Morning of Revenge

By My Little Worm Cliff — Featuring: Shrunken, Vore

Softly at first, a shaft of sunlight stole across Katelyn’s satin sheets and the gloom of night began to yield.

Then the golden light flooded her room and the girl stirred in her sleep, and then awoke and opened her eyes.

She sat up and yawned and stretched.

Today was to be a very special day – the second day at her new school. Moving mid-year sucked, but such was the fate of a businessman’s daughter. Katelyn was quite used to it by now.

She rubbed her dark, pretty eyes and stood up, savoring the sensation of her bare feet sinking into the soft carpet.

She pulled her nightgown over her head and tossed it onto the bed behind her. Now she was clad only in panties, comfy pink panties with tiny lace flowers around the waistband. She smiled as she caught sight of her firm, young breasts in the mirror on the wall. Katelyn was well aware of her own beauty – from her flawless, tan complexion, courtesy of her Filipino ancestry, to her ripe curves and long, satiny legs.

Beauty came in handy. Katelyn knew how to use it to get what she wanted: to beguile, distract, confuse and torment.

She also knew how to use her brains.

She walked softly into her bathroom and turned on the bath water, then sat down on her toilet, and lowered her panties, resisting the powerful urge to urinate. It could wait a moment.

A large glass jar sat on the sink. It had once held butterscotch candies. Today it held something even tastier. Katelyn reached in a slender finger and withdrew a tiny snack. She held it in the air for a moment, then opened her mouth.

The morsel moved. It struggled helplessly. Katelyn, you must understand, had unusual tastes in candy. This one bore a striking resemblance in miniature to a new classmate of hers, a blonde girl named Ashley. And tiny Ashley was dripping with honey, for a shallow lake of it filled the bottom of the jar.

With deft and slender fingers, Katelyn stripped the delicate clothes off the tiny girl, then licked the little body clean of every last drop of honey, from her terrified little face to her tiny vagina. Ashley pounded at her with tiny fists, most amusingly.

Katelyn dropped the bug-sized girl into her mouth and swallowed her whole. Then she reached into the jar again.

Her bladder was full to bursting now. No more time to fool around.

She peered at her newest victim – a buff little doll dressed in a football uniform. Ah yes, one of the players from the team. He thrashed in rage, and cursed, but a sharp flick of Katelyn’s thumb against the side of his head shut him up.

“You need a shower, Jocko, ” Katelyn said. She lowered him down near the rim of the toilet, a mere bug dangling before the musky glory of her naked vagina. His tiny eyes were wide in wonder.

“Like what you see, Jocko?” Katelyn asked. “Too bad – you’ll never get any of this. Just a shower. Cause I know you failed biology but right above what you want is where girls make pee-pee.”

And she held by one arm pinched between her thumb and forefinger and let herself go, let her burning stream arc like the torrent from a fire hose directly into his tiny face and down his body, soaking his football jersey and pants. He shuddered violently, fighting against his captivity and against the scalding stream.

Katelyn shut off her flow. With practice, that came easily. She held up the drenched boy, and grinned.

“Now Jocko is all washed clean but I bet he is thirsty.”

The boy shook his head no – wrong answer. Katelyn lowered him again and now twisted his tiny leg, causing him to open his mouth and scream.

She started her flow again, shooting a jet of piss directly into his mouth – just a few drops but enough to fill up his tiny mouth.

“You better swallow that,” she warned. He obeyed, gagging and glaring.

“I’m tired of you,” Katelyn said. She tossed him into the toilet water and finished peeing, then flushed him away.

Katelyn picked a few more tiny people out of the jar and placed them into her mouth for safekeeping, savoring the mixed flavor of honey and fear.

She stepped into the tub and let the warm water caress her body. One by one, she plucked the tiny people out of her mouth and dropped them onto her sponge – a little life-raft of sorts. She lay back, luxuriating in the water while her tiny slaves, climbed over her, struggling with bits of soap almost as big as they were, to lather her body – without slipping and falling into the water.

Katelyn picked up one tiny boy and yanked off his clothes, consumed by sudden lust. She caressed his tiny penis as he struggled in fear – for her finger was as big as the boom of a crane to him. Katelyn turned him around and spanked his tiny bottom.

“Behave yourself, little man.”

He quieted down. Katelyn gently pressed him to her lips and indulged herself in a little fellatio. It was like attempting to kiss a grain of rice. It didn’t take long for the little captive to cum – which ended any interest Katelyn had in him, other than for consumption. She licked him clean, crunched him up and swallowed him down.

Katelyn rescued the remaining bathtub toys from their sponge raft and soap duties, popping them back into her mouth.

She drained the tub and stepped out, admiring her flawless beauty in the mirror again, her taut, shapely bottom with its graceful curves and teasing valley in the middle, her mysterious pudenda with its teasing tuft of dark hair, her belly button dimple, her slender arms and those aforementioned, high-riding breasts with their nipples erect and pointed in arousal.

“If you weren’t already me, I’d bed you,” she said, then walked naked back into her bedroom, practicing the sensuous shifting of her hips that melted men into mush and challenged the preferences of even the straightest girls.

Tonight was to be the senior prom at her new school. Katelyn had a date, of course. Katelyn could have had a date with any guy in the school and probably most of the girls, too.

But there would be a few prominent absences at this prom. You see, Meadowville High School had an old tradition, an ugly tradition, that one girl and one guy would be chosen by a secret ballot of the in-clique, to be invited to the prom, then humiliated as the butt of a cruel joke once they got there.

School authorities had looked the other way, year after year, as the cruelty continued.

Katelyn had only been at her new school two hours before she had learned of this thoughtless ritual. Scott, a science geek, was to be the male fool this year, being strung along by a certain Ashley whom we have met before. Molly was to be the girl victim, invited by George, the football captain, aka Jocko. Neither Scott or Molly had any clue – they simply thought their ships had come in with their dream dates aboard.

Katelyn met Scott just before lunch on her first day – a shy little brown-haired boy who was struggling to rescue a bug that had wandered into the school hallway. Ignoring the jeers of his classmates, he cradled the cricket in his cupped hand and carried it outside to safety.

Molly was a tall, awkward blonde – quite pretty, Katelyn thought, if she would ditch her thick glasses and do something about her post-nasal drip.

Neither one deserved the fate that the in-crowd had planned for them. So Katelyn put a plan of her own into motion.

It involved a visit to Chinatown in the city, a certain spell and a certain charmed camera that reduced its subjects into the sizes that they appeared in the lens. Unbelievable, perhaps, but the world is full of such mysteries and wonders.

All Katelyn had to do was to put her not-too-shabby Mandarin vocabulary into practice, smile a lot at the wizened old fellow behind the counter, pay a few dollars and walk out with her enchanted camera.

Then, it was a matter of convincing the cool kids that she had been put on the yearbook staff and needed a group photo out near the bleachers.

Of course, she brought her jar with her. None of them were bright enough to even ask about it. All too soon, they were in it.

Her last task of the day was to find one decent girl and one decent guy to be replacement dates for Scott and Molly, since the originals were so suddenly indisposed.

Not bad for a day’s work.

Gossip flew around the school as people wondered about the mysterious absences the next day. Katelyn just smiled and enjoyed herself.

Finally, the day ended and everyone scattered to prepare for the magic evening. Katelyn drove home and retrieved Buffy and Muffy Sims from her jar – stuck-up twins who so recently had been the queens of the school. She dressed them like little dolls, then dipped them into shiny gold paint, gluing their tiny bodies carefully onto gold backings. She would get a lot of compliments for those most realistic little earrings tonight.