Wine and Dessert

By Anonymous — Featuring: Shrunken, Vore

Katelyn, beautiful Katelyn, dropped him with a plop into her wineglass.

She had brought him home for dinner, but until this moment, she had simply placed him on her table, and allowed him to watch her eat. Not that he particularly minded. He was still uncertain what his ultimate fate would be, and the thrill of anxiety excited him. He had watched her eat – watched her lift that delicious looking pasta from her plate, up to those lovely, luscious, lovable lips. As his gaze followed her food from her plate to her lips, his eyes travelled over her body, her tummy, her well-rounded breasts, her neck… Katelyn had thrust the fork into her mouth, loaded with pasta, and withdrew it empty. She chewed, and the movement of her jaw fascinated him. Chew, chew, chew, the inside of her mouth invisible behind those beautiful lips. He shivered a little, as he could not help but wonder what it would be like inside her mouth. Katelyn swallowed, and he smiled a little nervously. She seemed to be ignoring him, as though she had forgotten about him -the tiny little man sitting near her plate- completely. As though he were of no importance to her. Or perhaps she was teasing him… Making him watch her eat, without telling him whether she would let him go free at the end of her meal, or whether he would end the evening in her stomach with the rest of her dinner.

And so he watched her food vanish into her amazing mouth, forkful after forkful, until her plate was empty. He had sat there, on her table, a little breathless with the excitement of it, tantalised at the idea that he, too, might soon experience Katelyn’s wonderful mouth – if this beautiful goddess allowed him that great honour. Sitting there, ignored, he had been granted the privilege of being a spectator of her meal, awed simply to be in her presence. He had gazed longingly at her lovely face, her dark eyes sparkling now and then as the light caught them, but again and again his gaze had been drawn to her mouth. He sighed, trying to control the longing, the sexual urge within him at the sight of such beauty, the thought of such possibilities. He had felt increasingly nervous as he saw her food disappear into her mouth… worried that she would no longer be hungry after her main course, and that there would be no place for him within her.

She had finished her dinner, licking her lips in a stunningly sensuous way, and then at last she had seemed to remember him. His heart beat faster as she looked down at him, and he tried to decipher, in her gorgeous dark eyes, what she might be thinking. He had got to his feet, trembling for a moment with anxious excitement, wondering whether she could see, from the hard bulge between his legs, the effect she was already having on him.

It was then that she had picked him up, casually, and dropped him in her wine.

He landed in the sweet, sticky liquid with a splash, and sank into it. He kicked out, swimming back up to the surface, and gasped, catching his breath. He wiped the wine from his eyes, with his hands themselves sticky with wine, and looked up, searching for Katelyn. He heard her laugh, a breathtakingly sexy, mischievous laugh. The sort of laugh which suggested he was, utterly and completely, her plaything. And that she was now ready to start enjoying him.

The world around him jolted as Katelyn lifted up her glass, and small waves of wine washed over his face. She twirled the glass around a little, and the resulting whirlpool effect sucked at him, threatening to pull him back down under the surface – and drown him. A flicker of fear gripped him, as he struggled against the current, swimming in her glass. Surely she would not let him drown… Would she? What would be the point of that? He had hoped for so much more. He had barely even glimpsed the inside of her mouth yet. And now it seemed as if she were trying to drown him, denying him the ecstatic joys of her mouth! It seemed too cruel.

But Katelyn, of course, was a goddess. She could do to him whatever she wished.

The swirling stopped, gradually. Katelyn held the glass still at last. A little dizzy, tiny Adrien swam to its side, and tried to reach up to its edge. It was, of course, too far, too high above him, and the inside surface of the glass was far too smooth for him to establish a hold on it. He was helpless.

“Now what am I going to do with you?” Katelyn asked thoughtfully, playfully. It sounded as if she was asking herself rather than asking him. Nonetheless, he decided to be bold.

“You could eat me,” he suggested, his heart hammering in his chest at the very thought. Katelyn lifted her glass closer to her face -to her mouth- and looked down at him curiously.

“You’d really like me to eat you?”

“Katelyn, my goddess, there’s nothing I would desire more,” he confessed breathlessly, gazing up into those mesmerising eyes of hers. Katelyn smiled – a mysterious, almost wicked smile which revealed a hint of her perfect white teeth. He gulped, still gazing up at her; he felt overcome with desire, but Katelyn’s intentions were still unknown to him. She could do anything to him still. She could even pour him down the sink and wash him away if she decided she was bored with him. His fate was up to her.

He was well and truly helpless, a plaything to her own desires. It was a frightening but wonderful feeling.

“Maybe I don’t want to eat you,” she said at last. “Maybe I’m already full. And what makes you think you’re worthy of entering the body of a goddess?”

He stared up at her, dismayed. He could not tell whether she was being serious, or whether she was simply playing with him still. Despair threatened him. He felt he had come so close to fulfilling his wildest desire… but it was still out of reach. Katelyn put the wineglass down, its contents sloshing and washing over him. He struggled once more not to be pulled below the surface.

“Don’t you want to find out whether I’m tasty?” he asked anxiously.

Katelyn shrugged. “You’re so tiny. I’m not sure you’d have much taste at all.”

His dream seemed to be receding further and further away. Maybe she really was being serious. Maybe she never would grant him the supreme honour of passing between her lips and into the heaven that was her mouth. Adrien thought quickly, trying to remain calm.

“You could taste me if you kept me in your mouth long enough,” he suggested after a moment. “If you really took the time to savour me.”

Katelyn gave a faint hint of a smile.
“Perhaps if I crushed you between my lovely, pearly white teeth…”

Adrien swallowed nervously, and hesitated.
“That… I’d rather you swallowed me alive,” he admitted boldly. Katelyn glared down at him sternly.

“You don’t get to decide, little man. I decide your fate. If your fate is to be crushed into a gooey, tasty mush in my mouth, then that’s what will happen to you. Understood?”

“Yes, my goddess,” he whispered.

“Good. Maybe I can do something with you after all.” And then, before Adrien could react, Katelyn lifted her glass up to her lips, and drank.

The effect of motion on the wine in the glass was like a tidal wave, submerging him. He was pulled down, dragged under by the swirling wine, smashed against the smooth, hard side of the glass’ interior… then carried by a wave of wine as the glass was tilted and its contents poured down into Katelyn’s waiting mouth. Her warm breath rushed up at him as he slid down into her mouth, overwhelming as it mingled with the warmth and scent of the wine. The wine carrying him down in a rush, towards her pink, fantastic lips… Yes!! he thought, fear and joy filling him together, anxiety and intense, overpowering excitement. His wildest dream was about to become reality. Katelyn’s lips curled slightly into a smile as he slid between them, his body brushing ever so briefly over her soft, sensuous lower lip. He entered her mouth with a splash of gushing wine, and gasped.

Immediately, he looked around, trying to take in every detail of her mouth before he was swallowed. The wine splashed against her lovely white teeth on either side of him. Her teeth loomed all round him, neat, clean, hard teeth that could chomp him into pulp at this goddess’ whim. Here and there, pieces of her meal, some of them as big as he was, were still stuck between her teeth. His back landed on her tongue, as wine poured past him and on towards the back of her mouth. Then it stopped, and surged back as she sloshed it in her mouth; like a giant wave, it rose from the back of her mouth and crashed down over him, pulling him with it… where to? Struggling against the current of wine mixed with Katelyn’s saliva, he gasped, his arms flailing as his hands sought for some sort of safe handhold.

Perfect. Her mouth was perfect. Her warm breath enveloped him, invitingly, almost as though he were already a part of her body. The pink flesh of her gums was hard, but her tongue was soft, moist… yet powerful, tossing him around helplessly like a tiny, insignificant morsel of food. His erection was hard with intense pleasure and desire, straining against his pants and trousers. As the wine in her mouth submerged him, threatening to drown him within this palace of sexual bliss, he caught a glimpse of the back of her mouth. A pink cavern, leading down to the long tunnel of her oesophagus. Despite the darkness within her mouth, he could see her uvula, dangling there. His erection hardened further, and he let out a moan mingled with a gasp of excitement and pleasure.

Without warning, Katelyn’s tongue slammed him aside, towards her teeth. Helpless, he tumbled onto the hard, jagged surface at the top of one of her right molars. Pain hit his back, shoulders and limbs as his tiny body impacted against the hard surface of her tooth. A wave of wine washed over him, splattering into his eyes, causing him to blink and splutter. It took him a moment to catch his breath, and when he did he saw her upper molars hanging ominously above him. His eyes widened in shock.

She’s going to chew me!

“No, Katelyn, don’t!” he cried out. “Don’t chew me!”

Could she hear him? He had no idea. Was this the fate she had chosen for him, to be crushed and chewed between her teeth, ground into a tasty pulp that she could savour, and then swallowed with the liquid mix of her wine and her saliva? If so, then his last moment had come.

“Goddess, please d-” He was interrupted as the tip of her tongue turned and nudged him with all its strength, her powerful tongue knocking his tiny body off her tooth, and into the space between her right molars and the inside of her cheek. Then he heard a loud gulp echoing inside her mouth, followed by a second, smaller one. But she had not swallowed him. He gasped with relief. She had not crushed him. He was still in her mouth. She had simply swallowed her wine, pushing him aside so that he wouldn’t be swallowed with it.

Her mouth opened, light entering the darkness. He glimpsed the outside world once more, and was given a better view as her tongue came searching for him, and nudged him out from behind her teeth – as if she were dislodging a small piece of food that had caught there. He tumbled onto her tongue, and sat up. As the light from outside entered through her parted lips, he was able to see her mouth in all its glorious, spectacular detail. Her marvelled at it, looking round in awe. He gasped with pleasure, and his hand went instinctively to his trousers, fumbling to free his erection from its tight constraints. Before he could do so, however, Katelyn stuck out her tongue, and out he came with it. She plucked him off her outstretched tongue, and held him up between two fingers. She was smiling. He smiled back at her, his heart pumping, almost breathless with excitement.

“You weren’t too bad,” she commented casually. Slowly, meaningfully, she licked her lovely lips, her tongue coating her lips with a sheen of moist, glistening saliva. “Did you like that?”

“Oh yes, goddess, thank you!” he said breathlessly.

“Good. Take off your clothes.”

Barely believing his good luck, Adrien did so, clumsy in his excitement. He kicked off his shoes, and they tumbled down onto the floor far below. He fumbled with his trousers, loosening them, and pushing them carefully past his increasingly throbbing erection. Once he had done so, Katelyn brought him closer to her mouth, and extended the tip of her tongue towards him with a mischievous smile. With her tongue, she pushed his trousers skilfully all the way down, and they too fell, landing on the table. Katelyn lifted him a little higher, and titled her head back slightly. With a grin, showing off her perfect teeth, she lowered him into her mouth, slowly. Adrien shivered with pleasure as he felt her beautiful, powerful, moist lips close around his legs, and begin to suck him in. His erection was rock hard as it pressed against her upper lip, going in; the pressure of her lip against it made it pulsate, and he groaned with almost irresistible pleasure now. Katelyn lowered him in further, all the way, her tongue wrapping round him, playing with his little body, exploring him and his taste. Her strong tongue had him utterly under her control. With a simple flick of it and a gulp, she could choose to swallow him, and that would be the end of him. Instead, for now, she slid her tongue over his erection, around his whole body, covering him fully in her warm, sticky saliva. He gasped, breathing fast, and heard Katelyn moan; her moan echoed around him within her mouth.

She pulled him out part-way with her fingers, and pushed him back in between her tight, moist lips with the push of one finger and the pull of her tongue. Her lips caught hold of him and pushed him out, then sucked him back in again. Slippery, covered and drenched with her saliva, he slid powerlessly back into her mouth. She pushed him back out, and sucked him back in again. Out, then back in. And out, and back in. By now the pleasure he was feeling was so great that he could hardly control himself, and he felt Katelyn moan once more as she sloshed him towards the back of her mouth with her tongue – towards her oesophagus. She nudged him back, and back further, playfully, until he was teetering on the edge and could go no further without vanishing into the depths of her body and digestive system. She could suck him in and out of her mouth as many times as she chose to, but if she decided to swallow him, that would be it. There would be no bringing him back. With the movements of her tongue, she guided him back to the front of her mouth… and spat him out.

Was she going to let him fall all the way down onto the table, to his death? No. He tumbled helplessly onto the palm of her hand. He stood up, dripping with her saliva.

“You’re all sticky,” she remarked. She seemed pleased, though. He smiled; if he could please his goddess in any way, then he felt happy.

“What now?” he asked, wiping some of her saliva off his face.

“Take your top off too. Everything.”

He did so. Katelyn held him up on the palm of her hand, looking at him, apparently trying to decide what to do with him. He gazed back hopefully into this beautiful goddess’ face. Finally, she sighed, the warm breath of her sigh enveloping him.

“There are so many things I could do to you,” she said. “I could play with you all night…” Adrien held his breath, barely daring to hope. All night? Did that mean…? Wild fantasies entered his mind, and he shivered once more. “But,” Katelyn added, and Adrien’s heart sank, “it’s time for dessert, and I’m still hungry.” She put him down carefully on her now empty plate. “Stay there,” she told him sternly. “Don’t move. I’ll be right back.” She stood, and picked up his strewn clothes. “I’ll just get rid of these,” she added, her stern tone giving way to a more playful one. “You won’t be needing them again…” With that, she walked away from the table. Adrien watched her leave, admiring the sway of her perfect bottom, and sighed wistfully. He had to admit to himself, he would have liked her to use him more, and perhaps in more… intimate ways. But it seemed that was not what his goddess had in mind for him. She was not going to allow him to explore her in that way.

He glanced down at his still stiff erection. It was a shame, but at least she had granted him the amazing privilege of being inside her mouth. A grin lit up his face once more, and was still there when Katelyn returned, carrying a small plate. She put it down on the table, and sat down once more. Curious, Adrien looked at what was on it. A slice of apple pie.

“Dessert,” Katelyn said, and gave a predatory smile.

“What would you like me to do, my goddess?” he asked her expectantly. Instead of replying with words, she picked him up between her thumb and forefinger, and placed him down on top of the pie.

“Guess,” she said, and grinned, licking her lips quickly, her beautiful dark eyes sparkling. “You can be the cherry on my cake.”

“Anything you desire, goddess,” Adrien agreed breathlessly. Not that he had a choice, of course, but this was exactly what he desired, too.

“Sit down,” Katelyn ordered him. As he did so, she broke a piece off her pie with her fork, and lifted it to her mouth. Adrien watched, fascinated, as the food passed her lips and disappeared forever into her mouth. He caressed his own erection slowly as he watched her chew, and swallow.

“Are you enjoying this, little man?” Katelyn asked, and ate another forkful. And then another, chewing it slowly before she swallowed, glancing down at him now and then as she did so. Little by little, the slice of pie was getting smaller, vanishing away. Katelyn brought her fork down with a jab, right beside him, almost skewering him, and lifted another piece of her dessert away. He watched her jaw work, mesmerised, and watched her swallow. There was a faint smile on her lips as she brought her fork down once more, cutting loose the section of pie he was sitting on. She lifted it up with her fork, with Adrien still on top of it.

As she carried him towards her mouth, he was able to gaze one last time at his goddess’ body. Her tummy -from the outside- and her beautiful, beautiful breasts… then he looked up, in time to see her face coming closer and closer, her wonderful mouth wide open. Adrien took a deep breath. This is it… Katelyn was hardly even looking at him. He wondered whether she would say something… but no. Obviously he was just a morsel of her food now, about to be eaten. For perhaps the first time, he felt a twinge of hesitation. If she ate him, it would be the end of him. He would cease to exist, as such. She would digest him, absorb him, and continue her life, but his would be over. Was this really what he wanted? Part of him desired it more than almost anything in the world, but part of him was no longer so sure.

“Uhm, Katelyn…” he began.

Katelyn thrust her fork and food into her mouth, withdrawing the empty fork, and chewed. Her saliva began to gush over the piece of apple pie and the tiny human in her mouth. Her powerful tongue pressed her food up against her hard palate, and Adrien was only just able to dodge in time to avoid being crushed. Soaked with Katelyn’s saliva and sticky apple sauce, he looked around wildly. Her mouth was closed; there was no way out except down. He sighed. The decision had been made for him. Katelyn had decided his fate. He was being eaten alive by the most beautiful goddess imaginable.

Katelyn’s tongue shifted part of her food between her teeth, and chewed. Adrien was able to avoid them, and fell onto her tongue. The surface of his body pressed against her taste buds. He wondered whether she could even taste him, as he was so tiny; he would never know… All around him, her teeth chewed steadily, grinding her apple pie into gooey mush which she would be able to swallow and digest. Adrien tried to hold on to her tongue with his tiny hands, and gazed at the back of her mouth. Beautiful… he thought. It was beautiful. He began to relax a little, although his heart was still pounding hard within his chest. He turned his head, and looked towards the front of her mouth now. An idea came to him. He smiled. If he could just reach it…

Katelyn’s tongue shifted as she chewed more of the food in her mouth, and Adrien was sent tumbling up against the gums close to her incisors. He grinned. Standing up in the pool of her saliva, he put his hands on either side of one of her incisors, and lifted himself up towards her lips. There was no way he could get out, and he knew it. But that was not what he was trying to do. He hauled himself up higher, until he had reached the level of her lips. Then, leaning forward perilously over her incisors, knowing that she could chomp him in half simply by clenching her jaw, he kissed Katelyn’s lips passionately from the inside of her mouth.

Had she felt it? He had no idea, and, again, he would never know. As he pulled back, he felt her mouth contract, and he heard a loud gulp from behind him. She had just swallowed part of her mouthful of food. Her tongue forced him back towards the rest, which was now a mush of thoroughly chewed apple and pastry, mixed with her saliva. Resting on her tongue, looking around at the inside of her truly amazing mouth, Adrien smiled, content. The journey of his life as himself was coming to an end; his journey through Katelyn’s digestive system was about to begin. Her tongue surged, there was a wash of saliva, and he felt himself being pushed one last time towards the back of her mouth.

He heard a loud gulp as she swallowed him alive.

He did not see Katelyn lick her lips after she had swallowed her mouthful of pie and the tiny human she had just eaten with it – him. All he felt was her oesophagus contracting as it forced him down, deeper and deeper into her beautiful body, down towards her hungry stomach which awaited his arrival. It was absolutely dark, but he did not mind. He was where he wanted to be.

Inside his hungry goddess.

He fell down into her stomach, landing with a splat in the food, saliva and digestive juices already there. He scrambled to remain on the surface, and not be buried under her food. With some difficulty, he made his way towards the side of her stomach, and sat down, breathing hard. He felt Katelyn’s tummy heave a little all around him, and heard her burp. He laughed. He did not know whether she had enjoyed him, but he hoped she had. With a smile on his face, he began caressing his erection.

And now, of course, he thought as he worked on it, he was going to be digested. As Katelyn digested him, he would become indistinguishable from the rest of the food in her tummy. He was simply part of her food, and would share the same fate as the rest of her meal. The thought excited him, and he turned to face the inner wall of her stomach, rubbing his erection against it slowly with a deep moan of pleasure.

Very soon, her digestive acids would start to dissolve him. There was absolutely no escape now. He would cease to exist, and he would become part of Katelyn. Part of a breathtakingly beautiful goddess, who had eaten him. She would absorb him; he would become nourishment for her wonderful body. The idea of it was so intensely exhilarating that he felt overwhelmed.

He knew, of course, that, to Katelyn, he was nothing now. He had, at most, been a tasty morsel, part of her dessert, but that was probably all. He was simply a tiny part of one meal eaten and enjoyed by his goddess; there had been many more before him, and there would be many more after him. It did not matter. He had served her, he was nourishing her, and he had experienced absolute bliss while doing so.

He would remain in her digestive system for as long as it took her to digest him completely.

And for now, he was in the most perfect place anyone could dream of being in. Katelyn’s warm, amazing stomach.

* * *

Katelyn finished her dessert, and sighed, content. She patted her tummy lightly, pleased with the meal she had just eaten. It had been reasonably tasty, and now she could feel it filling her stomach quite comfortably.

She stood, gathering up her empty plates, and left the table.

Many hours later, as she awoke the next morning, she did not think of the tiny human whose liquified remains were now continuing their journey through her intestine. She yawned, stretched, and got out of bed with a sigh. It was the start of a fresh day for the goddess Katelyn Brooks. Her stomach growled. She smiled slightly; she was hungry. Very hungry. Had she even eaten anything last night? She wondered about it for a brief moment, but could not remember. It didn’t matter.

Today was indeed a new day, and she was looking forward to breakfast.