Katelyn’s Women

By Zombie Slave — Featuring: SW, SM, Crush, Vore

THWUMP. THWUMP. THWUMP. The sound of massive bare feet hitting the floor filled the kitchen and echoed off the walls filling the air with thunderous noise dampened only slightly from the carpet in the next room.

“Shit, she’s coming. She’s coming!” Jenna shouted.

“Keep running!” Shouted Myra, the Hispanic woman running just ahead of her. Her long dark hair whipped behind her in a stream of silky strands.

“Come on, don’t look back, just run!” yelled the third woman of the group who was running for her life. She was tall and athletic. She had been a runner in her normal daily life and still wore the same jogging shorts and tight sleeveless t-shirt she had been wearing when she had been captured–but here, in Katelyn’s house, she was just a bug like everyone else.

Jenna struggled to keep up with the other two fleeing women. Her chest heaved, her heart pounded, her legs were starting to burn with fatigue. Her pace started to slow. Looking ahead she could see the white tile floor of the kitchen stretching into the distance–a stark, white barren wasteland. From her size, a mere one quarter of an inch tall, the opposite end of the room seemed miles away.

THWUMP. THWUMP. THWUMP. More thundering footsteps sounded from the next room, this time followed by a voice. “Where are you, little bugs?” Katelyn’s voice boomed. “I’m going to find you. There’s no escape.”

Her breath coming in rapid, panicked gasps, Jenna stopped running. “I cuh–can’t go on,” she said, desperately trying to catch her breath. “I’ve been ruh–running for so long and we’ve only muh-made it to the kitchen.” Myra and the athletic woman, a red-head named Kim, both came to a stop, turned, and jogged back to where Jenna had her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath.

“We can’t stay here. We’ve got to go,” Kim said as sweat dripped down her face. “You saw what she did to those guys. You heard what she has planned for us.”

A shiver ran up Jenna’s spine. It was almost impossible to believe the nightmare that had taken place over the last few hours. Just a short time ago she had been a clerk at a clothing store, bending and folding shirts. She had seen a young attractive woman watching her from the dress section. Jenna hadn’t thought much of it but she did notice the woman had a strange look in her eye. The woman had approached Jenna, eying her up and down. “Oh yes, very nice,” the woman had said. Before Jenna could even ask what she meant by the strange remark, the woman, Katelyn, had pulled a strange looking gun from her purse and pulled the trigger. Jenna had screamed as a laser-bolt blasted her chest. Her screams had faded swiftly away to nothingness as her body shrank and shrank and shrank.

And then she found herself here, in Katelyn’s house, transported in a small box Katelyn kept in her purse for the specific purpose of storing tiny people she’d captured. Jenna had been kidnapped along with five others, all of whom were so tiny that a normal average ant would seem like a medium sized dog to them. Jenna had begged and pleaded with Katelyn– a woman she didn’t even know –to let her go, to return her to normal size, but Katelyn hadn’t listened. That’s when the real nightmare had started.

Katelyn had set up a tripod in the living room. She had changed clothes and put on sexy sheer black lingerie. She then proceeded to film herself playing and tormenting her captives. She started with the guys. Jenna and the other two women were held prisoner and waited inside the small box, which sat on Katelyn’s coffee table, a box no bigger than a jewelry case for a ring. The lid was off the box and the women could see everything that was going on. At first Jenna didn’t understand what the hell was happening. She and the other two women stood transfixed as Katelyn spoke to the tiny bug-men, working them up into some kind of sexual fervor. The men had yelled to be released and returned to normal size, but Jenna was surprised to see that after only twenty minutes or so the ant-men were practically bowing to Katelyn in worship. She promised them her body to explore, smooth skin to walk on, curves to investigate, the hills of her breasts to climb, and her soft glossy lips to kiss.

The first teeny man to kneel on the coffee table and bow before Katelyn was given his wish–he wanted to climb her enormous breasts. Katelyn had obliged him, plucking the tiny man from the table and carefully placing him on the skin of her left breast. Then man crawled like an insect, just a speck on her massive body, toward her cleavage. She watched him crawl and then laughed when he fell down in to the dark crevice between her breasts. She could
feel him there, tiny arms and legs squirming. Then she placed her hands on either side of her bosom and smashed her breasts together. The man in her cleavage was crushed immediately; his crumpled body fell down into the depths of her lingerie.

The remaining two men met their own fates soon after. Katelyn picked them up from the coffee table and placed them on the carpet below. Jenna and the two women couldn’t see what was happening but it wasn’t hard to imagine. Katelyn was telling the men to worship her feet. She told them she had cleaned and moisturized them just for their sake and there was no greater honor than to be crushed beneath her soles. Then there came to thumps, and the men were gone.

A giant head had then floated over the box holding Jenna, Myra, and Kim. Katelyn’s long dark hair hung down toward them in dense silky strands. Her eyes were piercing, staring right down at the women. “I’m going to get a wet rag and clean up a few little splotches I just made,” she said. “And then I’m coming back and it’s your turn. I just love you little bugs and I’ve got something special planned for you three. How would you like to take a little trip deep inside me? I’ll put you all on the tip of my finger, right here,” Katelyn showed the women the tip of the middle finger of her right hand. “And then I’ll rub you all around my pussy and get you nice and wet before pushing you deep inside me.” Katelyn seemed to shake. “Oh, it gives me shivers to think of you way in there, trapped in my hot tight tunnel while I get off.” Sit tight, I’ll be right back.”

When Katelyn had left the room to get a rag to clean up the red man-splats she had made on the carpet, Kim spotted something in the corner of the box–a hole, just there at the bottom corner. The hole was so tiny any normal sized person may not spot it right away but it looked to be just large enough that the tiny women could push their insect-sized bodies through. Frantic to escape, the three frightened woman had pushed through the hole, ran across the coffee table, and managed to climb down an immense table leg by using the intricately carved pattern in the wood. When they had made it to the carpet they started running–and had been running ever since.

Now the three women stood in the middle of a kitchen the size of an entire universe, not sure where to go or what to do. They just knew they had to escape but they were all exhausted. The tile floor seemed to go on forever. Where exactly could they go? What would they do when they reached a wall? Find a hole and hope to crawl through?

“Ah, there you are!” Katelyn’s voice boomed as she appeared in the immense doorway from the living room to the kitchen, a goddess of epic proportions. “You stupid bugs. Did you think I wouldn’t find you? I can see your little bug bodies on my floor. You really stick out on the white tile. Out of all the places you could have hidden, you ran in here? Not too smart, but then again, bugs never are.”

THWUMP. THWUMP. Katelyn took two steps into the kitchen, her bare feet slapping the tiled floor, her eyes focused down at the tiny women. “Oh shit, what do we do?” Myra said as the colossal woman approached. Her heart hammered in her chest. She had never seen something so huge, so frightening. Part of her desperately hoped she was dreaming, or simply having a nightmare. She remembered sunbathing on the beach–a woman had approached–there was some kind of strange gun in her hand–and now Myra was here, shrunk, and still wearing the bright blue bikini she had been wearing earlier in the day. It had all happened so fast. She wished she would wake up– but with every passing second, with each new horror, she lost hope that this was a dream.

THWUMP. THWUMP. Katelyn came slowly closer. The tiny women could feel the vibrations of her footfalls through the floor. They craned their necks to look up at her. They didn’t run. They stood frozen, partly in fear and partly out of the realization that there was no way in hell they could outrun the giant. It would take minutes to cross the kitchen–Katelyn could do it in just a few strides.

Katelyn stopped, her mighty feet just inches from the tiny women. They were so small all three of them could have easily sat on her big toenail with room to spare. “How dare you try to escape,” Katelyn said, looking down at the women at her feet. “Those men were unworthy. I merely brought them here to toy with and crush. I chose all of you to take part in pleasuring me. I was going to let you enter the most sacred special place of a goddess, and you ran away? You should be falling on your knees demanding to know how to please me. It’s disappointing. It’s so hard to find bugs that deserve my attention. You three are just another patch of scared little ants. So the question is: what do I do with you now?”

“Please don’t step on us!” Jenna shouted up at the giant. Looking up at Katelyn was like looking up at a high-rise building, the kitchen ceiling taking on the role of the sky far above. “I’ll do anything, anything you want!”

“What are you doing?” Kim said, grabbing Jenna’s arm and pulling her near.
Jenna’s eyes were wild. “We–we have to do what she says. Then muh–maybe she’ll let us go.”

“She’s not going to let us go,” Myra said. Her voice was quiet, defeated. “You saw what she did to those guys. We’re nothing but bugs. She can do anything she wants to us.”

“But we have to do something,” Jenna said, desperate. Myra slowly shook her head. A moment later Kim did the same, her eyes downcast.

“What are you doing down there, little bugs?” Katelyn’s voice boomed in the tiny women’s ears. “Trying to figure out what to do? Thinking of a way to escape but realizing there’s nowhere to go? You know there was another group of unworthy bugs who escaped into my kitchen recently. Just near where you’re standing actually. I tracked them down and crushed them beneath my massive feet.”

“Oh no!” Jenna whimpered.”

And there was one woman; she tried to take refuge on an Oreo cookie that I somehow managed to drop on the floor. Like most unworthy bugs, she didn’t think I could see her, but I did. I picked her up, dipped the cookie in a glass of milk, and ate her. She became nourishment for her goddess’s body.”

Myra couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She imagined being trapped on a cookie, dipped in milk and eaten alive. She could hardly contemplate such a fate. By the looks on Kim and Jenna’s faces, they were thinking the same thing.

Katelyn, still staring down at the women, tapped a colossal finger against her lower lip. “You know, that gives me an idea. Yes, that’s it, I’ve got it. I changed my mind. I think you’re worthy to please your goddess after all. Like that woman on the cookie, and countless others like her, I’ll allow you to nourish my body. I’m going to eat you.”

The blood seemed to drain from each woman’s face in turn. Jenna felt weak. She opened her mouth to say something–anything–but no sound came out. She stood, stunned at what the giant woman had just said.

“Sh–she can’t be serious,” Kim said, her voice quivering. Why would the giant want to eat them? At their tiny size there was hardly anything to chew; they would be like a crumb in Katelyn’s giant mouth.

With a speed that was startling, Katelyn bent at the knees. She reached out a massive hand toward the tiny women. The women screamed all at once as Katelyn came for them. First the giant gently plucked Kim between her thumb and index finger and then dropped her in the palm of her other hand. Likewise Katelyn snatched Jenna and then Myra from the floor and placed them on her upturned palm as well. Katelyn rose to her full height once again. She kept her palm level and lifted the women up to her face to get a better look at them.

Kim’s vision filled with that of Katelyn’s face. She could see nothing else of the kitchen. She could hear the cries of the two other women next to her as they pleaded with Katelyn to ‘please, please, put them down’. Kim didn’t join in with them, ignored the panicked anxiety she felt at being so high off the ground. She sat rigid in the jogging outfit she had worn in seemingly another life, and looked awestruck into Katelyn’s face. Huge brown eyes seemed to be staring right at her. Eyes so big Kim felt like she could crawl through their dark pupils. Kim let her eyes drift downward, down the slope of a huge nose, past two dark nostrils like entrances to dark tunnels, to a pair of full glossy pink lips. As she watched, Katelyn’s lips parted slightly. An equally pink tip of a tongue slithered out and wiped across Katelyn’s sleek upper lip leaving a faint moist trail of saliva behind before disappearing back into her mouth. That tongue had been huge! As big as a whale–larger! Kim’s heart started racing faster. Did the woman really want to eat her, or was she just trying to scare them?

“Which one of you wants the honor of being first to slide down my throat?” Katelyn said.
“No, no, please. You can’t do this!” Jenna shouted.
“No, no, NO, NO,” was all Myra could say as she added her voice to Jenna’s.

Kim shook her head from side to side; her ponytail brushed against the nape of her neck. She tried to speak, but no words came out. She could only shake her head and stare at Katelyn’s giant lips as if mesmerized. At one time, when she was younger, she had thought about becoming a dental hygienist. She would have worked with people’s mouths every day– normal mouths of normal everyday people–normal sized mouths. The mouth Kim was facing now was so impossibly big that she felt completely dwarfed by it, weak and helpless. Those gargantuan lips moved as Katelyn spoke again.

“No volunteers?” Katelyn said. Kim froze in fear as she caught glimpses into the cave of Katelyn’s mouth as the giant spoke. Jenna and Myra continued to yell and plead uselessly. “Well since none of you are brave enough to step forward, I guess I’ll have to choose. How about you.”

Fingers came into view and reached for Kim. “No, no! Please, not me!” she shouted. She put a hand over her face as if she could ward off the giant fingers reaching for her. She heard Jenna and Myra calling her name as she was gently pinched between Katelyn’s thumb and index finger and lifted from the delicate skin of the giant’s hand. Kim was trapped but part of her tiny body poked out from between Katelyn’s fingers. She could move her head, twist slightly, and wave her arms, but her lower body was pinched between the pads of Katelyn’s fingers. Kim’s eyes stretched so wide it hurt as she was lifted in front of Katelyn’s lips. She was so close now her vision was completely filled with nothing but Katelyn’s glossy lips and the tip of her nose.

“Now I’m going to eat you,” the giant mouth said. “I’m going to put you in my mouth, taste you with my tongue, then swallow your tiny body whole. I offered you other pleasures but this is what you deserve for trying to escape. Instead of experiencing the hot shrine between my legs I’m going to send you down into my stomach where you’ll nourish my body.”

“No, no, please!” Kim shouted. “You’ll be digested. There will be nothing left of you. And then your friends will join you.”
“No, I’ll do anything you want. I’ll worship you, I’ll do what you say, I swear!” Kim pleaded. “I’ll do anything you say–AAAIIEEE!” Kim’s words morphed into a scream as Katelyn’s lips parted and her mouth blossomed open. Kim gazed into the abyss of the giant’s mouth–a mouth that seemed to open so wide it could swallow everything in sight. Kim was just a speck, a bug, and Katelyn’s mouth was like a vast living cavern. A tongue, pink, smooth, and glistening with saliva, gently rocked back and forth. Kim could see the little bumps of taste-buds dotting its lustrous surface. To the sides of Katelyn’s mouth, top and bottom, were two rows of straight, white teeth. The teeth were so white and polished that light danced off their gleaming surfaces. Katelyn’s molars were so huge that Kim could easily stand on top of one. For a split second Kim imagined what that would be like, standing there while Katelyn’s jaws closed, her teeth coming together to crush Kim between them–but then Kim noticed the most horrific site of all–Katelyn’s throat.

Deep in the cave of Katelyn’s mouth, far in the back, an archway made of pink flesh gently flexed and relaxed in rhythm with the giant woman’s breathing. In the center of the archway, a ball of pink flesh hung down slightly: Katelyn’s uvula. Behind the uvula was a wet glistening wall. The wall descended down beyond the back of Katelyn’s tongue and into darkness. Everything was in motion. Katelyn’s tongue wriggled, lifted, and then lowered again. Her throat flexed; her uvula lifted high and then lowered again. And then Katelyn’s fingers started to move toward her lips.

Kim screamed. She pushed against the pads of the fingers that held her, pushed with all her might. But they wouldn’t budge. She was hopelessly trapped. Hot humid breath wafted from Katelyn’s throat and gusted across Kim’s tiny body. “NO, NO, NO!” Kim continued to scream as she was propelled forward, through the portal of Katelyn’s lips, past her front teeth, and into the immense cave of her mouth.

Fingers released their grip and Kim fell screaming onto Katelyn’s waiting tongue below. She landed against its wet surface and immediately felt the strangeness of the tongue’s texture between her fingers. She tried to get to her feet. The tongue rolled, never keeping still. It was undulated like the surface of a lake. Kim lost her balance and screamed as she fell spread-eagled onto the tongue. She twisted, scrambled, tried again, all the time doing her best to ignore the enormous teeth surrounding her and the immense throat in the distance. Kim stood. Katelyn’s tongue rocked slightly to the left and Kim fell down again amidst the tiny dome-like taste-buds.

A shadow passed across Kim’s body. It was getting dark. Katelyn was slowly closing her mouth! Kim saw the giant’s teeth coming closer and closer together. “No please don’t eat me!” she shouted, her skin coated with saliva, Katelyn’s jaws  closed. “I’ll do anything. I’ll worship you! You’re my goddess! Please!”

All the light went out as Katelyn’s mouth closed. It was pitch black. Kim didn’t know which way she was facing anymore. Suddenly the interior of Katelyn’s mouth became a blur of motion. The giant went to work using her tongue to flip, push, pull, slide, and roll Kim across the interior of her mouth. Kim screamed when she could, but most of the time all she could do was endure the treatment as she was tossed and flicked around at dizzying speed. Her poor little body was pressed against Katelyn’s hard palate, pushed across smooth cheek walls, placed on top of hard rocky molars, and then lifted off again. She was being tasted and toyed with. This treatment seemed to go on forever. Kim didn’t know how much longer she could endure it. It was hard to breath. It was hot; thick saliva coated her like transparent slime.

Suddenly light burst into Katelyn’s mouth. She had opened her jaws just a bit, just to let some light in. Kim was breathing heavily. Her body ached from being tossed around so violently. Her heart hammered against her ribcage. Where was she? Things looked–different. When Kim’s eyes adjusted to the light once more a new wave of horror gripped her. After being tossed and pushed around so much in Katelyn’s mouth, Kim’s tiny body had come to rest on the wall of Katelyn’s throat, just behind her dangling uvula. The thick saliva acted almost like glue, plastering Kim’s miniscule body against Katelyn’s throat wall like a crumb of un-swallowed food. Looking straight ahead, Kim was looking at the outside world from as deep inside Katelyn’s mouth as was possible. Katelyn’s lips, and the kitchen beyond, seemed so far away.

Kim looked down. She didn’t want to but she felt compelled to look. Just below her, down even farther than the back of Katelyn’s tongue–whose taste-buds were much larger back here–was a dark pit. It was Katelyn’s gullet, the entrance to her esophagus, the deep tunnel leading to her deadly stomach far below. Kim whimpered. She wanted to yell, scream, plead for the giant not to swallow, but she knew it was too late. Katelyn was going to swallow and Kim new she would disappear down that dark wet tunnel beyond her feet.

Katelyn closed her mouth and then finished it. She swallowed. She knew the tiny woman was stuck at the back of her mouth. She let out a moan of pleasure as she felt the barely perceptible morsel slide down her throat.

“Mmm, so tasty,” Katelyn said, turning her eyes back to the two remaining women she held in her hand. “Your friend is in my stomach now. Who wants to join her?”

“No, no, not me, please!” Myra shouted, her Latina accent growing more pronounced the more frightened she became. “Take her, take her!” she yelled, pointing at Jenna.

“Hey, what the hell? No! Don’t eat me, eat her!” Jenna said.

“My, my,” Katelyn boomed. “You two bugs still don’t get it. You should be falling to your knees worshiping me, but instead you continue to yell and scream and fight amongst yourselves. Stupid little bugs. Maybe I should keep you two around. Maybe in time you’ll learn how lucky you are to be allowed to live as insects in my house…but I liked the way your friend felt as I rolled her around with my tongue. I could feel her tiny arms and legs squirming as I swallowed her. I want more. I want…you.”

Myra took a startled step backwards as Katelyn’s fingers reached for her. Myra fell on her backside, landing on the smooth skin of Katelyn’s palm. She screamed and put a hand up in front of her face as if she could ward off the giant fingers. Jenna screamed as well and dove out of the path of Katelyn’s fingers as they gently pinched Myra’s body and took her away. Myra, held the same way Kim had been–legs trapped, arms and shoulders visible between Katelyn’s fingers–squirmed as hard as she could. She didn’t care if she slipped out from between Katelyn’s fingers and fell to the floor far below; she just wanted out.

Wide, full lips filled Myra’s vision. “So pretty,” Katelyn said, eying the tiny woman between her fingers. “Such luxurious hair; such a sexy body. When I found you this morning I knew I just had to have you, but I didn’t think it would be as a snack. Now, you’re just a tiny, sexy insect. I bet you’re only a few calories. My body will digest and absorb you in no time. I don’t know how much sustenance I can get from someone like you…still…” Katelyn slowly opened her mouth.

“Ahhhh, NOOO!” Myra screamed as Katelyn’s mouth yawned open. Myra’s head swung from side to side. The cave of a mouth in front of her was so huge she could hardly comprehend it. She looked in horror at the enormous white gleaming teeth, the pink walls, the wet velvety tongue, and the throat that looked like it could swallow a house.

Katelyn paused. “I’m going to put you on my tongue,” she said to the tiny woman she held. “I’m going to press you into its soft, silky surface and push you all the way into my throat, tasting you the entire way.” Done taunting the woman, Katelyn opened her mouth wide once more but this time she extended her tongue toward the woman she held.

The tiny woman fought with all her might, pushing against the pads of the giant fingers to either side of her. Myra watched, wide eyed, as a massive wet pink tongue extended toward her. It was so close she could see every tiny bump and detail of its fibrous texture. Myra’s breath caught in her throat. Her heart raced faster and faster. Her body tensed as Katelyn moved Myra toward her tongue and then–Myra was pressed into its soft surface and held there by the pad of Katelyn’s index finger.

The world turned pink. Myra squirmed against the soft surface of Katelyn’s tongue. She was in a panic, held tightly against the tongue and unable to breathe normally. Her arms thrashed; she kicked with her legs. Saliva splashed up over her body coating her skin from head to toe and plastering her long dark hair to her back.

There was sudden movement. Myra felt her body sliding along the slippery surface of the tongue beneath her. It was like gliding across ice except instead of being cold it was warm; instead of being smooth the surface was coated in tiny bumps. Katelyn was slowly pushed the ant-like woman into her mouth, right along the centerline of her tongue! Myra wanted to scream but her throat was raw from all the yelling she had done already. She continued to kick and squirm. Everything was happening so fast! She managed to tilt her head away from the surface of the tongue and look to the right. She saw massive teeth sliding by as she was pushed deeper into Katelyn’s mouth. Myra couldn’t believe how small she was, how helpless. The oppressive weight of the finger on top of her was impossible to escape from, no matter how hard she struggled.

Realizing all was lost, Myra stopped fighting. She let her body be pushed along the giant tongue, over dozens and dozens of taste-buds, some of which seemed to be larger the further into Katelyn’s mouth she traveled. Myra craned her neck and looked straight ahead. There was Katelyn’s throat, the pink archway loomed straight ahead, coming closer–closer. Hot breath wafted across Myra’s soaked body as she slid toward Katelyn’s waiting gullet, her throat getting closer, the hanging uvula seeming to grow larger and larger. There was more breath from deep within that throat, growing hotter, hotter, and more humid.

And then Myra finally did scream again. She couldn’t help it. Pain burst in her own throat as she let out a terrified final yell as she passed under Katelyn’s uvula. Still being pushed by Katelyn’s mighty finger, Myra traveled over the back of Katelyn’s tongue and followed its surface as it made a downward turn. Myra was gazing straight down Katelyn’s gullet now. Katelyn’s tongue and throat wall seemed to descend down into darkness–a confined space that was the entrance to the tunnel that led to her lethal stomach. Myra stared into the abyss, awestruck. She didn’t even notice Katelyn’s finger lifting from her back. The next thing she knew there was saliva flooding all around her. Darkness surrounded her as
Katelyn closed her mouth, and then she was pushed violently downwards as Katelyn swallowed.

“Mmm, oh yeah” Katelyn said after she swallowed. “Oh, wait.” Katelyn swallowed again. “Yes, there she goes. She was stuck there deep in my throat for a second, but she’s gone now, another tasty morsel nourishing my body. Now how about you–” Katelyn stopped midsentence as she looked down at the remaining woman in her hand. The woman was on her knees, bent forward with her forehead against the skin of Katelyn’s palm. The woman’s hands were stretched forward towards Katelyn in supplication.

“Oh goddess I worship you,” Jenna said in a tiny, barely perceptible voice. Katelyn raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Well, well, it looks like one of you has learned their lesson after all. So little bug, if I wanted to put you between my toes and have you worship them like a shrine, you’d do it?

“Yes, anything,” the tiny woman shouted.
“And if I choose to press you against that special place between my legs, you’ll do whatever you can to please me?”
“And if I told you told to walk into my mouth and jump down my throat to join your friends?”
“Yuh—yes, anything you say,” Jenna answered.
“Good, you’ve passed the test. For now. I’ll keep you around for another day.”

Jenna quaked with fear but kept her head bowed to her new goddess. She was taken away and carried into Katelyn’s bedroom to begin her new life as the giant’s diminutive servant.


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