By Mushroom Black– Featuring: Giantess, Sandals, Crush, Toes, Gas Torture, Bus, Anal, Gruesome Details

Katelyn was unbelievably tall now, her beautiful body being clad in naught but a skimpy black thong which showed off her more than generous amount of ass-flesh; she literally was a tower, dripping filth from every pore down to the mortals below, when juxtaposed to the pathetic town of Chatham.  Katelyn strode to the main street of the pitiful town, each sexy step showing off her long and delicious legs, while her flip-flop clad feet sent shockwaves through the cracking pavement of the streets.  Her feet made peoples eyes water profusely and their stomachs retch immediately – the stench from her sweating feet, combined with her rotten flip-flops were washing the streets with an odor that was beyond foul.

People who tried to run away, because they were too close to her monolithic feet, were quickly and nonchalantly snapped up by her toes when she was merely taking a step.  Katelyn did not notice at all, and if she had wouldn’t even care, too far removed as she is from such petty concerns of non-entities, as the pitiful souls were slowly churned apart and ground up in the foul, toxic wasteland that was the area between her massive, sweating toes, and her grime smeared soles of her flip-flops.  Before long, the people had simply been turned into indistinct piles of toe-jam, spilling out of the grime and filth factory that are Katelyn’s feet and toes.  Forms that had once been people had been so swiftly turned into masses of toe-sludge, melted away into a sea of sweat and toe-ooze spouting from between the hideously foul valleys of each toe, those areas that are completely barren and devoid of mercy and anything not suiting the continual production of Katelyn’s all-consuming, all-penetrant, foot by-products.  Each one was now just a shifting, morphic monument composed of rotten sediments and transmuted debris, dedicated to the irresistable process that relieved them of their pitiful mortal-coils, and brought them into harmony with what they truely were – merely materials to be used and molded by Katelyn’s divine body, as however her moulding, halitosis-spewing feet saw fit.  No consciousness of it was experienced by Katelyn herself – she dwells on a much higher plane, too far removed from such trite things, no the decision is relegated to her raunchy, punishing feet – the mediators between a Goddess such as Katelyn and this lower world in which we dwell, and a vessel to enact her divine wrath upon the worthless mites populating this plane.

Indiscriminate and merciless her feet are, the reaper of a harvest, as child, elderly, or any other was sucked into the gravity of her cyclopean feet.  The ones who managed to barely escape had no time to even scream at what was happening to their loved ones, so concerned they were at saving themselves, and convinced to their bones at the futility of trying to save any who were “chosen” by the magnificent wisdom of Katelyn’s filth-encrusted feet.  And those were snatched up barely had any time to scream themselves, though many managed to properly prepare themselves as sacrifices by doing so, as they would quickly see others who had only briefly arrived before themselves being transformed by this arch-odious, terrifying process of abysmal stink and disgust.  These “chosen” ones would see their own fate happening before them, and only milliseconds later be thrust headfirst between Katelyn’s hungry toes, expulsing fumes of unimaginable stink from the seemingly never ending process.  They were then ritually cleansed by being baptized completely in the lakes of her tepid foot sweat, with the air only being a medium to transport the dank, humid heaviness of Katelyn’s roving stench.  Then, following the gyrating motion of her earthshaking footsteps, the anointed are hurled into the deepest, slimiest recesses of her toe-valleys, and literally line the walls in that stinking-Sheol as the piles of toe jam, made from others like themselves, surge and froth beneath and above them, piling into their open mouths in answer to their wailing, quickly obliterating them and any infantile notions they might have held of escape.  The divine makes no mistake – the process could not be stopped until Katelyn would perhaps someday deign it to be so, if she ever even could notice these pathetic whisps of flesh being munched to pieces in the swampy-hell of which her feet held absolute dominion.  Her feet literally drained the people of color and life – her feet literally ate them alive and spit them back out as testaments to the awe-inspiring power of Katelyn Goodrich, as this was only a hint at her true power, after all, if this was a unconscious process on her part (yet conscious for her magnificent and fiendish feet, which truly had a consciousness of their own – two partners in crime) then imagine if she was actually attempting to do this, and focused all of her attention upon it?  The world would never smell the same again…

But what was even worse smelling, by far, was the series of seemingly near-endless farts exploding from Katelyn’s ass.  One after the other they sounded off in succession, with each being more potent and raunchy than the last – a concatenation of frothy sounding farts, wet and crackly at the same time.  People on the streets were already vomitting from the now-poisoned air, because Katelyn’s farts were displacing the once pure mountain air with her bodies own toxic by-products – farts that were hot and wet, the air slowly invading peoples lungs and coating them with an awful film of ass-gass.

Katelyn laughed at the plight these people were in – choking and even having the life sucked out of them by her powerful ass, merely spewing the gassy air from her intestines was quickly draining the health from every person who got trapped in the wake of her farts.  Noticing a school bus trying to speed away and avoid the stinky fate that was engulfing Main Street Chatham, Katelyn merely took a few thunderous steps, and knocked the bus on its side by stomping her foot down on the last step, curling her filthy toes in anticipation of the fate she had devised for the occupants.

Grasping the yellow bus in her sweaty fingers and palms, Katelyn brought it up to face level and smirked lustfully at the occupants – all of them highschoolers with the exception of the middle-aged male bus driver.  Finally she boomed out to them, “WELL WELL, I KNOW HOW MUCH EVERYONE IN THIS SHITTY TOWN LIKES TO LOOK AT MY FINE ASS, SO NOW ALL OF YOU WILL GET A FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE OF HOW DANGEROUS IT CAN BE TO GROW UP LIKE THE PERVERTED ADULTS HERE – YOU WILL GET TO GO INSIDE MY ASS, A NICE FIELD TRIP FOR YOU ALL, AND THE LAST YOU WILL EVER TAKE IN FACT!”

And with that sentiment, echoed by the screams of the terrified teenagers, Katelyn gleefully lowered the yellow submarine (as it was soon to become) to her hungering ass, which had impatiently awaited this moment by belching forth the caustic scent of her bowels unselfishly for the whole town to enjoy.  Pulling down her bathing suit bottom, the back of which was so permeated with stench that no amount of washing could ever remedy it (though Katelyn would never dream of doing such a thing anyways), and the wet splatter of bits of shit-chunks looming between her sweaty, moist ass cheeks.

Deftly peeling the swampy realm of her ass open, the smell that confronted the teenagers was ungodly and many of them were instantly reduced to tears of fear and disgust, especially when the ear-numbing sound of her farts began to bombast them.  Combined with the nose-numbing (as it literally burned away nerves) and lung-raping smell of her forceful fulmination of foul fumes, the teenagers were literally being mentally wiped clean and physically purged by constant vomiting and the powerful bludgeoning of the sound – the purification and consecration before the sacrifice.  The back of the bus (to prevent quick escape, even if it meant falling to their deaths Katelyn wanted them all to plunge to a stinky hell) finally made contact with Katelyn’s pouting asshole, pouting because it was so eager to take these lives, and the squishy sound of the tryst sealed the fates for all aboard the school bus, especially when the back door opened into that black pit of doom.

The bus driver was the first to fall from his seat into that abyss of pungent shit and gas, tripping in his attempt to steady himself and guide the teenagers to the front door of the bus.  He was greeted by a fart that seared off some of his first layer of skin, sweeping over him and anointing him before sinking with a ‘splat’ into the ever-enlarging brown eye that was a portal to the smelliest layer of hell, for sure.  More teenagers were soon to follow, and before long some shit was even visible in that quickly growing circumference of the ‘mouth’ of Katelyn’s ass; any person that fell in there was guaranteed to nearly-instantly be driven to utter insanity by the life-altering smell, especially when being churned in her fresh, still contained shit, akin to magma before erupting into lava.  Even now Katelyn farted more than before, as if her ass was overwhelmed by the excitement of devouring all the fresh souls and couldn’t contain the lustful joy, needing to ‘vent’ in some way.

Note: “Teenager(s)” in this story refers to those 18 years of age and older.

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