Starship Troopers

By Andrew — Featuring: Giantess, Masturbation, Crush, Vore, Ass

The Mobile Infantry soldiers marched forward to their target location.  When they got to the edge of a steep ridge, they looked down upon the vast plain.  Private Thomas Haggerty expected to see the place teeming with bugs, but instead, they found nothing except a few bugs running around below them.

“Oh great, HQ had us march to the edge of the Grand Canyon,” he said.

“Zip it, private,” Lieutenant Hayes said.  “We’re here mostly as support for our newest weapon against the bugs.”

“Another weapon?  We already have a full stock of nukes, what else could we possibly need?” another soldier asked.

Hayes nodded.  “True, but this one not only causes mass destruction, but doesn’t put us in any danger from the explosion.”

Before they could continue, a bright light flashed in the valley.  They all turned to see a giant woman standing there.  She was barefoot with red toenails and was wearing jeans and a pink t-shirt.

As soon as her vision cleared from the transporting, Katelyn looked around and scoped out the area.  As predicted, everything around her looked like a green rug, which was actually a dense forest that extended from the horizon to about a few feet (her scale) before her.  There was also a very small river running along the contour of the cliff behind her.  Before she left, she was told by her commanding officer that the target size for her was about 500 feet.

To her side, she saw the cliff ledge with a little light that was drawing her attention.  She leaned over and pressed the button on her earpiece microphone, which was set to amplify regular transmissions and quiet down her booming voice.  “Lieutenant Hayes, is that you?”

Hayes pushed the button on his earpiece.  “Yes, it’s us,” Hayes responded, tossing the flare down the cliff.  “It’s time to go to work.  According to our scans, the jungle area is full of bugs on the way to our base.  Your orders are simple…smash the area and take out as many bugs as you can.  We’ll take care of any stragglers that get through.”

Katelyn gave a salute.  “Yes sir.”  She stood up and turned around to watch the edge of the green jungle edge.  She wiggled her toes in excitement of what was to come.

“Here they come.”

Seconds after Hayes’ voice gave the warning, Katelyn saw the arachnids start to come out of the jungle.  Immediately, she reached out with her foot and started squishing the bugs with her toes, mostly the big toe.  Each imprint took out a few bugs at a time, with her big toe able enough to take out six or seven at once.

All of this squishing and small, barely-audible crunches had started to get her a little hot.  Katelyn licked her lips, which gave way to an evil smile.  “Die, you little pests!”  As more and more poured out from the woods, Katelyn’s footsteps became quicker and harder.  She gradually started using more and more of her foot, starting with the pads of her feet and eventually using her whole foot.  At one point, Katelyn lifted her leg up high, until her knee was bent at a 90 degree angle.  Before the troops on the cliff could brace themselves, she slammed her foot down on top of a large grouping of bugs.

Lieutenant Hayes and the rest of his detachment fell to the ground from the massive impact.  The excitement from seeing such a sexy, powerful woman had drawn most of their attention to their other heads.

“Holy shit!” Private Haggerty exclaimed.

“Everyone back up!  Get back to your positions!”  Hayes bellowed out his orders to get his troops ready for any bugs that got past the giantess.

Katelyn started marching back and forth, constantly crushing as many bugs as possible as she mimicked her marching technique.  “Hut, two, three, four!” she exclaimed in the deepest, drill sergeant-like voice she could come up with.  Hundreds of bugs crunched under her massive soles and between her toes.  Getting hotter, Katelyn pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it onto the cliff farther south of the troops.  She then did the same with her bra.  “Ahh, that’s much better!”  Katelyn cupped her breasts and felt her nipples get hard.

Suddenly, Katelyn felt tingles going up her leg and realized that the bugs were now crawling up her body.

“Hey, no fair, that tickles!”  Katelyn started to unzip her pants and pull her legs out.

Meanwhile, the troops on the cliff had started to shoot down the side of the cliff at the bugs that had gotten past her and started to climb the cliff.  A couple had made their way to the top, forcing the troops to take a few steps back and shoot at the arachnids.


Everyone looked up at Katelyn as she let out a scream.  Her right leg had gotten caught in her pants and she was falling towards them.

“Look out!” Hayes yelled.  He stopped shooting and ran away from the cliff as fast as he could.  Looking back at the last second to see where she was, Hayes jumped as far forward as he could just before her body landed on the side of the cliff, crushing the climbing bugs and part of the cliff wall.

As the dust settled, Hayes looked up and saw a dense wall of brownish fibers.  He then realized that he was looking at Katelyn’s head of hair.  He pressed the earpiece.  “Katelyn, are you alright?”

The mass started to move and Katelyn’s face rose up.  Her naked breasts and stomach followed, dotted with slotches of what used to be bugs climbing the cliff.  The last thing to become visible over the edge of the cliff was the top of her panties.  Instinctively, Hayes ran over to the edge and looked down.  He saw bugs moving all over her body and over her pants, which were around her ankles.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”  She picked up her leg and removed the last leg, then threw the pants into the jungle, automatically crushing a bunch of bugs.  She then looked down at her body and saw that the bugs had made it up to her stomach…she guessed that the increased tingling in her pussy was from the bugs crawling insider her lacy panties.  Katelyn reached down into her underwear and started to finger herself.  That, combined with the feeling of them on her skin and crushing insider her womanhood, drove her crazy.  She closed her eyes and moaned as every nerve in her body started to tingle even more.

“Ooooo, yes, that’s right…tease me, you little bastards!”  All at once, Katelyn decided enough was enough.  She lowered her panties, threw them in a random direction, and fell down to the ground on all fours.  Without hesitation, she let her body crash to the ground in a resounding “BOOM”.  She then scooped up as many as she could in one hand and threw them under where her pussy was, and proceeded to jack them with all her might.

“Oh God!  YES!”

Her pleasured moans filled the sky beyond the valley.  Hayes and his troops occasionally looked up from their shooting to see what she was doing.  “Damn, she really knows how to do her job, doesn’t she?” Haggerty said.

“”That’s why we hired her,” Hayes responded.  “Now let’s finish up our job.”  Suddenly, the ground started shaking in rhythm more.  Hayes looked up to see that Katelyn basically humping the ground, with the bugs not mostly trying to overtake her by crawling all over and around her.  However, even with their vast numbers, there was nothing they could do at their small size.

The front of Katelyn’s body was gathering a mix of bug guts coated with dust, trees, and other debris.  Wanting to use more of her body, Katelyn tossed herself over and continued to bring her body up and down, except this time she was crushing everything with her back and butt.

Katelyn reached down and fingered herself vigorously.  The wetness from her pussy made it difficult for the bugs crawling on her to get a grasp of her skin.  Occasional squirts of cum shot out of her like lasers and destroyed anything in their path.  The remainder of the cum that came out started to form a puddle between her legs that drown any bug unlucky enough to get stuck in her goo to begin with.


Katelyn was so hot and horny that she forgot about her original job.  She reached down and grabbed a handful of bugs, and proceeded to toss them into her mouth.  Her teeth crunched down into them like bits of candy.

All while Katelyn was having her way, Hayes and the other looked on in disbelief and amazement.  Most of the bugs had stopped trying to get to the base miles back behind them, and just turned their attention to their “biggest” threat, Katelyn.

“What the hell is she doing?” Hayes asked.

“Herself,” Haggerty said.  A few soldiers chuckled

Hayes cast a glare of death over towards Haggerty and the others who were laughing, and they immediately shut up.  “Load a nuke.”


“You heard me.  Load a nuke into the launcher and fire it right above her head.”

The soldiers looked at each other.  “But…won’t that kill her?”

“We’re all expendable, private, even sexy giant girls.  Now follow my order!”

With an initial moment of hesitation, Haggerty took the rocket launcher that he was carrying and tossed it on his shoulder.  One of the other soldiers took a warhead tip out of his bag and placed it in the end pointing away from them, and he hit Haggerty’s head to let him know that everything was ready.

Haggerty aimed for just above Katelyn’s head.

“Fire in the hole!”  He pulled the trigger and sent the projectile shooting towards its target.

Hayes and the others dropped into the foxhole just as the rocket hit just in front of Katelyn’s head and detonated.  The resulting explosion killed off any bug or living organism that it touched.  Sounds of high-pitched screaming from the bugs slowly died off below the sound of explosions and the crash of Katelyn falling to the ground.

After it seemed to settle down a bit, Hayes looked up above the edge of their foxhole and peered at the destruction in front of them.  The forest had been scorched away for much of the visible area, the small river that ran through the valley was now running into the massive crater that was formed from the explosion, and there was no trace of movement from down there.



Cheers erupted from the troops overlooking the cliff.  Hayes even cracked a smile and shook the hands of some of his soldiers.  He then realized that something was missing…Katelyn.

“But where…”  He looked around and saw no trace of her.  There was still a lot of smoke, blowing towards one end of the valley, that was blocking his view.  Hayes watched as the smoke blew away, hoping to see if Katelyn was over there somewhere.

A minute later, he got his answer.

The smell went from that of burning flesh and guts to that of, well…sex.  The smoke gave way to a large round mountain peak…then another…then another…then he saw the base of the mountains, but they weren’t mountains at all…it was Katelyn’s foot!  The wind blew the rest of the smoke away, revealing Katelyn’s much more massive body lying on the ground.  Past the soles of her feet, he could see her smooth-shaven pussy, and beyond that were her mountainous boobs.

Hayes’ face changed to one of slight horror.  A couple privates saw his face and turned to see what he was looking at, which quickly brought a stop to their celebrations.  Slowly, the rest of them all did the same.

“What…how?” Haggerty stammered.

No one answered, because no one knew.  But somehow, the giantess was now much, much bigger than she was before.

Katelyn’s head was spinning.  The last thing she remembered was an explosion that knocked her to the ground.  She felt around her body and noticed that she was still naked and lying in the sun.  She sat up and pulled her legs into her body to examine them.  Everything seemed fine to her, but something wasn’t right.  When she looked around, she noticed that everything was much smaller.  Originally, the cliff came up to her stomach and she had to bend over a little to speak to the lieutenant on the cliff.  But now, as she stood up to full height, the cliff came up to just above her ankle.

She took in a deep breath.  A thought came to Katelyn…they had nuked the area, expecting to take all of the bugs out, but also not caring about her!  She stared down on the little dots on the cliff.  She imagined that they were staring up at her beautiful body (or at least her still-wet pussy), and got turned on by that thought.  Bad and dirty thoughts then entered her mind, and she let an evil smile creep across her face.


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