot big sister! Please have lots of barefoot action in this clip! I would love super close ups of your lovely feet and super hot toes! Please have your toenails long and painted! I just love that look… so sexy! I’m not into vore, but I understand lots are, so be it. Thanks for letting us voice our opinions!

  21. Frankie Dee

    Anything but bugs. A great Fx movie would have crushing, crushing between boobs tormenting and swallowing little guys whole, open mouth shots, close ups ff tongue,uvula and throat, and multiple building crush scenes.and sensual talking.

  22. Sheela

    I voted! I also have a few ideas I’ll share with you that you just might like for the future! It sort of has the Alien theme that was mentioned, but with the gender theme as well, sort of. I’ll write out something on the idea and send it your way, I need to think on it. Just wanted to make a quick comment before I got to work so you know I read and voted! :>

  23. jonathon

    I actually had to pick other for the type of personality I prefer. While I prefer to live through the experience with a giantess and maybe even get to enjoy myself I’m not a fan of a passive giantess either. I believe I could term them as two types.

    Benevolent difficult: Effectively a giantess who while not murderous likes to give others a bit of a hard time. This is the type of person who while normal sized would play the devil’s advocate roll and argue a point in part just to frustrate you. A tease who will prop her feet up on your coffee table just to make you ask her to take them off. Perhaps she was a young sister who learned that if she annoys people she gets their attention.

    The Vigilante: A giantess who has everyone’s best interest at heart however they’re some things she believes need changed and done. Now that she’s a giantess and has the power to make those changes or believes she does she intends to do so regardless of what others may think about these changes. A rather head strong woman who while she was human would have practically dragged you out of your home if she believed what she was doing was good for you while she’s probably be tossed out of town meetings for her outspoken nature.

  24. The-New-Dal...

    For me my favourite part of the fantasy will always be to either be shrunk down to 2 inch’s tall and be captured by a Giantess, or to crash land on a planet full of giant women Land of the Giants style.

    In the last year or so however I have started to the like the idea of an Alien Giantess coming to Earth to capture tiny humans. So a Honey I Shrunk the Kids or Alien Giantess scenario would get my vote.

  25. Chris

    Ok personally I think you should do the HISTK movie reason being it’s summer so you can get the outside shots you need. Also the shrinking videos are a genre your used to/more familiar with. Not to say your rusty or your skills have weakened but it would be a good video to get you back into the full swing of things. The giantess video can be filmed at almost any point of the year. This is just my opinion its one of many. I’m rooting for the HISTK movie first then make the giantess video your epic Epicness video of the year! Whatever you choose I’m just excited to see FX back on the site. :)

  26. Dan

    I would also like to put another vote in for Detailed vore.

    I love vore, and it’s always nice when you have more detailed journey of the tiny descending into your stomach where he/she will never return from. Where you show more of the digestion in your stomach (internal views and such) – Person fighting / pleading to be let free :)

    Willing vore is quite kool, but it would be good if you mixed that up with unwilling – i.e person says he wants to be swallowed alive but trys to change his mind – obviously you have none of it, and it turns from willing to unwilling fast heh :D

  27. El Portero

    Vore, vore, and more vore! With the ability to do FX, what I’m really hoping for is the internal tour of your belly I’ve always wanted. :)

  28. Rob

    I like the idea of a Superheroine gone bad. First off, you can go through the emotions of said SuperGal realizing she prefers death, destruction, etc. and her sexual awakening in this regard. Plus, and this is really cool, The costume WILL ROCK!!!

  29. Dan


    Vore, Vore, Lipstick lips, Vore, bare bikini bellies, Digestion oh and more Vore! :D

  30. Lexy

    It’s odd that the comments are almost all for HISTK, yet the votes don’t match it?
    But my opinion is doing that. People have been waiting years upon years for someone like you who is capable of actually doing it well to do a video of it. And given it’s Summer, you would be able to do it with the outside shots. We don’t really want to wait a year from now still.

    As for the Mom/Sister poll, I would prefer the Mom seeing as that’s what everyone wishes it was.
    What you COULD do though is this: Do TWO films. One as the Mom and one as the Sister. AND still be able to do a Giantess film during the same time period.
    You could film for both, but seeing as the HISTK Sister version was all done inside, you could film that in the Winter after the Giantess film and the HISTK Mom version.

    Get what I’m trying to say?

  31. Dan

    Speaking of Mom’s – I would love to see a short GTS segment where Katelyn’s Mom swallows Katelyn – ether acidentally or on purpose.

    It will never happen I’m sure, but I think it would be Uber hot with FX and internal shots :)

  32. Sixinchestall

    I am not bothered by the scenario, can you please just do some insertion FX as a cruel horny giantess in whatever project you decide to go ahead with? Really wanna see you selfishly use little people for your own pleasure. Well done on the move, glad you feel happier where you are now. Thanks for your constant and continued efforts.

  33. Wes

    I would love seeing yiou as a live action Giganta, like someone mentioned earlier. Maybe you could do a origin of Giganta type video?

  34. MarkM

    I donno it’s a hard choice’s for me too. Mostly I like ones like MidNight Goddess or Spellbook and stuff like that but I wish the victims could be just a pinch bigger.

    Wasn’t there something like exotic something or other you were thinking of? Remember the one you have planed for those Black Cherry Red shoes! I like that one! Or honey I shrunk the kids one.

    I’m not to particular though I love anything with Consumption and barefeet crushing!!!

    Rats I have to go to work…………. will think and see if I have anymore ideas later.

    With Love! <3

  35. bobbob

    I choose a different answer for the Honey I Shrunk the Kids scenario.

    I think you should play the sexy girl next door, who eats a few shrunken people unaware, but figures it out towards the end. :-P

  36. Shrink ray

    I would prefer HISTK, but whatever you do please do a scene where you’re wearing some tan pantyhose and there are shrinkees(tinies)at your feet. Maybe you could use a shrinking/enlarging machine and test it
    out on your boyfriend by shrinking him and later while testing it the other way something goes wrong and you’re accidentally exposed to it and you start growing to Giganta size, just an idea so you could incorporate the pantyhose into it somehow. Thanx for giving us a chance to put our 2 cents worth in.

  37. Shawn

    Katelyn, I think your sexiest video was the live goldfish vore. I’d love to see more of you doing that, especially in skimpy outfits. That is sexier than pretend people or bugs, because it’s easier for us to identify with the lucky or unlucky goldfish.

  38. Bill Thumb

    p.s. Katelyn, in addition to my last message, it would be great if your F/X films, including the Honey I Shrunk The Kids themed parody, had more hand-held scenes of you holding the shrunken man (facing the camera & profile shots!), close-ups & low angles of your beautiful face, shrunken man standing on your table with your face looking at him, shrunken man standing on your shoulder, & shrunken man walking along your sleeping gorgeous face to name a few :-) I don’t think any of the HISTK films or tv show episodes had many scenes like this! Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  39. Crusader

    @bill thumb thier is a reason for that, HISTK is a purely UNAWHERE seniario! Hand-held would make more sense in a aware seniario not realated to histk.

    Ps go with the big sister unawhere idea, its MUCH better than the girl next door idea.

  40. NJ-Mikael

    Whist destroying, playing with the city… The doorways in one unlucky building of inhabitants become jammed from the earthquakes your footsteps and nearby destruction has caused… their only option is to head for the roof.

    You find them, they see your body from pussy up. You lower your face and realize they have nowhere to go. As they run to the fire exit they arrived from, you crush it with your finger. Any who jump, you catch… you bring your face dangerously close to them. They are terrified as you sit there breathing on them, knocking them over with your breath alone.

    They are fucked… and oh yeah, you’re hungry. You take it from there :p

  41. shrunk0nfoot

    I’m all about the HISTK unaware big sis scenario!! I love POV shots, especially foot shots. Would love it if you could do POV’s of being shrunk inside a pair of socks, or a pair of smelly shoes.. You are an amazing Goddess for making all these great videos, I can’t thank you enough for making my fantasies come to life!! Would love to be your shrunken foot slave, be an honor to lick your toes clean, to eat your toejam =) mmmm

  42. TBG

    Growth, Growth, and more Growth!!! Instantly becoming Giga sized is good for you, but the viewers need to see how you get there! ;)

  43. lexy

    Agreed. There can’t be handheld shots in an unaware. It would be contradicting.
    And why would shrunken kids/relatives/friends run into a sock or shoe? I don’t think that’s logical.
    I know everyone’s got their own things they like, but you gotta think a little bit too.


  44. Bill Thumb

    To Katelyn Brooks, I forgot to mention. If you do a Honey I Shrunk The Kids themed parody, you don’t have to follow the films scenes exactly. You can interact with the shrunken man or men, hold him in your hand, etc. And you can still have some unaware scenes. In fact, at the end of the first HISTK film the mom Diane talks to the tiny kids & picks them up in a spoon.

  45. bman

    i was thinking it would be a cool idea if u did a giantess vs army video u could attack a base or u could do scenario where u found a army in the field for whatever reason and destroy it. srry if im posting a little late

  46. Crusader

    Me and Lexy are on the same page here. The point of a HISTK pardoy is to do things just like the movie, only the kids get crushed and eaten. The only differnce I don’t care if its mom or big sister, just as long as its one of those two.

    Sorry bill but your ideas belong in a differnt film in the futrue

  47. lexy

    Bill Thumb. You keep mixing up HISTK with your own fantasies. HISTK is an UNAWARE scenario. And in a completely UNAWARE scenario, you can’t have handhelds nor aware moments or portions. That contradicts unaware and destroys the purpose that we’re looking at.

    Now if you wanted something like you keep saying, that would be a totally different thing going on, NOT HISTK. The aware you speak of is in the last 5minutes of the movie when they “miraculously” and suddenly were noticed/found. That wouldn’t happen here.

    As for Katelyn…You’ll do a great job with either Mom or Sister so whatever you do will be amazing. Like I suggested, you could always do a Mom version while you can get the outside shots and then do a Sister version in the Winter seeing as that entire film took place inside.

    Hope we get a result soon :)

  48. roytoytbs

    Gorgeous Katelyn,
    Just remain Your Beautiful Self and let Your victims be shrunken people.
    Love and Constant Devotion.

  49. James

    I’m probably in the minority here (and indeed I find it interesting that this is the case) but I’ve always preferred the Gentle Giantess stuff, because face it – having a gentle giantess for a girlfriend or wife to do stuff with would rule. Of course I suppose it’s more difficult to show this in Giga situations because sooner or later the girl’s gonna step on a poor tiny by mistake, even if she doesn’t mean to.

    In any case I’ve voted for a HISTK paraody because I do enjoy unaware because of the voyeur aspect and people getting ingested. And I’d agree with a previous poster that when you do it you should have two videos – one for mother and the other for sister, because it’s nice to have the option. Even so I know you’re interested in trying out FX stuff so I wish you luck in that endevour.

    Down the line as a possible situation though – how about a pov video where you have a tiny boyfriend or husband and he has the ability to survive nearly any situation, including being ingested and the like. It would be fun to show a possible day in your lives and maybe some internal exploration via FX of both the stomach and maybe even the vagina? As a gentle/playful giantess fan this kind of situation would please me no end over destruction and killing kind of stuff. Thanks for listening in any case! :)

  50. Unknown

    Here’s my response to how I think your movie could be the best of the best giantess cinimatic movies of all times.

    For the type of FX film this should be, I think it should be about you rampaging through the city as a giantess. Because you don’t normally see any good giantess in the city media alot. This could be a good thing for you. It would also be nice if you tried to tackle something else.

    Now for growth. In my opinion, I think it would be best if you were to grow and grow and grow. I’m not saying to revolve the entire movie around growth, but put it in. As in you can start by growing to a mini giantes height, say 50 ft as an example, and then rampage at that size for a while and interact with whatever you can at that size. Then you can have a growth spurt where you grow even larger and do the same thing; Interact with watever you can at that size and take advantage of it until you get another growth spurt. The audience would love to see you rampage through anything at multiple sizes, each larger than the last. Imagine, you can start by being able to stomb a singe person, to being as tall as buildings and crushing a large crowd of people, to skyscarpers being used as sex toys, to entire city blocks being crushed in a single step, to the whole city being shoved up your pussy or completley compresed into nothing just with one step, to crushing the entire world in between your cleaveage and so on.

    Finally, the personality. I think you as the giantess can have a multitude of personalities. The giantess could be playful, destrucive, power obsessed and has a love of crushing things with any and every part of her body and enjoys having a sexual interaction with anything she can get her hands on. While at the same time she could remember about about a boyfriend who once broke with her and suddenly become angry. Or in the process of destroying the city, the army comes and tries to kill the giantess. This could enrage her and cause her to became angry and mad. Overall, the giantess can have more than one type of personality through out the movie.

    Extra note: If you think it would be interesting, who not add more than one giantess if you feel like it. Have some of the other girls on this site join in if you feel like it.

    I hope I’ve helped you think of a great idea that can be used in your movie. If you want any more ideas from me or liked any of my ideas I’d be grateful if you emailed me back to let me know.

  51. boo

    My vote – all of them! It is never to many of FX movies :D

  52. Dan

    Regarding one of the above replies:

    “And why would shrunken kids/relatives/friends run into a sock or shoe? I don’t think that’s logical.
    I know everyone’s got their own things they like, but you gotta think a little bit too.”

    I don’t believe the scenario of a tiny person running (hiding) in a shoe / sock or stocking is completely outside of realms of posibilty.

    That is to say at that size they could well wonder into a pair of shoes, thinking it to be safe at the time. At there size it’s not just Giantesses you have to worry about – Pets, Bugs (like in the initial movie) – So it’s getting late, you have just been shrunk and your looking for somewhere to sleep.

    In the dark (the smell notwithstanding) a shoe could seem like a good idea at the time. Socks / Stockings are a bit of s stretch, but again it is not totally ridiculous to imagine they might seek sanctuary in a pair of socks.

    Katelyn should play the mom though – I just think it would be hotter that the mom is crushing / eating her kids and not knowing about it :)
    – Jade would also be a kool addition. Maybe she could play the sister that way you could have the best of two worlds.

    Two Giantesses (sexy ones at that) each with there own roll.

    Jade could come home and have her iPod playing and while making a smoothie or sandwich she walks around the kitchen in a pair of flip-flops, unknowingly taking out some of the tinies :) before leaving (It would be kool to have even a short scene I think with another model)

    For me I would love an in-stocking sequence where one / two tinies do decide to sleep in one of Katelyns stockings – monring comes and before they know it there bed is being lifted high into the air – they scream and shout but she cannot hear them – slowly she rolls on her first stocking, then the second containing the tinies.

    It would then cut to a POV (Like in the antmen) where it shows from almost a ‘underglass’ perspective of the poor tines getting compressed and squished as katelyn lowers her stocking clad foot to the ground before cutting back to a normal shot as she puts on her shoes and leaves – or goes into the kitchen *cough* Serial Bowl scene *cough*


  53. j.s

    i am sad to see that the growt sceen might be shorter then i expected it to
    you can do so mutch with them. its soo erotic to see awomen grow witout any controll of it. seeing citys get destroid by all diffrent bodyparts

    after the growth i only recuest good skyscraper models and alot of boob action

    you have done alot for oss and i am really thankfull

    f**in english so hard to do the spelling :P

  54. and

    In my opinion, I think you should do a micro city movie for two reasons. First, from what I have seen I don’t think this scenario has ever been done before and it sounds like it would be a pretty interesting thing to see. Secondly, I believe with your skills and abilities in special FX you could definitely pull this off and do an outstanding job. If you decide to do this one a “Dominating! She craves nothing but power, destruction, and worship. (Midnight Goddess)” or “Cold, unemotional. Does it because she can.” personality would be nice to go with it. Anyway, whatever you choose to do in the end will turn out great regardless. :)

  55. johnn

    I agree with “and”… As first video probably is better a micro city (also
    I voted for the real Mega!!) because is really more easy and you are now expert with a micro set..
    However I hope to see a lot of destruction!! The size is very important, the city must be very small, with your breat you must be able to destroy some building!!
    For the personality the best is start with “Sweet and Innocent…” with a lot of unaware destruction.. and after it, when the army try to kill you start to be Dominating… :-| AMAZING!

  56. nboud223

    To Katelyn,

    As much as I’ve waited for your “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” parody, I think you should do the Giantess movie first. You’ve done only shrinking films so far, so its definately time for a growth/giantess film. In it I believe you should just act like you would if YOU were turned into a giantess. No lengthy backstory about the character, You’ve turned into a giantess and everyone knows havoc and destruction will soon ensue…well, for them anyway.

    As for the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” parody,…
    I agree with “Dan” that you should have both a mother and sister character in the movie(s) (The multiple giantess scenario should definately start to come up more in FX films). What would be great is to have alternating scenes with the mother and sister, and then have them both do something together with the tiny kids stuck in the middle.
    That being said I would like to know what personalities you were planning to give the mother and sister? I doubt you’d give us that poll if you didn’t already have an idea how they would act.

    Well anyways i can’t wait for the next movie its gonna be awesome! :3

    P.S. I have an outdoor scene inmind for the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” parody, which I would e-mail you later

  57. Steve

    I like the idea of a HISTK parody because of the shrinking device, I’m into process stuff mostly and I crave scenarios where they get their hands on a machine that changes the balance of power. It would be awesome to see you zap some guys and chase them down one by one, teasing and dominating them as they gradually dwindle away to bug size. It would be even cooler to see some of them dwindling ultra small or completely out of sight, maybe as they run across your gorgeous body trying to get your attention (if they shrank themselves by accident), or as a deliberate punishment for attempting escape. And if you grew yourself halfway through the film, your sexy feet would stretch on for miles to the tinies. Your growing toes could crush the remaining survivors without you having to move a single inch. Yum!

  58. JJ

    PLEASE….larger victums, more begging to live, louder cries, louder crunching, and blood squirting from under your POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL feet! Nothing is sexier than you having a 3 or 4 inch guy under your foot with the chest and head poking out crying for mercy and you pressing slowly until he explodes…

  59. me

    I love slow sexual growth and/or a homely boardline ugly (think librarian with hair tied back and glasses) who slow turns into a vixen (hair down, glasses off, sexy clothing) and grows and interacts with her surroundings (men or women!) I like mini-giantesses who grow from 5′ to 6′ to 7′ and have lots of size comparisons and interactions. You can grow to whatever size you want later but, per your poll, growth and size interactions matter most to me (e.g. women is shorter than the man, makes our or gets around and becomes even height and grows past and continues to interact with her new height). This can easily be done with camera angles and boxes to start.

    Thanks for even asking for fan feedback! Looking forward to the end result(s)!

  60. Corsair

    Finally the dream is coming true! Katelyn + Giantess + City + SFX = Dream movie!

    Personally, I’d like to see a giantess at mega size (between 3,000 and 10,000 feet) over a city with a lot of destruction involved. An encounter with the army would be awesome too, stomping little tanks, catching or swallowing little planes, something in those lines. :)

  61. Greg Viera

    great ideas here
    no matter what video she does it will all end the same hehe her being an all powerful Giantess Goddess <3 <3<3<3<3<3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 <3<3<3 <3 <3 <3

  62. uvwxyz

    I think you should do a mega giantess city destruction video, lots of destruction effects. I like my giantesses between 600 and 1800 feet tall and prefer fully clothed myself, especially if it includes boots worn over tight pants and gloves. The giantess could be an alien with a superiority complex or a normal girl grown huge and seeing what fun it is to have so much power or even a superheroine gone bad. It would great to have lots of boot and gloved hand crush of the city, lots of careless destruction as you stroll, boots stepping on low rises and other things on the ground, gloved hands casually pushing aside skyscrapers and I would love to see none of the city left standing, the goddess only satisfied with total destruction as she stands content over the ruins. As with all these types of posts it is really a list of personal preferences but it would be wonderful if you took some of these things on board……..

  63. Kidz

    HISTK all the way! Shrunk to the size of Meeting Unaware. That’s the perfect size to be seen still but always unnoticed and can’t be heard.

    No, Mom! Don’t eat me! ;)

  64. ThatOneGuy12

    Katelyn, I think it’s about time you made that city rampage vid you have always fantasized about ;) Nothing against the folks who want an HISK type of video; but I think we have already seen elements of that theme with “A Business meeting unaware.”

    Now, if you do plan on making a giantess in the city type of video, might I suggest a micro city. It might be easier on the FX portion (the backdrop can be a couch instead of a busting street/sky for example). I really hope you can make the city as detailed as possible. Realistic noises are also a great addition (cars honking/crowds screaming).

    Please make the people a tad smaller than the ants in the “Under soles” vid. But not too small like the people in Midnight Goddess. I think it’s fair to say that the majority of folks like awareness :)

    Let there be terror. No “getting revenge on ex” theme; I want to see a Goddess that takes no prisoners and deeply enjoys the wonderful crunching noises when tiny people get stepped on/eaten. Would also like to see some scenes where you torture some hapless victims before ending their puny lives (pinning a dude with your foot who tripped and tease him a little before pressing down/playing with your food). And gore! I hope you don’t shy away from it ;)

    Oh, and one last thing, this has to be done NAKED. Your body should never be clothed as you cause chaos.

    Best of Luck Katelyn!

  65. handsome gamer

    Hi KB, for me it was a toss up between “Cold, unemotional. Does it because she can” AND “Sweet and Innocent… so innocent she doesn’t even realize the horrors she’s causing!” So I choice “Sweet and Innocent… so innocent she doesn’t even realize the horrors she’s causing!”

    KB at some point will you say all the stuff you’d voted for?

  66. Paddy-joe

    hi I would love to see you do what ever turns you on the most ! If you like it go for it. But one thing I would like you to do is shrink a city down and use your feet spit hands and VORE;) to kill the people of. and all so put it in your shoe and go runing or somthing.

    hope you have fun with what ever you do

  67. Crusader

    When you do histk you should use this lip coler in the cereal part!

    It would just be so awsome to see your tiny son or brother heading right for those lovely lips and gettin gobbled up!

  68. Microbe

    I would really like to see an Innerspace parody. With you unaware of the tiny man inside your body. He travels to various places inside your body in his quest to escape – in the end gets stuck in your stomach and has to follow the digestive sytem to the very end to get out. But his meddling causes trouble for you, like causes aches, pains, indigestion, gas etc. Maybe have it where you start off unaware, but then he gets to your head/brain/ear at some point and lets you know he’s stuck. You try to help him.

    I think if you do Honey, I Shrunk the Kids parody it would be good if it was very light-hearted. Like in the scene where you eat the kid, he’s alive in your belly and you find out when you find the other kids that he’s in your tummy.

  69. Newschool2626

    My favorite type of giantess has always been one who’s mean, but not evil. She’s more of a tease who’s having fun with all of her tinies and does not realize how cruel she’s actually being. She just finds it funny and entertaining, but she doesn’t understand that the tinies don’t get the joke of how humorous it is to her. They don’t see how it’s funny that now she could easily slip one of them inside her pussy, which really turns her on, or how a tiny guy can fit between the cheeks of her butt, which she knows is somewhere the tiny person doesn’t want to be, but can’t help but do it given how funny it is that a person can now fit in her butt crack.

  70. Drako

    Well Ive always been a fan of the beach scene and islands ect, Honestly Ive always wanted to see a monstergirl attack the island city, but that would require makeup and props, though a reptilian body panted Katelyn would be pretty impressive with tale, I dont think the giantess community is quite ready for that, and of course OF COURSE you need to try doing a gullivers parody spoof, I mean like thats the most iconic one to parody, but what I really wish youd do is a introduction to giantess video guide, saying hot tos and what to dos of being a giantess and options, possible things you can do and such, because its been hard describing to others what they can do when showing things they could do would be great, and as the the whole video things, well, you could hold a script contest? maybe say what props would be accessible and hold a contest to select the best well written giantess script, then film and such, but another video idea is try a idol shoot, you know how japanese idols pose and smile and giggle and walk around, just try that in a tiny city, with lots of angles, some lip puckering sad faces, laying out running fingers , playing with the cars, ect, another cool thing, would be a Christmas special XD giantess Katelyn at candy land, ginger bread houses marshmallow mountains ect, hmm though Ive got more ideas on giantess merchandise :\ Ive always wanted to talk about those merchandise ideas, since your in such a good place now, maybe you could try thinking outside the box, theres more then just pics comics and videos, well anyway, hope Ive helped a little, lemme know if anything interested ya O.o good luck with all this ^^

  71. Maddening

    My thought is that pretty much any mega scenario is a good one… if it helps, I thought that Midnight Goddess is the best that I’ve seen you do – that with a mega scale is great, with the slight exception that the giantess know full well that the bugs are people who just have no ability to stop her – so they are just there at her pleasure to do with as she wants – and they need to be punished for attacking her or daring to do things that she has instructed them not to do. The idea of her getting down on her knees and interacting as you did with the couple under the table was ridiculously hot. Just thinking about you lording your power over a city and effortlessly crushing houses or neighborhoods is worth the price of admission alone. You wrote a blog where you described a giantess who saw the world as her plaything and there’s nothing wrong in my opinion with that formula.
    My last pitch is that we’ve SEEN shrink, and we’ve seen you get better and better with shrink until you are, in my opinion, the best out there doing this in terms of effects, attitude, and just overall – I say do giantess and do what you do. That should be enough.

  72. Dan

    I would have loved to have seen Daisy in one of your FX clips – I think a duo of you and Daisy would have been amazing. She is a queen of vore and I can see her now swallowing helpless tinys enjoying their tiny screams as they are forced into her stomach never to be seen again. Maybe you feeding them to her, holding them over her mouth and letting go :)

    It’s why I think 2-girl FX should be explored – while I guess Daisy is now out due to distance, Jade could work well.

    As I have already replied to some of your scenario’s, I would like to see a normal GTS vid, fully aware, where you and Jade swallow and crush tiny men and women.

    I would love you to shoot something where you play the roll of a Women who swallowed your Boyfriend who created a special potion to shrink himself and fulfill his desire of being swallowed alive.

    Only the plan was for you to bring him back up after a minute or so, only you enjoyed having him inside you and the power that you didn’t fulfill your part of the bargin, instead you leave him in your stomach to be digested :)

    You then meet Jade who is your friend and you confess what you have done, noting you feel terrible for what you did (a confession if you will), and explain the sensation was amazing and you got lost in the moment.
    – This would feature a flash back, with you swallowing your boyfriend alive. Shot with internals of him pleading for you to bring him back up, and fighting inside your deadly stomach.

    Jade however loves what you have done (much to your surprise) and instead of telling you did something wrong she notes that she has always wanted to swallow someone and it has been a fantasy of hers for a very long time.

    You then note that there is plenty of potion left and that she should try it for herself.

    Next you then decide to hit a bar or something to that effect and rope in a potential victim ( I love this aspect of GTS ). You find a guy and slip the potion in his drink while he is not looking and the moment he shrinks, Jade picks him up and drops him inside her panties and they return home.

    Once back Jade recovers him and puts him on the table where stood only a inch of so tall, your giant sexy faces in front of him – grinning like the cat that caught the mouse, you tell him what you have planned.

    He begs / pleads with you but you ignore him, instead Jade picks him up and holds him over your wide open mouth and lets go from a hight, dropping him onto your tongue. You play with him in your mouth, sucking and licking him, fighting the urge not to swallow.
    Suddenly you kiss Jade and while in this sensual embrace the tiny man is transfered into Jades mouth, she opens her eyes in shock and steps back, opening her mouth (camera would be inside looking out at you as you look on and wave goodbye cruelly as the tiny man screams.

    It then cuts back to a close up of Jades mouth as she plays with him on her tongue then suddenly closes her mouth sealing off the desperate cries of the tiny inside. Closing her eyes she waits a moment and then swallows before opening her mouth to revel her empty mouth.
    Jade traces the mans journey into her stomach.

    Naturally what would contain some nice ‘vore dialogue and description of his decent (“Your going to be digested inside me” – You have no hope of survival (etc))

    Afterward they both relax on Katelyns bed, maybe continue to make out as Jades captive fights for his life inside her.

    Internal shot of the man frantically pounding away at her stomach walls, being tossed and churned up – begging to be let free – while the voice of Jade can be heard echoey as she notes “I can feel him fighting” – “You can’t escape”
    “Byee little man” – as he is finally to exhausted and slowly starts to succumb to her deadly acids.

    Just an idea, but I would love to see something along those lines – Vore gone wrong and Vore pleasure of consumption where a victim is found and unwilling sent into a stomach never to be seen again all for the pleasure of a Women :)


  73. Crusader

    Allmost forgot, when you do shrinking vids, could leave the tiny peoples voices alone, you know like midnight goddes, and not that awful chipmunk effect in unawhere wife.Just normal voices please. (alltho the giant voice effect on yourself is good.)

  74. chibikun

    I would love to see a honey i shrunk the kids parody featuring you katelyn! i believe you could really do it justice! I hope you’ll do it next if it doesn’t win the vote! =]

  75. dre

    I will be brief. Katelyn I would love to see a giantess FX about a guy with a fetish for giant woman and a giantess who has a thing for tiny guys. These two meet and things just get hotter and hotter from there. He uses his entire body to make love to her feet, which makes her wetter and wetter. As he is makeing love to her feet she is fingering her pussy. she brings him up to explore her( your) amazing body and set him on her chest. they masterbate together and he explodes all over her chest. The giantess, who is not gental nor evil, ask her little lover what is his ultamate fantasy. He tells her that he want to be step on while he jacks off looking up at a beautiful giant woman. He tells her he wants to be cumming while the sole of her foot slowly come down on to him. he tells the giantess that he only has a day to live and this was the last thing he ever wanted to do before he died. The giantess becomes overcome with emotion, and feels honored to grant his last wish. She tells the tiny man that she will give him a show that he will carry with hi onto the next life, and promises him that his final resting place will be in her foot print.

    The tiny man instantly gets a enormous hard on. The giantess set him on the ground. He lays down on his back, stairing up at the giantess. She begins to tease him with her foot as he jacks off. She plays with her pussy, and tells him how good he is gooing to feel under the sole of her foot. She tells him how she can’t waite to feel his hot jizz, and his warm goo on the soles of her foot as she presses down on him. This goes on for a few minutes, then the tiny man can no longer stand it. He yells to the giantess that he he is cumming and she slowly decends her foot down on top of him. She feels his cum oon the sole of her foot, and feels his body shake from a violent orgasum that stops his heart. but before he dies he see the sole of the giantess foot come completely down on him.

    The giantess feels the tiny man’s body shake and squirm form the masssive orgasum, which makes her finger her self harder. she doesn’t realize that she is pressing harder and harder down on the tiny man, until his body pops under her wieght, which send a wave of excitemnet through out her body and she cums hard. As she cumd she twist and grinds her foot onto of her lover adding more pressure. After her orgasum she raises her foot and see that her tiney lover is no more and part of him has stuck to the sole of her foot. As she promised she peels him off her foot and place him into the center of her foot print. she covers him with some dirt and pack the mond down with her foot.

    she walks away content and happy knowing that she help her tiny lover fufill his dieing wish…. fade to black.

    Apologise for any mis- spelling I wrote this of the top of my head.

  76. Handsome Gamer

    Hi KB, for me it was a toss up between “Cold, unemotional. Does it
    because she can” AND “Sweet and Innocent… so innocent she doesn’t
    even realize the horrors she’s causing!” So I choice “Sweet and
    Innocent… so innocent she doesn’t even realize the horrors she’s

    KB at some point will you say all the stuff you’d voted for?

  77. Vord

    I’ve been waiting years for a ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ parody. There’s just a lot of elements in the film that I really love about it and would hope that someone could focus more on the extent like, nearly micro-shrinking, the voyeur, the unaware mom/sister, the unintentional shoe crushing, etc. Plus, I would love to see how you would tackle on your interpretation of it.

    Hope you consider doing it, best of luck on your choice.

  78. Ahabisalive

    Katelyn, for the love of god do a giga movie! You’d be the first producer to do one and coming from you it would be epicly hot!

  79. mise032

    dear katelyn, It seems everyone has an opinion, but the poll results are clear-normal girl.I agree with some people who say the city thing is never believable,and mega or even giga offer little interaction between the tinies and our queen.The normal girl works because she didn’t manipulate the scenario so she’s asmuch a victim as her victims.If the prince fell in love with Gullivera and then his fiancee saw her as a threat.In George Shrinks a normal girl is friends with a small boy but what if he met a girl his own size and she became jealous of all the attention he’s giving her. In both cases the giantess feels threatened but she’s not because she’s a giantess.I hope this helps,good luck in your future and thanks for being a great queen

  80. brett

    I think you should do an anal insertion scene and more butt crush scenes…

  81. Azmaria

    Well i know it may not be your style anymore but have you ever thought about doing another sw/giantess movie or even something completely not in your style like a giantess being dominated by a single tiny because of some reason but the giantess gets freed by a diffrent tiny also being abused by this single tiny because of some reason. Something like a timid giantess story that a giantess is afraid of something smaller then her despite her size except for later in the story. Also something maybe a War story where giantess fight a war against tiny people but they have size also much bigger weapons. There is a lot of classic stories and movies you could redo giantess or not in the original story or movie. There is Village of the Giants. Attack of 50ft woman, Attack of 60ft centerfold, or you can do a fairy tail of some sort for example like Little Red Riding hood but instead of wolf have a big bad giantess or something with a giantess and tinies. You might even try your hand at a CG Animated Giantess Movie with your voice for characters plus a few others.

  82. Bill Thumb

    To Ms. Katelyn Brooks,
    I have some more HISTK type ideas. Since your film might be more of an unaware theme, I have some suggestions. First, while you’re wearing an attractive & professional business suit, with suit-jacket, you could test your Shrink-Ray devise on one or two guys. But even though you shrunk them, & restored them to normal size successfully, you advise them not to touch the devise.
    But after these guys are accidently shruck down to 1/4 inches tall by a Shrink-Ray devise(or you intentionally shrunk them!), they try to get your attention so you’ll restore them to normal size. The tiny man or men will try to call out to you, as you walk by them in your black high-heels, or boots.
    One or two of the shrumken men could try climbing up your leg, but you thinking it’s some bug, you wipe him off. Another time, the shrunken men would try to get your attention would be when you’re typing on your computer keyboard. They’d walk on the keyboard, but your typing fingers would knock them away! Still another cool shot would be if a tiny man walked by your huge & nicely manicured thumb-nail in close-up.
    Then while you’re sleeping, & maybe undressed ;-), a 1/4 inch man would try to walk along your legs, then gorgeous body, chest, clevage, & along your face & lips to try to wake you, with little success.
    But later, a tiny man would climb up onto your shoulder & call out to your ear. You’d then finally notice the tiny man & figure out what happened. You’d pick him up in your hand, carry him around in your palm, hold him close to your beautiful face & talk to him about restoring him to normal size.
    Some of the men might choose to stay tiny, so you’d take care of them. While the one that’s returned to normal-size would have a romance with you & you’d reward this guy by having passionate sex with him!
    In regards to 1 or 2 posters on this blog who didn’t agree with my ideas, or didn’t understand them, I’ll just say that maybe they should’ve read my previous posts more carefully. I never said that my suggestions didn’t have unaware themes. I just wrote some scenes that I’d like to see more of, like hand-held scenes & close-ups of your face from the shrunken man’s p-o-v. And you could do these scenes after you finally discover the 1/4 inch men who have been trying to get your attention. By the way, there were scenes like this at the end of first HISTK film & the tv show too.
    I know you’ll do an awesome job on this HISTK theme & I can’t wait to see what you do with it!
    And Katelyn, I’m a tremendous fan of yours & I hope you’ll consider my wild ideas :-)
    Sincerely, Bill Thumb

  83. Bill Thumb

    p.s. As for the shrunken man voices, I hope we’ll get to hear them in your film, just like we did in the original HISTK movie. And I’m sold on the idea that you should play a hot older sister of one of the shrunken guy’s friends!

  84. Crusader

    “sigh” bill… thats your own fantsy. I have nothing agianst it, im open person, and this forum is for your own suggestins. So your give them, but DON”T call it HISTK when it has NOTHING TO DO WITH HISTK!

  85. Bill Thumb

    Crusader, obiously you haven’t been reading or paying attention to my posts here. I already wrote about Katelyn doing unaware scenes somewhat like the HISTK films & tv shows, especially in my most recent post. And I wrote about her doing some aware scenes that could’ve or should’ve been in the HISTK films & tv show. FYI, I’ve seen the HISTK movies & show many times, so if you still want to debate the issue, I strongly recommend you watch all the films & shows first.

  86. kyle

    any of those movies sound like they could have a lot of potential. though i am more partial to shrink. I would just love to see an aware scene involving a relationship where the giantess should care about her meal, but instead decides she’d rather enjoy eating them. Like the sister thing, or perhaps a girlfriend or wife, or even a best friend. Sorry if this has been brought up already, but over 80 comments is a lot to read through.

  87. Bill Thumb

    Kaytelyn, I forgot another suggestion for your HISTK themed film. It would be great if you had some shrunken man scenes in your new backyard, like the tiny men trying to get your attention while you’re laying in the sun or standing on the deck. These tiny men could walk along the huge blades of grass, along your deck, garden, etc. One tiny man could almost get eaten by a bug, spider, cat, etc.!

  88. Skecher

    Katelyn, you can’t forget the memorable scene from Honey We Shrunk Ourselves where the wives almost squish the tiny shrunken husbands.

    You HAVE to parody this scene only where it ends up with the husbands being squished!

  89. Mike

    Yea, a HISTK theme would be the best. The kids are all the size of teensy ants. Theunaware theme would be the best. And you should wear a nice sexy outfit and pumps as you stomp around them :)

  90. Mikey

    i think u should do HISTK because their is alot u could like u could eat sum of the kids some senes u could step on them or if one of the kids fall on a chiar u could u could sit on and have a shot of them get squish underneath your ass if u do some of these idea try wear a nice shirt and some jeans with flip flops or a skirt

  91. Danny

    I think u should do giantess because mostly all your videos are tiny bug u eat and step on but u should be bigger like u could eat people step on people crush buliding underneath your sexy feet sit on people attack and alot more u could do if u do it u could be 150 feet tall to 10000 feet tall u will run the world so i think u should do giantess check out this video this is some girl name tara who is giantess this is the kind of thing u should do in this video check it out.

  92. Justin

    I would love to see you finally grow and grow. I have always thought it would be hot with a Mother/Big Sister growing giantess scenario.

  93. Anonymous MP

    I’ve grown to like “In a drawer” cities. I know you’ve mentioned wanting to do a mega giantess fx film and this is something that everyone will like. This would be step towards that direction, as it would be isolated to your room or house, whatever. No need for the sky or landscape, except for the make-up of the city. And then your left with the primary focus, a take on of the city, from the big girl and the citizens’ points of view. If you’d like story ideas, I’d be happy to lend a hand with some original work (Not yet created but could be).

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