A Tight Place

By Carlos — Featuring: hands, gloves, shrunken man


One can become hers in many ways, Katelyn has enough tools at her disposal to do so. She loves trying them all and finding new means. One of Katelyn’s latest additions is this concoction called “Faerie Essence” she got from a Renaissance Faire. She offers it to anyone who wants to be hers, they’ll have a good drink and wait for it to take effect.


You’re the last of Katelyn’s fans to join her collection like this. She offered you a sip of this cheesy-named potion at that convention. And yes, you’ve become hers. The fact that the “Faerie Essence” shrunk you and you’re two inches tall now isn’t really a problem, because you knew what you were up for to begin with, like anyone else.


Yes, being so small has its pros and cons, yet the experience overall is very pleasant. If Katelyn feels like it, you can get big, soft and wet kisses from her. Or you can go and massage her gigantic feet. Or help Katelyn with both her manicure and pedicure. Just follow her orders and rules, and she’ll be the gentlest giantess of all. Also, you never forget to take a drop of that “Faerie Essence” once a week to keep yourself at your new size.


And you have been so diligent, so obedient, you’ve became one of Katelyn’s most privileged pets. You don’t have to cram inside of a box, or a drawer, like many of the lesser ones. Oh no: she has a doll house in her bedroom for the lucky ones, and it all works like in a real one, even the toilet and the shower! The fact Katelyn can see you all living there because the house is missing its façade doesn’t bother you or any of the other small inhabitants. She’s your mistress after all and will do whatever she pleases. And you’re happy to comply.


But even these things come to an end. You know Katelyn can get easily bored, even when it comes to her favorite toys. And you have dropped in Katelyn’s ranking because even the most dedicated tinies have a limit and grow tired while serving their mistress. You can still stay in the doll house, but you’ll never forget her words after showing such mercy:


“As long as I have a use for you, it’ll be OK. But once I’m done with you, better give me a last good time. Or else…”


That ‘else’ can mean anything. You have seen Katelyn getting rid of those who don’t meet her expectations. You have witnessed tiny men and women being teased before going down her throat. Or grinded under her bare feet. Or crushed under her butt. And Katelyn has lots of fun every time she does so. It’s a warning for everyone else. You all are nothing but toys, easily disposable toys.


Suddenly, the booming sound of her steps takes you out of your train of thought. Katelyn’s wearing high heels; the sound is very distinctive. You get up of the sofa in the little living room and watch your roommates as they run to lock themselves in their respective rooms, even if there’s no use in that. They’re scared, and so are you. Your time as one of Katelyn’s favorites is long gone, and maybe this day is your last one.


She stops right in front of your doll house, her fancy dressed body towering everything, including the house itself. Her brown eyes have that beautiful yet deadly gleam, and her grin only means that it’s time to say goodbye to some tiny. You, in this case.


“Good morning, little one. How are you doing down there?”


Katelyn speaks in a soft voice, being sure you will hear her without hurting your ears —at your size, it can be very painful if she speaks in her usual tone. It’s the only concession she’s giving you.


“I need to do some errands today, and I thought I could take you with me. I’d like to test something.”


As Katelyn says so, her fingers close around you. For a second, the pressure cuts your breath and your lungs are crushed against your ribs. The next second, you are savoring the fresh air that fills you again as her fist loosens. She giggles at your petty suffering. How much she can change, you tell yourself: one day Katelyn is careful and gentle and kisses you with pleasure, and the next day you don’t know how she’ll enjoy offing you.


She carries you out of the bedroom and into the main hall, leaving you on a little table. There’s something else a few inches behind you, and the strong smell of leather gets in your nose. You recognize it while Katelyn carefully takes the first of the black leather gloves and shows it to you.


“I’ll be driving for long, so I need my hands to stay firm on the steering wheel. Besides, today I’m feeling fashionable.”


As Katelyn’s telling you that, she carefully puts her right hand inside the glove, ceremoniously placing each finger in its right place. She’s taking her time. You’re so mesmerized, or maybe you’re just too scared to do anything else but watch. Whatever it is, Katelyn’s enjoying it. And once she finishes with her right hand, she pokes you with a leather finger, and caress you with it, so you can feel and smell it.


“You like my finger, don’t you? How about you take a good sniff from it?”


You do so immediately. It is ten times more intense than you’ve imagined. Are you aroused or disgusted? You can no longer tell the difference.


“You’ll have to get used to that smell. Now, jump in.”


Katelyn offers you her bare left palm. There’s no other choice but to obey her very command. You climb Katelyn’s hand and lie down, your back against her palm. Katelyn smiles as she takes the remaining glove. You already know what she’s going to do. You’re suddenly covered by that fabric, and for a moment you think you’ll suffocate. But despite the strong smell, you can breathe, just as usual. But for how long?


You try to get as comfortable as possible, but it’s too tight. You can barely move inside her glove, and you hear her laughing at your puny attempts. Katelyn lifts the glove’s wrist a bit, showing a bit of her face.


“I want to know how long you’ll last. If by the end of the day you’re still alive, I’ll reward you. Try your best, because I highly doubt you’ll make it through.”


The next you know, she’s walking. Katelyn’s hand is clenched into a fist, pinning you against her palm, staying in your place for the bumpy ride. Inside her glove, you can hear everything: how she closes and locks the apartment’s door, how Katelyn’s rhythmical footsteps take you both to the car, the keys unlocking the car’s door… In the meantime, your leather prison gets shaky and the smell grows in intensity. It’s so strong you’re wondering whether you’ll pass out or not.


You hear the keys again, now starting the car’s engine. And then it comes: the moment of her firm, leather grip on the wheel. You’re lucky your back is against Katelyn’s palm or your spine would be broken. But the pressure is still too much for your little body, the solid steering wheel against your torso, and the leather rubbing your face, not letting the smell go. Through the fabric, Katelyn laughs.


“Get comfy, you’re staying there for quite a while, tiny.”


You can barely hear her now. Katelyn’s hand pressing against your tiny self and the wheel combined with the glove’s persistent fragrance make you feel dizzy. Is this going to end so quickly? Crushed in between flesh and leather? The worst you can think is that your tiny, smashed body, will ruin the inside of her glove.


You eventually lose track of the time and almost fall unconscious. The car’s vibration doesn’t let you pass out, yet you aren’t completely awake. That’s until the car suddenly stops, and she takes her hands from the steering wheel. You can hear Katelyn swear in a low voice. The vague sound of honking comes to your ears, as you regain a bit more of your consciousness. The stop, the honk, the swearing… It looks like Katelyn got herself into a traffic jam. A time as good as another to catch some air, even if it’s inside there.


Suddenly, you can feel the pressure of one of her right hand’s fingers against the fabric of her left glove’s palm. Katelyn knows where you are, she knows what to do to keep herself entertained while the car doesn’t move. Inside, you think this finger can crush you, but it is strangely gentle, taking in account Katelyn’s current mood. In fact, you feel aroused with every passing of her fingertip. She’s giggling, and you don’t squirm at all, letting her do anything. Is the idea of being so close to death what makes this more enjoyable? How? But listening to her giggles brings a bit of hope, or that’s what you want to believe.


The fun stops, and the car is on the move again. Katelyn’s hands are back on the wheel, and you feel the pressure again, only this time it is softer. Is this intentional? Or are you already used to the hardness of the steering wheel? You’re thankful, though, because it makes the rest of the trip less painful.


“First stop: the grocery store.”


Katelyn gets out of the car and closes the door behind her. Once again, her left hand encases you in a tight fist as she walks. The strength of her fingers makes it even more impossible to move in her glove. You have the urge to scream for help, despite the air becoming more and more unbreathable. Katelyn loosens her fingers a bit, she knows how to play with you. She’s planning to do this a lot, so like you were told, better get used to it.


She doesn’t hurry and takes her time with the groceries. When you think you’ll be heading somewhere else, Katelyn stops. You can hear other voices, greeting each other. A sudden move and… you’re patting someone’s back? Well, your body sure is, trapped as it is with no escape. She’s hugging someone else, tapping their back with her left hand. Has she forgotten you already? No, Katelyn knows you’re there, and if you could see her face, it would be full of twisted delight that others would mistake for cheerful happiness.


Someone else introduced, and they shake hands with her. Of course, Katelyn had to choose to greet them with her left hand. For a moment, you can see your own end there, all broken after a handshake, and the other person not knowing there was a shrunken person beneath the glove’s fabric. Speaking of that, you hear their compliments on how elegant she looks. It’s all fun and giggles for them, but for you it’s a never-ending survival test.


After a few more minutes of chit-chat, enough for getting some air after the almost-lethal handshake, Katelyn’s back in the car. Are you finally going back home? Or is she going somewhere else? She mentioned before the grocery store was her first stop, so…


Once again, she lifts the wrist of the glove to have a look at you. Katelyn’s not surprised you’re still alive, and even blows a kiss at you.


“You’re doing well for now. OK, there’s a music store I’d like to check, and after that I’ll get something to eat. Or maybe…”


You can see her tongue moisturizing her lips before Katelyn gets back to the wheel and drives to the music store. You can feel your body shivering after the thought of becoming her snack.


A few minutes later, and after accepting you’re starting to feel comfortable trapped in between Katelyn’s palm and the wheel, the car comes to a halt. In a few seconds, you hear some music and greetings. You try to figure out what will happen now. What can she do to make you suffer in a music store? There isn’t that much Katelyn can do with her hands, right?


Katelyn grabs something, and you can recognize it, despite your current size: it’s a headset, and she puts it on. Pressing her hands against it, she listens to the music. At first, you’re scared the soundwaves will hurt you, even if the headset and the glove’s fabric muffle the sound a bit, but what you’re hearing is a pleasant tune. It’s chill-hop, Katelyn loves listening to it, and you’d be enjoying it too if it weren’t for her left hand squeezing you once again, this time against the headset. At this rate, you’ll die anytime, even to the most relaxing music. Breathing is more and more difficult, and it doesn’t seem she’ll stop anytime sooner. She could listen to the whole album before stopping this little torture.


Though Katelyn eventually leaves the headset and your life is spared once again. Either that or you are more durable than expected. She then takes some discs and holds them with her left hand. Compared to the steering wheel or the headset, this is nothing, and in no time, you’re back to the car. Hoping Katelyn’ll get out of there, you’re surprised she isn’t driving. She’s just sitting there, as if time has stopped. What is she going to do next?


Katelyn’s left hand moves slowly and rests on her abdomen. And you hear that sound and remember what Katelyn told you before. She rubs her gloved hand against the roaring belly, letting you experience how huge it is compared to you, and what might be your fate. She taps it before having another look inside her glove, just to see how you’re doing. You must be really scared, because Katelyn laughs, and the laughter hurts your ears.


“Oh, you really thought I was going to eat you? I was kidding back then. What a little idiot you are… but that’s cute. I like it when you’re scared. I’ll get something else to eat, you aren’t even worth a nibble, you know?”


It occurs to you that, if Katelyn’s going to eat something, she’ll have to take her gloves off, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be free, even if it is for maybe half an hour. It won’t be comfortable eating with them on, and it will look weird. But for the sake of turning your last moments into your personal inferno, maybe she’ll go that far. Getting her gloves dirty will be worth it if that means you’ll never escape.


It doesn’t take long before Katelyn’s somewhere else, ordering a sandwich and a cold drink. She grabs the can with her left hand, and despite the glove in between that and you, the cold runs all over your body and makes you shiver. Once she’s back in the car, Katelyn leaves the sandwich and can on the dash. Katelyn’s hands move, so she can take her right glove off. You won’t be that lucky, the left glove is still on while Katelyn eats her sandwich with the right hand. And again, you are forced to feel the cold can against the fabric and your body. In the end, it’s the longest and coldest half an hour of your life.


At least, after her stop for a quick lunch, Katelyn declares you two are going back home. Though she reminds you that the day is far from over, and the way home seems long. Yet it is true that you have been used to both the glove’s smell and the steering wheel, and you are enjoying the soft fabric and the wheel’s roughness. And the leather fragrance has become something addictive. You sniff for long, in your encasement, and hear her laugh again. It’s clear she can hear you as you give in to your new fetish.


“Oh, you love leather now, right? I know what I’ll do when we’re home, little one.”


It’s another bumpy ride before you’re back home. At the apartment, it surprises you that Katelyn takes both of her gloves off so quickly, and lets you fall on that little table from before. The odor is all over you, and you also recognize something else. You pass your hand all over your back. It’s sweat. Yours or hers? It was so tight inside the glove you didn’t notice your back was all wet. In fact, almost forgot how Katelyn’s bare hands looked like, and now they’re in front of you, her fingers flexing and stretching, moving like little snakes.


“See? These days my hands are all sweaty. But don’t worry: there’s more where that came from… And because I’m not that bad, I give you permission to lick.”


Katelyn’s hands engulf you, no trapped in between her palms, all covered in sweat, like she implied. And the leather stink is there too, mixed with her body scent. You sniff and pass your little hands all over hers, so gigantic, so beautiful, so soft. You could caress them all day, and besides Katelyn said you could lick them. And with no second thoughts, you pass your tongue over a little part of her left palm. You can savor the sweat and leather, and you find it delicious. You keep licking and licking, being sure not to leave any inch untouched, till her hands move away.


“Now, now, I think you got enough, my tiny licker. I’ve been too generous. And remember what I said? You have to make it through this day…”


When she says so, Katelyn picks her gloves and puts them on again. She looks down, delighted once more, as her leather clad fingers move. She’s paying more attention to her left glove, and you can guess why.


“I know how attached you are to this. And it’s only fair I finish you off with my left gloved hand. Come here…”


Is Katelyn serious? Aren’t you supposed to survive until the end of the day? Yet it’s true she never told you how she’d handle you. Having you inside her glove is just a part of it, Katelyn can do many things and still never break her deal.


You can’t think of anything else, as the giant gloved hand traps you. You firmly close your eyes, thinking this will be over soon. You’re in between her fingers and her palm, as her fist tightens. You can’t do anything but to smell the leather and wait for your bones to be broken, leaving nothing but maybe just a stain on her palm. Once again, you are more concerned about ruining her gloves than the fact you’ll get killed by the cruel mistress that, not so long ago, was so caring with you.


Oh well, if this was the way it had to go, so be it.


But the moment never arrives. Instead, Katelyn opens her hand, as you’re lying on her palm. You feel your heart rapidly beating in your chest, your breathing is so fast you almost choke, all while you try to at least sit down and look at her.


Something has changed. She’s laughing, and she’s laughed a lot today. But it isn’t that cruel laughter. No, you recognize it, but your memories are of more pleasant times, not of being almost crushed to death in her hand. It’s a joyful laugh.


“Oh, that was so fun! You should have seen the look on your face when I grabbed you… And now it’s even more hilarious! You crack me up, little buddy!”


Katelyn keeps laughing and you, confused as you are, try to say something, but the fact you have been about to die has tired you more than you’d thought. Better sit on Katelyn’s palm and watch her having a great time.


“I guess you win. You know? You aren’t as useless as I thought. You gave me a good chuckle and you were so obedient and patient in the end. And you enjoyed your encasement in the end! And like I said, you’ll get your reward. I’m feeling generous, so you can choose it.”


Katelyn let you win in the end. After all, she’ll only get rid of those who are no longer funny or interesting, and at least you’ve made her laugh with your ridiculous reactions and attempts to survive. It’s better than nothing, you’re hers, in the end, so your fate is in Katelyn’s hands. And speaking of hands, you have the right idea for a reward. And after telling her so in your tiny voice, she nods and agrees that it’s a suiting prize for you.


You’re once again on the table. Katelyn looks at you, smiling, and lifts the glove’s wrist. You jump and make your way through it, fighting your way back to where you have been for most of the day. And for the rest of it. And who knows? Maybe you can spend most of your life like this and call this your new home.


Yes, your fate is truly in Katelyn’s gloved hands.