Giantess Katelyn visits Hong Kong

By GtsMakerDJ — Featuring: Giantess, Vore, Growth

Katelyn had always wanted to visit Hong Kong but she’d never been able to get the required visas. But now that she was a giantess, who could stop her from visiting?

You were lucky to be visiting the city too. You’d had the right contacts to get the required paperwork sorted. Since their government cracked down on foreign tourism, getting into Hong Kong had become near impossible. It was a shame you thought to yourself looking across the city from the hilltop, it really was a beautiful view – and it was about to get more beautiful.

You saw something on the horizon out at sea and soon after heard the sound of sirens. No one had told you what to do if the sirens went off so you stayed out to see what was happening. You were so transfixed with the shapely object out at sea you didn’t notice the streets emptying. It wasn’t long till you saw it was a giantess heading towards the city, you couldn’t tear your eyes away.

She was stunning, with curves that filled your head with indecent thoughts – even if she could crush you with her fingertips. It wasn’t until she came into the harbour that you realised how big she was. You thought briefly about whether hiding might have been a good idea but it was probably useless, at her size she could bring a foot down and level all of Kow Loon.

The giantess laid down on her front in the river and surveyed the city. She looked disappointed at first, then her vision found you. You knew giantesses had sharpened vision but never realised they could pick a tiny person out from a metropolis – but now you did as you felt the her gigantic gaze fall on you.

“Hey, are you a tourist too?” her voice rumbled over the city.

There was a moment of silence when you stood paralysed, only when she raised an eyebrow did you realise you were expected to reply, “Um, yes – first time here.”

She smiled, she must have heard your timid response – no doubt being a giantess sharpened the hearing too.

“How are you finding it so far?” she enquired, still looking straight at you.

“Oh its great.” you gushed, “The food is great, and the people are so nice.”

“That’s good to hear, I actually came for the food and people – though they all seem to be hiding at the moment. Found anywhere good for eating?”

Her question caught you off-guard, could she shrink back down and visit restaurants you wondered – maybe you could join her for a meal you hoped. “Um, well there’s a place near the riverside that I’ve been going to that serves some amazing noodles.”

“Oh?”, she hovered her finger over some of riverside tower, “is it one of these?”

It was difficult to tell which one from up here but you hazarded a guess, “I think its the one in the middle.”

“This one?” she asked hovering over the one you meant. As soon as you nodded she plucked the building out of the ground, like picking a strawberry off a bush, and popped it in her mouth. She chewed and moaned for a moment before swallowing it down.

You saw as her body started digesting the building that she swelled up in size even more. You could see her panties being pushed down by her expanding ass and her hips growing closer to the shorelines. She’d kept her attention on you the whole time, even now as she cooed with pleasure letting her snack digest.

“That was delicious.” she rumbled. “Which should I try next?” she then asked you, running her fingers above more buildings.

You gulped, no doubt if you failed to make a recommendation you – and likely the hill you were stood on – would be her next snack. As you tried to make a decision she giggled,

“You were right, the people here are nice.”

Story and Collage by GtsMakerDj