The Silver Object

By My Little Worm Cliff — Featuring: Shrunken, Vore

The silver object, the size of a Coke can, flew in through the window and struck Katelyn in her bare belly, somewhat softly, as if a child had thrown it, but hard enough to wake her up. It rolled down onto the bed beside her.

She opened one tired eye and looked at it, not yet awake enough to be alarmed. And then the lid popped open and three pinky-finger-sized people climbed out.

What the hell was this? Now she was alarmed.

Katelyn had done a little drinking last night with her girlfriends, but not enough to conjure up something like this. She sat up, rubbed her eyes and tried to make sense of the situation.

The first person was some old guy, clutching a clipboard in his small fist and looking very, very angry. The second was a blond woman and the third a surprisingly tanned and good-looking young guy.

Seeming obliviously to the large and dangerous presence of Katelyn beside them, the tiny trio were arguing furiously. Or rather, the old guy was yelling at the woman and the young guy looked about ready to sock the fool in his small, florid face. The woman just shook her head in denial of the geezer’s accusations.

“Just like a damn woman to mess everything up! I told Dr. Gottstein not to put a woman in charge of this expedition! I said she’d panic when we got to the subject and forget to shrink us to the right size to get inside! I -”

He said no more, for Katelyn, very much awake, now pinched his lab coat in her massive fingers and hoisted him into the air. Of all the nerve, to invade her room, to wake her up, to act as if she wasn’t even here and then to spit this chauvinist shit out in front of her!

The man thrashed and kicked as Katelyn held him in front of her mouth.

“I wouldn’t give you the pleasure,” she growled and dropped him to the floor. The fall knocked the wind out of him, which gave her just enough time to slip on her shoes by the bed. Then while the other minies stared in horror, she raised her foot above him and then swung it down, crushing him like a cockroach. She felt his pathetic skeleton resist and then crack and shatter beneath the pressure of her sole. She twisted and ground her foot to obliterate him utterly, feeling the same thrill of pleasure that she got every time some little bug met its death beneath her feet.

Other girls would skip to school on rainy days, back in the day. Katelyn would hunt for earthworms wriggling on the sidewalk and crush them out completely, one by one, lingering until she was in danger of being late for class. She loved the sense of power it gave her – just a little girl, nobody that anyone took seriously, and yet capable of taking life whenever she pleased, under her cute little girl shoes with flowers or sparkles on them..

She had never outgrown this wicked joy – and nothing was safe from her, not spiders, not worms, not ants, not even the most delicate and harmless butterflies.

Katelyn picked up the little blonde woman, who promptly began to scream.

“Now, now, don’t prove that old bastard right,” Katelyn said. “We women can do better than that.” And she pressed the tiny blonde head to her lips and gave it a kiss. She stroked the woman’s breasts through the thick fabric of her lab coat. The woman shuddered – perhaps from fear, maybe from pleasure.

Katelyn set her down. She picked up the remaining tiny man. His face was twisted in manly rage. He swung his little fists at her.

“Stop it,” Katelyn said, rubbing her finger across his hair and nearly snapping his neck. “You wanted to get inside me – well, maybe you still can.”

She opened her cavernous mouth and flicked out her great pink carpet of a tongue. The man began to thrash again.

“Not yet,” Katelyn said. “I like to play with my food first.”

She tugged at his belt and it snapped like a piece of thread. Katelyn tugged off his tiny trousers. Of course, he was a boxers kind of guy. She pulled them off like a girl playing with a doll. Gently, she touched his tiny member and grinned as she saw it stiffen like a little toothpick.

“You can’t help yourself, can you?” she laughed. “You want me. Well, you’ll have to work first.

“I won’t hurt you,” she said. It was no lie. She did not intend to hurt him now – but it was always a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. She stroked his soft hair, then ran a finger down the fine curly hair on his buff little chest.

And then she rubbed him hard against her breasts. “Hungry, little man? Mamma has a nipple for you.”

She pressed his face to her swelling nipple, which to him was about the size of a banana. She shivered with pleasure as he struggled to wrap his lips around it and tickled her with his tiny tongue.

So she’d be late for work. This was worth it. She pressed his face harder against her. His frantic struggles reminded her that she needed to be careful, as his breath was completely choked off by his mouthful of her.

She felt a twinge of pain. The little fool was trying to bite her!

“Bad little Ken-doll!” she scolded. And she smacked his tiny bare bottom and plucked him from her breast.

She held him in front of her mouth – then lowered him onto her tongue and closed her mouth. She could feel him stumbling, trying to stand up in there, trying to find some safe corner. She worked up a great gob of saliva and then twisted her tongue to push him into it. She hoped he was a germophobe and that swimming through her hot saliva was horrifying to him.

With exquisite precision, she raised her tongue to the roof of her mouth and pressed him to her soft palate, rubbing him along the wet ceiling of her mouth. She could taste the salt of his sweaty fear and it was all she could do now not to chew him to bits.

He tumbled onto the hard bed of her molars and she gently began to squeeze upper and lower together, feeling him pounding helplessly against the teeth that were slowly crushing the breath out of him. Just at the point where she would crack his tiny spine, she eased up. He ran for his life, stumbling again on her tongue and making it as far as her incisors – so close, and yet so far from freedom. Again, she bit down, trapping him between her upper and lower incisors and feeling the pleasure of his terror. His life was totally in her hands. One more iota of pressure and his little body would rupture.

She became aware now of the woman again, begging her to spare the little fool’s life.

Katelyn was in a good mood now. She hadn’t had this much fun in ages.

“I’m late for work, so how about we finish this later? You can tell me about Professor what’s-his-stein and what the hell you were trying to do. Meanwhile, Mr. Snuggles will be happy to play with you.” And she tossed the tiny pair into her hamster cage and headed for her shower.