A Short Mega Story

By Mw — Featuring: Giantess, Growth, Feet

Katelyn brooks had always had the fantasy of growing big.
Really big. But no way of making it happen until a letter from a scientist came. The scientist had found a magic spell in a book he dug up while doing some history research. Having seen katelyns web site he just had to give the spell to katelyn.
He could only stair at katelyn brooks. She should be queen just like she has always wanted. She was with a doubt the most beautiful woman in the world. He almost felt like he should not even be aloud to look at this goddess. So he mailed the spell to her.
When Katelyn got the spell book with instructions she could not believe it. She laughed. If only it could really work.
She tossed the book aside and went back to her computer.
She was wearing a pair of flipflops, short shorts, and a black bikini top.
After being on the computer for awhile she looked over at the spell book. What the hell she thought. She quickly read the warning about there not being a reversal process.
Yea, yea.
She thought.
Whatever. How do I get big? She laughed to her self.
She also skiped to the part that said something about 1000 feet tall. She started reading the spell.
Suddenly she burst out of her apartment like a bomb had gone off. Katelyn Brooks could not believe what had just happened. She had grown to 1000 feet in just minutes. This was for real. Not make believe, Katelyn had grown to a big size.
It felt weird to Katelyn. This is what she had always dreamed about, but now it was for real.
She looked down at her sexy feet. She was wearing some simple flip-flops. But the flip-flops themselves were massive and weighed tons. She lifted her foot and steped down onto some houses.
To the people on the ground it was like a big bomb went off, but to katelyn it was just a big crunchy sound.
This is awesome, thought katelyn brooks. Aka, our new goddess. “Bow to me!” katelyn yelled.
People from all around the city of Miami droped to their knees. “Worship me, your new goddess, katelyn brooks.”
The masses yelled up to her, “hail katelyn brooks!!! Hail katelyn brooks!!!”
Katelyn smiled a devilish smile. This was not just a fantasy that she has had sence birth, but she was really a giantess. One that was being worshiped without question. She was no longer just an average hot girl. But a super hot giantess.
Suddenly katelyns thoughts were disrupted when she was hit by several missles that had been fired at her by the US Navy. The impact and explosions by the missles were big. Several buildings near by were distroyed by the explosions.
Katelyn did not even have a scratch on her beautiful silky smooth skin. Her skin is soft and dellicate but yet it was unfazed. Nor was there a hair burned on her sexy golder brown hair. She looked down and laughed. Not only was she un-harmed by some big bombs, but she was growing. Fast!
The energy from the bombs were absorbed into her georgous body.
“That was stupid,” katelyn yelled out to the ocean, at the Navy ships. She lifted her cute foot and slammed it into the ocean causing massive title waves that destroyed the ships and distroyed parts of Africa and America by massive waves.
The now 4000 foot tall katelyn raised her arms up to the sky. This was for real. Not a fantasy but here she was actually growing.
She soon passed the one-mile mark. There were no sighs that she would stop growing or if she ever would.
In Washington D.C. the president was advised at what had happened. Dam he thought. Our weapons only make this woman bigger and more powerful. “Signal to her our surrender,” he told his staff. They got to work.
At 3 miles tall katelyn started to feal her big soft boobs. They swelled in her bikini top. She jiggled them. People from all around looked at her swelling boobs.
Finally at 5 miles tall she stopped growing. She looked down. Way down at her sexy feet. That’s funny thought katelyn. I have just stood in one place and I have caused all this damage. Her now 4000 foot long, 500-foot thick flip-flops had bulldozed most of downtown Miami.
“Worship me! I am your goddess ruller!” Her voice boomed.
So loud infact that windows broke and a few thousand peoples ear drums poped.
Katelyn knew that the spell was irreversable. There was no way to ever shrink back again. “I am now in charge. I want pedicures. Lots and lots of them. Or else, she said, lifting up her foot and slamming it down on to what remained of downtown Miami.
3 weeks later.
After massive chaos erupted people started to calm down but work harder than they ever did before. There was a 6 and a half mile tall goddess living in the deserts of navada.
Katelyn walked there after distroying miami. She walked carefully. While she was big and to her it was like crushing bugs, she also had a gental side. These bugs, I mean slaves, were going to worship me without question, thought katelyn.
She wanted to show mercy to insignifant things. Still millions died. From her point of view she tried to avoid the big grey areas she still crushed lots of people. She ‘accidently ’droped her flipflop on to Houston texas. Almost 2 million died instantly.
Katelyn slid her bright red painted toes back into the filp flop even pressing down a little causing massive earth quakes.
“Oop’s,” she giggled. But she did not even mean that. Katelyn believed she should be worshiped. She wanted the respect she deserved. So what if I kill a few bugs.
Now you may ask how did she get bigger in the last few weeks. Well the spell made it where if anyone takes any agression on katelyn she will grow.
So everytime she is struck by a bullet she grows 10 feet taller. Do the math and figure some people fired bullets only making her bigger. Even though the order was given to seice fire, some hellicoptors still fired at her. The guns can fire 5 bullets a second. That’s 50 feet a second.
50 feet,
100 feet,
50 feet,
200 feet,
50 feet,
300 feet.
It took her jaw droping georgous body another mile and a half before everybody succombed to the ineviatable. Katelyn brooks was in charge.
Kately wanted gold, diamonds, emralds, and rubys. Big piles of them put at her feet. The world went to work. With the threat of unstoppable katelyn brooks distroying them all, every country gave up gold and diamonds and everything else katelyn demanded.
She felt somewhat bad. She had all this power but she was stuck at 7 miles tall. She masterbated like 6 times a day she wanted some company.
Suddenly katelyn stood up. She felt angry for some reason. She looked down at los vegas. It was not a gaming city anymore. It actually was katelyn town. So named because it was the staging area for katelyn. Its where her most divout worked and lived.
Its only purpose was katelyn. She then looked at a smaller nevada city closer to her foot. Its population was 300,000 thousand katelyn worshipers. She lifted her foot over the city.
Everyone looked up at the mile long foot looming over them like a pendilum. They thought surrley she won’t crush us. We are her most devout followers. But all were ready to die even if it ment giving katelyn a second or two of pleasure before she went on to crushing some other city.
They thought wrong as katelyn brought her foot down again and again. Turning the town to paste. “Die you little bastards!” she screamed.
It was that time of the month for the worlds goddess. So it appeared that with all of the spells magic she still could not escape her women hood. “Owe.” She moaned clutching her perfect washboard stomach. She had a bad case of cramps.
Multiple megaphones were put all around katelyn town. A voice yelled out to katelyn through the amplified speakers. “Is there anything we can do to help goddess?”
An angry scowl crossed her pretty face. “You can shut the hell up!” she yelled has she brought her foot down onto katelyn town. 4 million of her most devout were wiped out in seconds.
“Owe.” Katelyn moaned again after she stopped pounding away her most devoted worshipers. All around America people watched as she quickly pounded away 5 more mega citys. She soon returned to the desert to pout some more.
To be continued.

The Shrunken Perspective

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    I want to read the continued part as well. I would also like to know how and where to make my own stories and send them to you Katelyn.

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    Very cool!

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    MORE, MORE, MORE !!!

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