Poem: Tiny Dustin

By Tiny Dustin — Featuring: Worship, Ass

Vastly superior to all of the tinies of the world and stretching thousands of feet into the air she is a Goddess

I, like the rest of us am merely a a tiny insignificant slave encompassed in the shadow of my massive empresss

At her whim we are here for her pleasure

Her gigantic size impossible to measure

A gargantuan boot comes down from the heavens and crushes countless pathetic tiny buildings

Two towering pillars that seem to never end , the legs of our queen cover us in shadow and remind us we are her playthings

A sound of deafening thunder vibrates and shatters windows all throughout the city

To which we realize it is the Goddess’s voice as she speaks with no pity

Almost instantly we all fell to our knees and began our worship

The massive Goddess lean forward and brings her impossibly sized mountains to us closeup

Might breasts unrivaled crush us as she delights in our deaths

Soon a massive hurricane strikes us as we realize it is the Goddess’s breath

The almighty Goddess gazes upon us as we still bow in worship even the critically injured

Our tiny forms having long ago realized we were forever conquered

Our beloved Goddess moves higher up and changes positions

She has grown bored of us we realize with her great motions

Goddess Katelyn squats and prepares to lower her massive Goddess ass

A final shadow envelopes us as we look up at her behind larger than any landmass

I know my time is coming to an end and my Goddess now will end it so she can take a seat

I couldn’t be happier as I smile as her huge ass crushes me and I think of her ever so sweet