The coolest and biggest tributes:

Servitude, a dubstep tribute song from Ema Skye 2014

♥ Monthly care packages from roytoytbs containing chocolates, magazines, and trinkets from the UK! He also completely funded one of my Invisalign treatments and all oral hygiene products and even got a tattoo of my name! 2010 - 2014

♥ A new editing build from Mark who sent parts for it over time to completion, editing monitor, sent me coffee maker appliances and goods, years supplies of vitamins, countless other gifts, was the most active mod and then admin at GB 2011 - 2018

♥ Cards, gift cards and wish list gifts every Valentine's Day, Birthday, and Christmas for many years from Billy

♥ Generous tips from Smith both in amount and quantity as well as highly paid/tipped roleplay and customs from 2021 and going (Over $3K)

♥ A full year of pedicures covering all of 2022 + occasional foot care products and footwear from my wish list over the years from Huff who loves to pamper my amazing feet

Ways you can tribute me:

♥ Send me a gift from My Amazon Wish List

♥ Show off your creativity by creating an amazing piece of artwork! I love realistic collages, well written stories, flattering drawings, realistic animations and CG renders. There's a lot of source material available here - if you scroll through you will come across thousands of photos/poses in all kinds of outfits and nude! Send your finished piece to [email protected] to show me your worship! I will also happily consider adding it to my site so that more fans have the opportunity to worship me through your tribute of artwork - how cool is that?!

♥ Tip through my Clips4Ssale store by clicking the top right "Tribute" button

♥ Tip through my IWC store by clicking "Tribute me"

♥ Look for a new "Selfless Tribute" opportunity to pop up at My Store in June, a wonderful way to tribute during my birthday month

Ways you can support me:

♥ Purchase videos here at GK which features all of my content and I get the highest percentage. All new videos (excluding VR) plus those going several years back include streaming. Purchases include forever downloads for as long as the video remains active at the store.

♥ Purchase videos at My C4S Store. Includes the vast majority of my content. I keep it up to date alongside my own store here at GK and it is my third party fetish clip site of choice. I have been with them since I started in 2006 and they are the best fetish clip site out there for fetish clip producers of all kinds!

♥ Get a personal item package or autographed photos for yourself

♥ Order a custom video if customs are open

♥ Write reviews to your favorite clips at My Store

♥ Post thoughtful comments to any of My Blog Posts (if you've never commented before then I may need to approve it next time I log in)

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