Giantess Katelyn is Unstoppable

By GtsMakerDJ — Featuring: Impenetrable Giantess


Shortly after scrambling the pilots’ worst fears were confirmed. The rumors were true – an unimaginably huge woman was causing untold destruction in the city and they were supposed to stop her. High-command had authorized them to use the highest-grade ordnance that they carried on her, this gave the pilots some hope; sure she was big, but they reckoned their missiles would give her something to think about.
As they approach the enormous woman one of the pilots had to bite his tongue, he recognized her. It was Giantess Katelyn, the well-known internet star – at least well-known to him. He’d watched 100s of her videos where she pretended to be a giantess, now it seemed she had found a way to actually become one. As he stared, wondering how she’d grown, the order came in to fire.


“I’m sorry giantess” he whispered, before pulling the trigger.


The barrage of missiles impacted but she felt nothing from the explosions. Her thick skin meant that the resulting explosions didn’t even leave a mark on her. She took great pleasure in the knowledge that the tiny pilots had gone all in against her and couldn’t even leave a scratch. She moaned with the enjoyment of demonstrating her superiority so absolutely. They could throw everything they had against her and she wouldn’t even blink, she could take a single step and wipe out a city block.


She felt like demonstrating her power to the tiny pilots trying to bother her so picked a target – the nearby spire. Her hand passed through the observation deck of the city’s biggest landmark as if it was nothing. She didn’t feel the heat of the explosion she caused, she didn’t feel for the tiny people she’d smashed against her immense hand – all she felt was intense pleasure.


The knowledge that every pair of the eyes in the city was on her luscious body and that nothing could be done to stop her was making her juices flow non-stop – a constant stream down her legs. As another barrage of missiles impacted harmlessly into her back the pleasure was too much – she came.


This was not the reaction the pilots were hoping for.


Story and Collage by GtsMakerDj