Critical Mass

By Tim — Featuring: Mega Giantess, Crush, Handheld

I was in my office, typing routine reports for the generals when it happened. That day a full scale test of the magnifier was scheduled, so I took no notice of the huge machine, powered up and emitting its constant low rumble, audible everywhere around the base. I was typing my reports when I noticed the light from the window suddenly dim, as if a huge cloud had passed in front of the sun. Absorbed in my work, I took no notice, but then I heard shouts and noise from the other offices, the whole complex seemed to have suddenly started to panic. I went to the window, people outside were running around frantically, some were just frozen where they stood, I glanced over at the magnifier.

“oh fuck!”

Adrenaline began very suddenly to flood my body as I perceived what had happened. The magnifier test was intended to experimentally boost a lab rat up to 3 meters as a demonstration of the technology, but something had gone disastrously wrong. A pair of immense female shins loomed over the base from the magnifier building. Trembling, I peered out of the window, trying to figure out who the colossal woman was, but I could see no higher than her vast knees. I tried to force myself to believe this was an accident, but reason demanded otherwise. Only 5 people in the world – all young women – were known to be capable of absorbing the ganz field at full power, and as security director my job was to see to it that none of them ever came near the base in peace time. My worst fears were confirmed as the girl slowly swung her colossal bare foot over the wall of the magnifier. She stepped on the base with absolutely no regard for the destruction she was causing, or the lives she was taking. Her first footstep crushed the F and B complex offices, the officer’s car park, the helipad, the mess hall and most of the F29 hangers. I saw the buildings demolished, huge brick walls collapsing, crushing people and machinery, as the devastating earthquake threw me to the floor. Before the terrible roar had subsided a second devastating blow fell, shaking the foundations of the building. I could not see from the window, but knew her left foot must have done at least as much damage as the right. She was now standing directly over my building, again I strained to see, but could only perceive that massive, sleek bare foot resting ominously on the destroyed rubble and twisted metal shapes in the courtyard, her soft, gently rounded calf muscles seemed to stretch to infinity above me, but then she laughed, a sweet, deep, giggling sound. I recognized the laugh.

“fuck” I repeated “Katelyn Brooks!”

I had personally interviewed all 5 of the potential subjects and knew Brooks to be easily the worst, most dangerous and unpredictable of all of them. She was naturally dominant, sadistic, and completely devoid of respect for the military establishment. I had personally recommended she be assassinated soon after she was identified because of the threat she posed to civilization. We had eventually eased up our surveillance of her because she had no idea of the nature of our project, and no contact with anyone who might inform her of the strategic situation. The magnifier was designed to instantly increase the subject up to the critical point – the level at which they were so huge that no known force could deter them even slightly. Katelyn Brooks at the critical was the very thing I was employed to prevent, and I had failed. Massive shadows fell and a colossal thud shook the building. Thinking we were being stepped on, I cowered under a desk, expecting the inevitable force to descend, but the building lurched. I was spilled together with all the loose furniture towards the window as the entire building rolled over. The opposite wall began to crumble and objects and people from the adjoining room poured in through the door. Chairs and desks fell past me through the window. A screaming soldier clung to the swinging door.

“major!” he cried “whats…?”

There was a terrible rumbling sound and 3 of the walls began to collapse, bricks and plaster spilling out through the window to land on the smooth, pink surface outside. I could feel the entire building rising rapidly. More brickwork along with several dead bodies fell past me. The wall i was lying on began to crack directly beneath me.

“let go!” I yelled to the soldier “we cant stay in here!”

He just screamed and cried. I realized I had to take my chances. I scrambled out through the window and dropped with a soft plop onto the smooth surface of the woman’s colossal palm. I landed near a pile of furniture and dead bodies. The panicking soldier followed soon after me, still screaming in fear and confusion. The collapsing building would no doubt have squashed us, but fortunately for us, the giantess chose that moment to scoop up the remains in her other hand and fling them nonchalantly away. The sight of the girls hand effortlessly sweeping away the huge building seemed to sober up the soldier. He became quiet. Our tactical situation was not good. We had escaped death only by fleeing onto our enemy’s right hand. Survival for us depended on the giant woman carefully lowering her hand and allowing us, perhaps with the aid of huge ladders, to climb down the sides of her fingers to safety. Or perhaps she would stand very still and let a copter rescue us. It didn’t seem likely. Brooks was, of course, completely naked. With the building gone we could see every terrible majestic detail of our monstrous enemy’s colossal upper body. We were held level with her mountainous breasts, the gently curved skin and titanic soft muscles transfixed us. I found that I was experiencing a vigorous erection, sweet intoxication blended with my mortal fear. It was some time before we realized that her colossal dark eyes were staring directly down at us. Held and devastated by those massive eyes I was unable to move or scream. The soldier was whimpering and calling on various gods. Katelyn giggled and swept away a vast pile of debris with her finger. Far, far above 3 jet planes swooped in and launched missiles which burst against the woman’s immense chest. The tiny distant explosions only served to emphasize our powerlessness.

“Hey!” the colossal voice shook our bones “that itches!” the titaness retaliated with a swift, deft motion of her left hand, instantly squashing 2 of the planes. The 3rd was swept from the air by the huge wash of turbulence caused by the giant woman’s massive bare arm and went spiraling to the ground. A distant boom alerted us to the fact that she had decided to step on the jet’s remains, along with whatever warehouses and office complexes it had hit near, gratuitously grinding her pretty foot into the rubble and giggling. The massive nude woman turned her attention back to us. Her huge merciless eyes seemed to force us down into the smooth surface of her palm. We were rising higher and higher towards the girl’s elegant, brutal face. Her breath hit us, blasting us into the little cracks at the base of her fingers, the monster pursed her lips and gently blew. The soldier was thrown, screaming into the atmosphere at vast speed. It would take him several minutes to fall to earth, miles from the base. I was blasted into the base of her middle finger. Ahead of me, Katelyn’s mouth loomed bigger and bigger. Suddenly I was rammed with unimaginable force past the colossal ravines of her lips into the vast cavernous mouth. Massive floods of water buffeted me and I found myself sprawling, ribs and legs broken on the craggy surface of a huge, white rock. A tooth, I realized. Katelyn’s mouth slammed shut with a devastating thud.

To be continued…

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