Broken Truck

By Chloe Stewart — Featuring: Farting, SM,¬†Ass Slave, SW

Ken had quite a lonely life, he didn’t really know many people because he travelled a lot for work. He normally just went to the same places but this week, he had to go to a place he had never heard of and he wasn’t confident using a map
so he was nervous.

Ken got in his truck and he was already struggling to work out where to go but he couldn’t ask for directions because the only people he could see were girls, he had never been good at talking to girls and never had a girlfriend, so he
set off.

It had been a few hours and it was late when his truck broke down, it was pitched black so he couldn’t see anything around him so he decided to sleep in his truck for the night and call for help in the morning.

Ken woke up and he had drooled all over his clothes and his legs were sore so he got out to stretch. When he got out and started to walk around, he saw a big house, it was incredible and it had a huge drive-way.

Ken stood, staring at the house and he noticed a girl walking towards his truck. She was perfect, she had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and her body was the best he had ever seen, she was wearing black yoga pants and a pink t-shirt.
She was getting closer and closer, the closer she got, the better she looked.

She finally reached him and she asked him what was up, Ken struggled to tell her what happened and when he finally found the words, she spoke again and asked him what he was doing out here alone. He couldn’t say anything, he was stunned.

“Are you ok? You look a mess, do you want to come to my house to get cleaned up?” Ken nodded and she started walking to her house, Ken followed.

“Hey I didn’t get your name? I’m Katelyn by the way” she asked.

“Ken” he muttered back

“So Ken, what brings you out here?” she questioned

“Work” he said. He found the courage to ask her if she lived in the huge house alone and she said “kind of”.

“How can someone kind of live alone?” He wondered.

They were almost at the house and Ken couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful ass. She noticed and asked him “do you like the view?” With a smile. He said sorry and she said it was fine.

Katelyn seemed really nice, the nicest person he had ever spoken to.

They got in the house and Katelyn locked her door and turned to Ken. “So you like my ass do you?” Ken didn’t know what to say, he was speechless. She said “well you couldn’t take your eyes off it back there”

“Can I use your bathroom?” He asked nervously

Her bathroom was incredible, so clean and white. Ken was about to clean his face when Katelyn walked in, completely naked and asked him if he wanted a sandwich. He nodded, his face bright red. She looked even better, she was so tanned,
golden skin and everything.

He finished washing up and went into the kitchen and Katelyn was there, still naked, she said “I got you some orange juice, that ok?” Ken just nodded and sat at the table to eat. Katelyn stared at him as he ate. He couldn’t eat, he just
sat there. “Aren’t you going to eat?” She asked. He said that he wasn’t that hungry. She frowned a little, “but you said you wanted a sandwich”. “I’m not really that hungry. “Well eat it anyway, I made it for you”. “No” Ken said, feeling
brave. “Just do what you’re told”. “Excuse me?” He said, rudely. “What the hell is your problem? I made you a sandwich now eat it, we need to work on your commands”. “What do you mean by that? I’m going home later”. “Oh no you’re not,
you’ll be staying here forever”. “I don’t want to”. “It doesn’t matter what you want, you are my slave now. I’ll make you a deal, if you eat the sandwich, I’ll let you touch my ass”. Ken didn’t want to be her slave but he had never
touched anyone’s ass before so he agreed.

“Remember to drink your juice to”. He finished eating the sandwich and it was great, he had never eaten anything better so maybe being her slave wouldn’t be so bad if he got to eat stuff like that. She told him to get on his knees and
close his eyes. He did and she said “after this, you’ll be my little slave forever”.

Ken was nervous but excited too, he didn’t know what was going to happem. He felt her ass cheeks on his face, she spread them apart so his face was completely in her ass. She started to laugh and said “this is my favourite bit”. After
that, she let go a huge fart, Ken pulled back in shock. “What the fuck are you doing? That’s disgusting”. As he pulled back, Katelyn turned round and smiled, he started to get smaller and smaller. He didn’t know what was going on, he
kept shrinking until he was about 3 inches tall. He was now completely naked and Katelyn stood over him.

She bent down and picked him up. He was screaming and shouting, all of his shyness was gone. Katelyn just laughed. She lifted him to her mouth and put him in, he was covered in her saliva.

Katelyn pulled him out and explained that he had been shrunk and that he was now her ass slave. She got dressed and put him in her panties, she was about to go on a run.

“It’s about to get really hot and wet down there Ken!” Ken passed out and woke up to a lot of light, Katelyn had taken him out of her panties for now. They were in her bedroom. She pushed out a big fart while looking into his eyes. She
started to laugh and she sat up a bit and put him under her ass. She sat there for a few hours and tortured him. “I have to use the bathroom, I’ll take you with me but if you try anything, I’ll flush you along with my shit”. Ken obeyed
and Katelyn finished her shit and flushed but she didn’t wipe. “What you really think that’s my job?” She walked back into the bedroom with him in her hand, put him in her panties and then she pulled them up, giving herself a wedgie.
“Hope that feels nice because that’s gonna happen a lot from now on”.

When she had finished humiliating him, she put him inside one of her socks and she walked with it into a room with loads of drawers, she opened one and she put Ken inside one of the drawers. There were loads of tiny people there, she
told them all his name and that he would be staying with them now. Katelyn put her ass at the top of the drawer and all of the tiny people ran over to her. She let out a huge fart and closed the drawer, laughing and saying “good luck

Ken was in shock, he asked one of the tiny people why they loved the smell of her farts so much and they told him that they love everything about her. Ken was confused, and asked the same guy how long he had been here for. He said that
he had been there for 70 years. Ken was confused, he looked so young. He told Ken “as long as we are her slaves, we are immortal. She is god, she will stay young forever and so will we, we worship her, she is our life”. “So I will be her
slave, doing everything for her, forever?” Ken asked. The man replied “yes, it is amazing, I don’t know where my life was going before my car broke down outside her house, Katelyn is a goddess and we must worship her”.

By Chloe Stewart

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