It’s deeply emotionally and sexually fulfilling that so many of you are eager to serve me. It’s like having thousands of shrunken slaves all around and on my glistening, silky soft skin and body, each at the mercy of my pleasure and joy. And after I’m done, even more come running to serve my growing desires. Of course, being the Giantess and Goddess I am, I’d expect nothing less.

I’ve received and continue to receive a Goddess sized amount of love, all in your own personally unique ways. Amazon Wish List gifts, stories, collages, heartfelt emails, drawings, surprise gifts to my PO Box, baked goods, magazines, monetary tributes, chocolates, sexy shoes, stuffed animals, a computer, HD video camera, professional light set, dental slaves, foot slaves, financial slaves, and the list goes on.

If you’re wondering how you can join in on the fun of serving and pleasing me, check out the list below and let your imagination run wild with it! And include your email with your gift so I can send you a personal thank-you! ;)


[email protected]

What I like: well done collages and well written stories, constructive criticism, creative ideas, giantess fetish news and media, birthday and holiday greetings.

Mailing Address

Katelyn Brooks
8512 122nd Ave NE #150
Kirkland, WA 98033

What I like: VS thongs, pedicures and meals (send cash), size 7 shoes, Fred Meyer gift card, realistic miniature props, white stuffed animals, flowers and cash.

Amazon Wish List

Mom Shrinks Son to Teach Him a Lesson || 360 VR ||