The Waitress

By Daddy G — Featuring: Shrunken, Pussy

Prolog: I lay between her soft yet warm breast listening to her heart beat as it begins to slow down. My goddess, Katelyn, had just used me as a dildo and I was covered in her juices. Her fingers came up and stroked me gently.

“I’m so glad I didn’t kill you” she said in a soft, whispering voice that gave me a sense of comfort.

“I’m glad you didn’t either” I responded, “I love you” I said

There was no answer, as I lifted my self up I realized my goddess was fast asleep already. I smiled and kissing her warm flesh and went to sleep.

Chapter 1: The meeting

First of I go by the name Daddy G, my real name is not important, and I love Katelyn. The first time I saw her I was at the park, riding my bike. I stopped and pulled my bike into some bushes where I watched her. She was reading a book. I immediately became rock hard at the sight of this goddess. She was wearing a skirt and small t-shirt that really showed of her breast. I watched as she moved a strand of hair out of her eyes, then my eyes began to drift downward to her feet which were graced in a perfect French pedicure. Her shoes were off and from the angle I was at I could see her foot perfectly. She casually and unwearyingly, scrunched and wiggled her toes. Her sole looked so soft and I motioned in the air, of me stroking them.

Then she moved breaking me out of my trance. I watched as each foot slid into its designated shoe and she placed her book into her purse, she then straightened her dress and walked off. She was so beautiful.

The next day I went to a diner a friend had suggested to me.

“Hurry up we got a customer” shouted the chef.

“I’m going I’m going” said a feminine voice with a sigh of distress.

She walked up to my booth and as I looked up from my menu I recognized her.

“Hello Katelyn” I said reading her name tag.

“Hello…” she paused.

“Daddy G” I said holding out my hand, which she gladly shook.

Chapter 2: The shrinking

It has been a couple of months now since that first meeting, and I am a regular customer at the diner. Me and Katelyn have talked and really got to know each other. I learned that she lived by herself in an apartment building a couple of blocks behind the diner. She also told me that she was single, and she was working at the diner until she got back on her feet. One night on her birthday I took her out, just friends of course, she looked amazing. I watched as her butt gently sway as she walked gracefully, her breast shook with every step and her toes gently spread out to support her weight.

“Was this love or lust?” I would find my self asking many nights alone in my bed.

One day when I walked into the diner she greeted me at the door with a friendly smile.

“Your late” she said with a stern face that easily gave way to a giggle.

“Late for what” I asked having no clue what she was talking about.

“Our date at my house” she said as if I was supposed to remember.

A few weeks ago I had asked her “why I haven’t been to your house, and yet you have been to mine” she simply answered with a shrug,

“Forgive me madam, may I extort you to your car” I said with a bow and trying to sound as charming as I could be. She laughed, and we walked to my car and we drove to her apartment.

Dinner was fantastic, and the setting she had created was just right. As we sat on the couch I smiled at her and she smiled at me. She then stretched her foot across my lap and I looked at them and then her.

“Can I really?” I asked rather nervously

“Can you?” she said in a smart response

I smiled and begin to massage the delicate soles, trying to keep them away from my erection just incase she hadn’t already seen it, and then I mad the biggest mistake of my life, I took my eyes off of her. As I leaned down to kiss her big toe there was a sudden flash of light. I stumbled backwards it hurt my eyes.

“Katelyn, did you see what that was?” I asked rather worriedly, yet I didn’t get any answer.

Forcing my eyes open everything was a blur and I couldn’t see very far. I then removed my glasses and the world was clear. Yet I stood back and gasped at the sight that towered over me. It was Katelyn.

“What’s going?” I shouted up to her

“You don’t have to yell, I can here you just fine” she said, her voice wasn’t dramatic either.

“I shrunk you to 7in. tall cause you’re a little pervert, just after women’s feet” she said in a seemingly disgusted tone.

“But that’s not true” I said becoming more worried by the second.

She smiled wickedly “does it matter what’s a lie and what’s the truth? The only thing that matters now is that you’re my 7in. tall toy”

I couldn’t believe the words that I was hearing. I fell to my knees and cried. I was then suddenly snatched up and she held me up to her face, she grinned wickedly showing of her pearly whites and the twinkle in her eyes.

“Its play time little man” she said, I began to squirm in her warm and soft fist, as I couldn’t image what was coming.

Chapter 3: Play time

She wasted no time. She striped me of my cloths with her index finger. She then began to torture me with her tongue. Once finished she sat me down on the floor and told me not to move. She left, and returned later with nail polish.

“I want you to paint every toe, understand??!?” she ordered

“Yes goddess Katelyn” I said in a submissive manner.

As she read through a Chick magazine I did her nails. About an hour pasted before she put the magazine down. She inspected them and then turned to me.

“You did pretty well” she said reluctantly, “Now I want to know how you feel between them” she said wickedly.

Before I could react in any way, her feet were already on top of me, “gosh I have never been in a predicament of such a mixture of pleaser and terror combined” I though to myself. She scrunched her toes around my head, and rolled me around on the floor. She became so vigorous that she didn’t even care anymore when I would cum on her foot.

She finally relented and sat me back down. Still keeping her foot on top of me, she rubbed it back and fourth on my hardened cock.

She stopped as I grabbed her foot and began to make love to it, taking my time to kiss each individual toe and to lick and eat everything in between her toes as well as grind my prick into the wrinkles of her sole. This was truly getting her worked up and before I knew it, she had snatched me up.

Besides making me immortal so I couldn’t die she showed no mercy what so ever. I was truly her “Sex toy”. Finally weak and exhausted I collapsed on Katelyn’s stomach as she lay on the bed recuperating with each leg hanging of either side of he bed.

She then ordered me to get up and pleasure her nipples. It was hard walking cross her heaving stomach but I got to her gumdrop shaped nipples and I got to work. Taking her nipple into my mouth, I kissed, licked, sucked and bit it until it became too big and hard for my mouth and I switched.

As I continued to struggle with her nipples Katelyn suddenly snatched me up. She then began to give me a full human blow job. I screamed and begged for mercy, her teeth clamed down on my waist and she moved her hands down to her breast which she began to massage. I tried to keep my legs closed but her tongue easily pried it apart and I cummed relentlessly into her mouth although she seemed not to notice it. She switched me between head first and feet fist a couple of times.

Finally covered in her saliva she began to rub me all over her hot and sweaty body. She rubbed me over her beast where I felt her rock hard nipple pass between me legs, over her stomach and down her inner thigh. She continued to rub me all over her body for a few more minuets.

I then felt her pubic hair pass between my legs and I stopped in front of her vagina. Through short breath, she ordered me to pleasure her clit, I did the same thing as I did to her nipple until it got to hard and then I began to lick her labia. Finally the worse came.

I felt her hands clamp around my legs and I was thrust in head first. I squirmed, bucked and clawed struggling to free my self but to no avail. Her vagina pulsated, crushing me repeatedly as she pumped me in and out. She started out slow, but as she began to get closer and closer to an orgasm, she sped up and finally thrust me into there all together.

Thrusting her hips up and releasing a high peach scream she clenched her breast tight, her nails drawing blood as I squirmed with in her depts. She then began to calm down and she lowered herself back down, grabbing a Kleenex she wiped the blood of her breast.

She then reached in side of her and pulled me out, I gasped for air and coughed as I had swallowed a lot of her juices. She kissed me tenderly causing me to be connected to her lips by a long trail of her cum that broke. She then laid me in between her breast. I lay between her soft and warm breast listening to her heart beat as it began to slow down. Her fingers came up and stroked me gently.

“I’m so glad I didn’t kill you” she said in a soft, whispering voice that gave me a sense of comfort.

“I’m glad you didn’t either” I responded, “I love you” I said

There was no answer, as I lifted my self up I realized my goddess was fast asleep already. I smiled and kissing her warm flesh went to sleep.