You are Going to Feel SO Good…

You are Going to Feel SO Good…

First I would like to thank everyone who left a comment on my last Journal Entry. I appreciate it so much- I think I have the best little pets in the entire universe! Your kind and motivating comments warmed this Giantess’s heart. =) <3 I just recently replied to them on the comment page so check it out!

Well, something very sexy arrived at my place a few days ago. With it comes some very sexy news too! For those bugs out there who are just dying to be crushed slowly under my soft sexy feet you will absolutely love this journal entry! ^_^

Although this might sound a little strange, one of the reasons I moved back to Pennsylvania was actually for the bugs!

Simply put, Florida made bug crushing miserable. It was always hot (which made the bug guts smell really bad! Not to mention I could rarely ever open a window) and what seemed like the majority of bugs outside either stung or were poisonous, or both. Although crushing a black widow was fun, they’re not the kind of creature I’d like to take my chances with everyday. And fire ants pretty much prevented me from crushing barefoot outside which was just no fun at all! So basically while I was living down south I pretty much gave up bug crushing. =( You’ll notice there’s been quite the lack of bug crushing videos around on my site because of it.

Pennsylvania on the other hand has more average temperatures which makes crushing bugs much more pleasurable. There’s also tons and tons of sexy harmless bugs outside which are ripe for the squishing! ^_^ Growing up in the area also helps, as many of these bugs are already familiar with my feet- as I am with them.

So with the move back to PA, I decided I’d get back into Bug Crushing- full force!
And that’s what prompted my most recent purchase, which arrived today….

A brand new top for my coffee table!

My old coffee table top was nice, but it had a more-than-average tint to it, not to mention how thin it was. I didn’t always feel safe on it either and after a few math calculations I found that it was in my best interest not to be on it. So this time around I did my research and picked out a safe, beautiful tabletop to celebrate a renewed era of Bug Crushing. ^.^

Bug Crushing has always been one of my strongest fetishes and probably my first true sexual outlet for the giantess fetish. I missed it like crazy when I was down in Florida and so it feels great to be back. Prepare to see a ton of Bug Crushing videos from me. How my feet have missed the lives of tiny bugs… <3

It’s so very good to be back. ^^


The Shrunken Perspective

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  1. pantsonastick

  2. itsjustmejb

    Bravo! An unforgettable valentine’s fantasy! i just purchased and thoroughly enjoyed – ‘Perfect Valentines_pussy; _butt crush’. Once again You are amazing. As far as “running out of boyfriends”, i would surely sacrifice myself to become one of Your bf, even if it’s to suffer the same fate.. or should i say ‘especially’ if it’s to suffer the same fate!

  3. anonymous

    Dear Katelyn,

    First of all, congratulations on the move. I’m glad it went well.

    I have visited your site numerous times. I love the idea of you crushing something beneath your foot. I have a challenge for you. I’m not convinced that you could crush me under your foot !! I’m also not convinced that you could swallow me whole. I guess that’s something that you’d have to prove. I’m a tough nut to crack and would put up a great fight. Let me know what you think…. If you don’t reply to this, then I guess victory is mine !!

    I live in Ohio, just a few giant steps away, so bring it !! ;)

    A worthy adversary

  4. anonymous

    hi katelyn great to hear about the bug crushing, i usually check your site regually to see whats been updated bug crushing wise.

    great to hear about the new table, hope you don’t make ‘TOO’ much underglass though ;) sometimes its good to see it from floor view as you can really see the action head on that way.

    hope some crickets are in store too, what i would really love to see are so crickets all in a pile (stunned but alive) and your foot posing over them and just step down on them floorview with the camera (kinda like the squishvixens stuff on niche)

    that would be fantastic, anyway take care ttyl.

  5. anonymous

    I applaud your bravery and determination to pursue your dreams. I had been worried when your delicious new journal stopped being updated. I was purely delighted to see you explode back onto the scene last week. I was stunned to realise that I had +missed+ you.

    VERY happy to hear you will be strolling about in ant & cricket country, and to think, with spring just around the next bend too.

    O la la!

    My best thoughts and hopes for you.


  6. anonymous

    Hi Goddess Katelyn,
    I’m so happy that you will star in more bug crush videos. Lucky bugs. I wish I could be a bug on your new table top. That would definitely be my fantasy. It’s nice to know that you as a beautiful lady has this fetish. I love it…LOL.If I were a bug how would you crush me? Very slow or hard and with toenails polished maybe.What colour? Glad to hear your move to Pennsylvania went well. lol. I hope you polish your beautiful toenails red for some bug squishing and maybe wear toerings. I like to see you squish very slowly on your sexy tiptoes…mmmmm. Please wear shorts as well to show off those magnificent legs that are joined onto those gorgeous,soft,tender,silky feet. I like to see crunchy bugs under your sweet toes. I hope my thoughts leave you with some suggestions for your new videos. You know me, A tiny always under your sweet,sexy toes and soft feet and always kissing them. Hugs. Rod

  7. anonymous

    Name: XCV 6

    Have you ever dated a midget in real life?

  8. anonymous

    I think you’re sexy as hell. I really like the fact that you kill you’re own bugs and don’t “panic” when you have a daddy long leg crawl over ya (welcome back I’m sure you are familier with those). Black widows are never fun, I met one when it just about fell on my head. I used to live in Klantucky and I do not miss the South one bit. I had numerous run in’s with water moc’s and was even stalked by a mountaim lion whilst fishing in the backcountry. Everyone has their thing but alot of what you do is not mine. I like the giantess genre and you make a HECK of a gorgeous one. I refuse to pay forty some odd dollars for a cheap ass racer X video but would love to see what you have in store for us.

  9. anonymous

    Dear Giantess, where at in PA do you live now? You don’t have to tell me specifically but what general area as I got to school in the mid-western part of the state and was wondering how close you were and if that is the top of your head I see right now! Thanks!

  10. jaedon1

    Just to quickly say I loved the valentines swallowed alive, your beautiful outfit was only surpassed by your sexy mouth, hope you do some more vorish things soon because I can barely stand the wait. Also.. I requested a custom vid back in early January and haven’t heard back from you, suppose you’re just flooded with requests though huh? Anyhow, keep on doing what you do, glad you’re nicely settled in now. =)

  11. Giantess Ka...

    @itsjustmejb: So glad you enjoyed! The pussy pleasure video was one of my favorite’s too o^_^o By the way, I like your bear picture! ~_^

    @A worthy adversary: Oh I know I could. And if you resisted being eaten, I’d break your puny little body first and then swallow you whole. You don’t stand a chance little one. NONE of you do. *evil grin*

    @squishhh: Will be doing both views as I enjoy that most myself too. I’ll also be doing lots of creative never-before-seen under glass stuff too. I have a ton of sexy ideas just waiting to burst onto the camera. I think you will like.

    @Snap: Thanks! I missed my tiny worshipers too. <3 I cannot WAIT until spring. There will be so many fun bugs to squish outside!

    @Rod: For my first bug crush video I’m pretty sure I’ll have red toenails. Just to let you know ~_^

    @Anonymous: Daddy long legs would always lose a few legs before they lost their lives under my soft foot- all the way back into my pre-teens. It’s good to have them around again. Florida’s bug population just wasn’t nice. As for the Giantess Genre, wait and see… <3

    @Pennsylvania: I live in the Harrisburg area, where I grew up. It probably is the top of my head you’re seeing now!

    @Valentines: Aww, thanks! My next special effects video (after the 8th and final secret Valentine’s day video is released) will be a very VERY sexy vore video. I’ll start releasing screen shots here and there within the next couple weeks. ^_^ Stay tuned!

    Love you mortals,
    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  12. anonymous

    When I am not at school I am actually close to Harrisburg! I would love it if you sat down and landed on my hometown then!

  13. anonymous

    Hi Goddess,
    So when can us tinies expect a sexy bug crushing video from you with your toes polished red and wearing toerings maybe??? Keep up the fantastic work on your website. From Rod who you changed into a bug and slowly will soon crush with your beautiful soft sexy feet and red polished toes.

  14. pantsonastick

    Okay Katelyn I don’t know why I don’t see your foot planted in the middle of Tokyo.

  15. Giantess Ka...

    I’m getting there, I’m getting there… it’s slow going when the ocean comes up to your waist! ~_^ <3 Not to mention I get distracted with every large cargo ship that comes by. >=)

  16. anonymous

    forgive the skepticism here katelyn, i mean i love the idea of a girl sharing this fetish with us, but moving houses just to squish bugs is a little far-fetched to me.

    in the porn industry you do get girls faking that they are into something when they are really not, it would be ashame if thats true here :( but another side says to me why would you go through all this trouble with a website spending time on journals and storys if you never and a ‘crush/ginatess’ fetish.

    regardless, i do love your work and sorry for saying the above but you know had to say it :'(

  17. anonymous

    What a load of shit, next time you get a thought like that stick out your tongue and bite down really hard so none of us has to hear your garbage. I think Katelyn has long since proven her fetish is legit with her contributions to the community and she sure as hell hasn’t spent her entire time money grabbing so just back off. It said right in her post that she moved to aid her mom and it was the best decision for her at the time. People like this asshole piss me off, sorry to spam your journal Katelyn.

    Anyway I’m looking forward to your work, ideas explode into mind at the mention of your new glass table lol. >:} Takes care and remember you have to pass through the west coast on your way to Tokyo ;p.

    Kiss from below,


  18. anonymous

    calm down man, i think you need some anger management issues or something :S

    i appoligied to katelyn twice if i was wrong, there’s no harm in what i asked, i’m always been a big believer if you wanna know something ask.

    maybe you should try it sometime, only from your head and not your balls.

  19. pantsonastick

    You could always give swimming a shot. Besides nothing would surprise some folks out for a nice swim than a giant woman ascending from beneath them with a wide open mouth. Just try not to drink the salt water k?

  20. pantsonastick

    Suggestion. Argue elsewhere.

  21. anonymous

    Actually, you DIDN’T have to say it. Ever considered that?

  22. anonymous

    It won’t be the same anymore in Florida now….knowing that you use to cause so much destruction here. Every time I see a giant water fountain or a large building, I’ll know that you won’t be there to crush it down to nothing, pleasuring yourself at the same time. Oh well! Life goes on! Can’t wait to see the new bug crush videos. My favorite one was when you were exercising and crushing the snails at the same time. That was beautiful!

  23. anonymous

    best. news. ever. hopefully you took all your sneakers back with you too ;)

  24. anonymous

    Now there’s an image for an old mega fan like me lol :)
    What do you call a large cargo ship? The ones that look one inch long or two inches long?


  25. Giantess Ka...

    @pantsonastick and @XS: Swimming works, only it tends to create Tsunamis! I wouldn’t want the cities already destroyed before I got there o^^o

    As for what those cargo ships are called… I like to call them “Minows” and pretend I’m the giant female whale that swallows them all up… <3

    @Envelope: Hey, skepticism is good! Not offended at all. There are a lot of girls out there who aren’t genuine and I’d say 99% of the models hired for these fetishes don’t seem to actually have the fetish at all- which is a HUGE turn off for me. It can become really tiring and unattractive as they think they can just “put on a pretty face” and mess around with a doll or get grossed out by what they are doing and it not matter. That’s why I like girls like Heather Eve. You can tell deep down they really love the stuff! (Just look in their eyes ~_^) On top of that she is soooo fun to do stuff with because of her fetishes. ^^ Skepticism is healthy because it keeps your eyes open and your heart (and wallet!) from getting messed with.

    Now to address your concerns- no, I didn’t just move so that I could crush bugs! (Although that would be pretty cool having the freedom to do that!) I actually moved due to many reasons, all of which you’ll find in my -previous- journal entry. In the above journal entry I just mentioned that one of the reasons that I moved back to PA was because the bugs around here are more familiar to me as well as sexually pleasing. (Not to mention the nicer bug-crushing weather!) Therefore allowing me to get back into bug crushing, not just for my site- but for myself as well. This also opens the door to a few odd fetishes that I haven’t really talked about on my website which I now have the freedom to explore.

    Was this my main reason? No, not at all. I moved to become closer to friends, family, to help my mom, and so that I could pursue my website full time, just to name a few. Bug crushing was just one of the -many- things that sprung to mind when I asked myself “Am I happy living in Florida?” “No, because the mean bugs and weather down here keep me from going outside!”

    @Trek: Thanks for sticking up for me my little pet! And thanks for sticking out there one of the reasons I moved. I like it when my little warriors go to war for their Goddess. It’s so cute! I sometimes feel like I have an entire army at my soft feet to do with as I please. As for the glass table, just you wait to see what I come up with. There’s going to be some mind (and body!) blowing videos with it that I haven’t seen done before. I think you’ll really enjoy <3 I'll be sure to take out most of the west coast too. <3

    @The rest of the argument: Alright just stop it before I get out a can of Raid and put on my heavy shoes. :P Actually, one of the reasons I leave my comment system open (and don’t screen / preselect the comments) is to allow these debates to happen, such as above. I don’t mind answering the harder questions (including skepticism- as I’ve got nothing to hide) or discussing the more intense stuff. Coming to my journal is always a surprise! The only stuff I won’t tolerate is spam and advertising which thankfully I haven’t had any of yet. If you guys want to hold a debate on my journal you’re more than welcome to- just try to keep it civil. Think more of it like a forum rather than a comment system.

    @Not the same: Awww! I know, that water fountain was so fucking hot! Every time I passed it I wanted to rub my clit all over it while the little boats circled around under me. And the skyscrapers were so much fun! I spent a good chunk of my job daydreaming about all the possibilities…

    I’ll be making a sequel to that exercising snail video by the way. :) Same sneakers too! I looove those sneakers so much. They are easily my favorite pair to go running in.

    @Anonymous: Hehe! You bet I did. I took them all up on eighteen wheelers. ~_^

    That’s it for now. New Entry soon!

    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  26. anonymous

    hey katelyn, thanks for clearing that up, i just “hmm” and had to ask.

    anyway thanks for the reply and being so understanding, as said i never ment any offence in what i said so i’m glad at least 1 person (and the most important) never over over-reacted.

    anyway looking forward to your next recording, i’m sure the bugs arn’t though, lol take care.

  27. anonymous

    *spelling correction* missed the word ‘thought’ before the “hmm” part.

  28. anonymous

    I am so glad to hear about your bug crushing coming back. The underglass is awesome. I can’t wait! Please include other forms of crushing, like squishing them between your fingers in front of your face. Or, whatever else you can think of ;).
    You are truly a goddess.

  29. anonymous

    Ms. Katelyn,

    I have a confession to make. Worthy Adversary and Bri, yeah the same person. I’m both. I just had to see how you’d react when I challenged you. So about this battle between you and me, let’s just say I’d like to do it on my turf seeing as how you could get here faster and have a distinct height advantage ! If you won, you could do to me whatever you wanted. The only thing I ask is please don’t crush my house ! ( I’m sure you probably will though !)

    I have another question. You stated back to me that everyone’s fates belong to you and that certain groups, etc you’d play with first… Does that mean your fans ( like me ) here on the site would be at the top of your list of playtoys before meeting their fate ? I hope so. That’d be sweeeeet ! Like I said I am feisty, and it would be more fun if I posted a challenge. ( or at least a struggle )

    One more thing, I have a gift I’d like to send to you if you’ll accept it. Its from the heart. I wanted to get into your good graces before you ( attempt to) devour me… :p

    Bri ( worthy adversary )

  30. anonymous

    I would like to ask you if you ever crushed aphids?

    For all those who never heard of aphids, they are those tiny green things who sit all day sucking juice out of roses. So they are basically tiny drops of rose juice, but they are alive and so fragile you could squish them as easy as nothing, which this is all about :)

    You’d need a good macro lens to capture their tiny struggles between your fingers, or my favorite: sprinkled into your cleavage.

    You could even live out some eating fantasies as well, seeing as they are so clean and natural little living things. Squish them between your beautiful lips maybe? Lick them off your boobs? I’d love to see all of that :)

    Hoping to see new creative things from you soon.

  31. anonymous

    That’s a crush aspect I had never thought about either. What do you think, Katelyn?

    Aphids secrete a sweet honeydew that ants love, BTW.

  32. Giantess Ka...

    @Jon: Me either! ^.^ It will feel SO good to have pathetic little crickets under my heels again. And snails will feel killer too! I’ll be doing lots of interesting crushes, just you wait and see my little bug.

    @Bri: Yep, my fans would be at the top of my list of playtoys. Normal people would probably be swallowed up or crushed relatively quick during my lust- they don’t understand what I’m doing for them and they serve only to be bursts of tiny pleasure. But since all of you have worshiped me as a true Goddess… I would play with you and draw out your lives a little longer. Even if only for a few extra seconds to allow you to get off under my foot before I crush you into a bloody mess. Others would be my pets, slaves, and sex toys. Of course, some of you would still be luckier than others. Some might meet their fate without me even knowing! <3

    @Rose Bug: I’ve crushed a few before- but it was a while ago. Every now and then I’ll remember to keep my eyes open for them on leaves, but sadly it’s always a rare chance that I actually find them. They definitely are very sexy bugs to play with though (Right up there with ants and crickets in my top favorites)- even if they don’t last long at their tiny size… as they pretty much disintegrate under my huge finger tips!

    @seconded: I agree with you both, it would be so hot! I would really enjoy making a video like that. Once spring rolls around I’ll go aphid hunting. Hopefully you’ll see a few aphid videos from me. I just have to find them… (always the tricky part!)

    Have a great day bugs! New Journal Entry soon!
    ~Goddess Katelyn <3

  33. anonymous

    What city in Florida were you? =)

  34. aborigen77

    Not such a strange fetish, in the grand scheme of things. I’d love to see a goddess systematically crush bugs in front of me, but there’s no one around here like that. I’m glad you’re so lucid and explicit in your description.

  35. anonymous

    Where is that exercise video sequel? I can hardly wait!

  36. anonymous

    I always feel conflict, if i were a bug, I would get squish by you sooner or later. However, I also want to serve you, or being as your pet is good enough for me.
    Should I be bug or your pet?


    [email protected]

  37. the_informer4

    I feel the same way you do about Squishing bugs with your bare feet. I always have. For a long time I thought no women felt the same, that all the GTS actresses were just in it for money, not enjoyment. Reading your blog has given me hope that there’s a woman out there somewhere who will get as much out of being barefoot and Squishing ants as I do. Thanks Katelyn.
    *looks up to see a massive, gorgeous bare sole coming down*

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