A Real Show

By Carlos — Featuring: Shrinking, Feet, Mouth


Macrophilia. It has been there all the time, but only since your teen years you knew your source of daydreaming had a name. And you found in Internet communities a haven full of people who shared your passion and your kinks for giant people and all things related to them. This virtual space allowed —and allows— you all to share your experiences and fantasies, to know that others understand you.


Browsing around, you one day stumbled upon a website: ‘Giantess Katelyn’. Like many others, Katelyn, the owner of this site, is here for the kinks, and at the same time she’s of the “trying to make these fantasies come true” kind. She’s made videos and taken pictures, with lots of point-of-view shots and filming with props. Homemade material, she’s the giant woman many people dream of —including herself—, sometimes gentle, sometimes cruel. It didn’t take you long to become one of her fans.


She’s also into scheduling webcam shows. It’s all about roleplaying, moving and holding the webcam in a way it would feel real, not merely a fantasy. And sure, you immediately got interested in it. You have lost the count on how many sessions you’ve booked during these months, and both of you have enjoyed them thoroughly. Every show has something new that set it apart from the others, and despite some common topics between them, no experience is like the others.


And you’re ready for the next one, although this time you got a message from her the day before.


“Hello! Could you be online a bit earlier, say 10-15 minutes? I have something to discuss before we start.”


It’s a weird message, you admit, but also makes you feel quite curious about what she might say. Maybe she’s doing something new and needs to tell you in advance, so you do as she’s told you. Soon, you get her call, and you answer. After the usual asking how both of you are doing, she finally starts to tell you what’s up:


“I’ve got something new”, Katelyn says, and you nod, knowing you were right after all. “I know this person who has been working in this gadget”, and as she says so, she’s showing to the camera a little device, not too different from a regular webcam. “She’s called it the Far-distance Mass Compressor.”


You get it: she’s already roleplaying. You know Katelyn is into science-fiction, no wonder she made up a name for some fictional high-tech gizmo for today’s show. You play along and keep listening to her, and nodding. It’s getting interesting, and worth being earlier online. She knows how to keep things interesting.


“We’ve tested it and it’s really awesome! You see, this”, Katelyn shows the so-called compressor again “allows you to get anything from anywhere and teleport it somewhere else, but compressed… well, more like shrunk. Yes, it’s a shrinking device and a teleporter at the same time! Sounds cool, right?”


Yes, you tell yourself, she’s setting some backstory for this show. She hasn’t done it before, and you’re liking this change. You smile back at her, and she keeps talking:


“And I just wanted to show it to you, that’s why I wanted to call you earlier. And of course, I need to ask you if you don’t mind if we try it. Just think of the possibilities! It’s gonna be great, but I don’t wanna force you. Don’t worry, once the session is over, you’ll be back as usual.”


She’s playing around with the gizmo in her hands before finally adding: “So… Are you OK with that? If not, we can do a regular show.”


It would be rude saying no to this, she must have been working hard on this scenario, and declining would be disrespectful. And so, you agree. You can see on your screen how she’s beaming with joy. Her smile is comforting.


“Good! OK, let me put this on my laptop… It’ll take a bit long. Needs to calibrate, track you and start the actual process. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.”


You can see she’s placing that cam-like device and pressing something, maybe a button on it. You just watch her patiently, as she mutters when something doesn’t go the way she wants. After a few minutes, she seems to be done. She’s looking back at you from the screen.


“Now I need you to stand up and get a bit far from your computer before I start this.”


You do so, playing along with this. You follow her instructions until you seem to be far enough —not too far— from your computer. You breathe deeply, wondering what’s next. And you’re about to ask, but then you hear a click and a blinding white light comes from your computer.


The white light engulfs you, and even though you have been standing, you feel something is pulling you to somewhere else. It lasts almost a minute before your vision starts to clear. You blink several times before you finally get what’s going on.


For starters, you are no longer in your room. Not even in your house. You have a familiar feeling about the place you’re in now, you know you’ve seen it before, but… the perspective is wrong. And the floor is wrong too, it’s cozy and soft. But what really takes the cake is the scale: it’s also wrong, everything is too big, even from this point of view.


And that includes that wall, with some wrinkles on it, which is something you have never seen from this perspective… or did you? Because this is also familiar. And it’s moving a bit, how can it be? And then you look upwards…


That’s no wall: it’s a gigantic bare sole, and the toes atop it are wiggling. And you know this foot is hers. Katelyn’s foot. Now you’re sure you’ve seen it several times, but it was always behind a screen. You have never seen it like this. This big. This real.


No, this must be some trick she’s playing with you after that light, and it’s a very good one.


The giant foot retreats and now you can see her figure clearly, as she’s carefully changing her position, and now she’s lying down. And the size difference is even more obvious now, as her face takes a closer look at you. Like her foot, you’ve seen it from several angles during videos and shows, but this is all different. You can hear her soft breathing, you look deep into her eyes as she watches you with a mix of glee and curiosity.


And you see yourself reflected on those big, brown eyes. It’s you, there’s no doubt. And you start to think that this is a trick, but not the kind you were expecting.


Katelyn laughs. You fear it will be a booming sound that will tear your eardrums apart, but you’re wrong: it’s as gentle as usual. Louder, of course, but nothing that will make you go deaf. You talk to her, but it’s clear she doesn’t listen to you, as she points at her own ear to let you know. Then, she’s reaching for something, or that’s what you think, and you can see her hand in front of you. Or at least, one of her fingers, as it’s holding a little headset, suiting your new size. You reach for it and take it, not without noticing how big her finger is compared to your own. You look at her as she nods with a big smile. You carefully put the headset on, put the mic in front of you mouth and speak.


“Wonderful, now I can hear you!” she says, and her voice sounds like usual, not louder. “The headset is working.”


You suppose this headset is another contraption of her friend. It’s comfortable, and if it helps in communicating with her, that’s good. You try to look up to her face. Katelyn isn’t just bigger than you, she’s huge, a giant woman in real life… though that’s from your point of view. Truth is you’re now a shrunken person.


You make some quick calculations and consider that you might be two or three inches tall at least. You don’t waste time in considering how this is even possible. You agreed to this, you had the wrong idea, but she wasn’t lying at you… You explain this to her and she fully understands what you mean.


“We can revert it now if you like”, she tells you.


But you’re quick to add that this has been a surprise for you, a great one, and you want to go on with this. Isn’t this what you dreamed of? Like many others, you were certain this was nothing but a fantasy, something you would never get in real life. And now here you’re, so tiny, in front of the woman who made you accept your kinks even more and roleplayed them as well. You tell her all of this.


Her smile grows even bigger you when you say that.


“I’m happy to hear that, little one”, she now sits again, while still looking at you. “Do you have any special requests?”


You step back a bit, trying to have a better view of Katelyn. You realize you’re on her bed, not too far from the edge, so you’re careful enough. Now you can see as much of her as your little size allows. You’ve seen her in many ways and from many angles… Where should you start? You’re slowly accepting your new condition, yet your little head is so full of ideas you can’t just pick one.


After some thought, you finally make your choice: you want to worship her feet. It’s the first thing you can reach right now.


Katelyn nods in agreement and carefully places her feet closer to you. “Come, little one”, she says, inviting you to get a better look at her soles. You obey and advance towards them, until you reach her left foot, the closest one to you. You hesitate for a few seconds, but you touch it with your hand. Your fingers pass all over her sole, its soft parts and wrinkles. You take your time, simply touching the bare sole is relaxing.


Her foot is slowly moving, until her toes are within your reach. One of them could pin you down or even crush you, so you’re as careful as you’re gentle with them. You specially focus on her big toe, so huge and soft as you press your fingers against it.


“You like it, huh? I guess you’d love to kiss it”, she says, and you do so without a second thought.


Your lips taste her skin and her sweat, her saltiness, and you find out that what others would find gross, for you is pure ambrosia. You don’t stop kissing that big toe, every little spot, until you find yourself facing her toenail. You admire the pedicure, the soft pink against the flesh, and you kiss it as well, and try to hug the big toe.


“I love how devoted you are, my tiny pet.”


Her toes move and even though you try your best, you get stuck in between her big and pointer toes. She’s trapped you and now she’s laughing. You were scared at first, but now you laugh too, knowing you’re trapped, but safe, as the grip is too soft to crush you.


Now her foot moves and releases you gently on her bed. As you stand up, you can see the giant soles at both of your sides. Looking up, she’s there, smiling at you. You know you’re blushing right now, it’s like she’s reading your mind. Katelyn just knows you so well from all those shows it isn’t hard for her to guess what you carve for.


You ask her to gently trap you in between her bare feet. Because that’s what you want, and that’s what Katelyn wants too, and she already knew you would say it. And she’s still smiling before you find yourself surrounded by her soles. She’s being so gentle you can feel the pressure of both feet against your tiny body, but you also know she won’t go any further. She wants you to have a good sniff, to get used to the smell, the softness and the sweat, for your body to experience all of that.


She gently moves her feet, rolling you inside her grip. You let her do whatever she wants with your body, you don’t squirm nor try to break free. You hear her laugh, and you smile.


Katelyn keeps doing this for a few minutes until she lets you go. You fall on your back, eyes closed, still feeling the smell all over your body. You can barely move, aroused as you are. You mutter something that could have been unintelligible, but the headset got it, and she’s heard it.


“Of course, little one, I’ll caress and kiss you. I was waiting for you to say that. Here…”


As you open your eyes, you can see her right hand reaching for you. Her palm and fingers engulf your little form. Her hand smells good, and sweet, it’s different from the scent of her feet. Sweetness and saltiness, such mixture is delicious, you think, as you feel how you ascend. She moves her hand and opens it. You sit on it, so your back is against her palm and fingers.


A large finger comes closer to you, and starts gently rubbing your body. Another finger joins and in no time, her whole left hand is caressing you, while you’re still sitting on her right palm. She’s smiling and telling you how cute you look right there, and even blows a kiss. You’re blushing again and both of you smile.


Katelyn covers you with both hands, leaving a little hole where she can see you. Her eye is fixed on you, as if she’s looking at you through a microscope, and then your view shifts to her mouth. She’s blowing more kisses at you, and you feel how her hands get even closer to her. You get closer to the hole between her hands as well, and now her lips can get through and they kiss you for real. Your whole body feels her lips as they’re pressed against you. They’re moist and warm, and you wish this lasted forever.


She removes her left hand, and you’re like before, on her right palm, only her mouth is right in front of you, you can’t see anything else. Her glossy lips are arched in that everlasting smile.


“That was wonderful. Did you like that, my lovely tiny?”, Katelyn asks, and her breath is so sweet you almost forgot to answer.


Her grin confirms how delighted she is when you say that yes, you liked it. You see her teeth, and how close they’re to you now. You’re aroused, but at the same time scared. Still, you’re safe with her, aren’t you?


“You like my mouth?”


And she passes her tongue all over her teeth and lips. She opens it, and her breath is even sweeter now. You can see the uvula in the background, and her tongue moving in the foreground. It’s like that big muscle is inviting you to enter.


Hypnotized or not, you start to crawl towards that big mouth. Katelyn closes it, and smiles, and gives you another big kiss.


“Not so fast”, she says. “Let me kiss you and cuddle you a bit more.”


And she does so, hugging your little self with her big hands, kissing you, and telling you how much she’s enjoying this. She asks how you’re feeling and despite all the shocking experiences you’ve been through, you manage to tell her how wonderful everything is. You can see again her happiness and delight, and then kisses you again.


“So… you have a thing for my mouth too.”

You nod and her teeth part, showing her tongue, her uvula, everything. She closes it again, and moves you around in her hand, until she pins you with both her thumb and index finger. She’s again looking at you. Now you’re closer to her mouth, and her tongue reaches to you, slobbering your tiny body with her saliva. Her tongue passes several times, her taste buds delighted with each passing.


“Sweet and salty”, she claims, and her tongue tastes you again. “Not only you’re cute, you’re also tasty.”


You thought at first this mouth thing would be fun, but hearing that… Is she serious? She said you’d return after the show was over, she even offered to revert this before. And now she’s saying this. You tremble in her grip.


“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t eat you”, Katelyn blows a kiss at you. “You deserve to worship and please me for long, and I will keep rewarding you for being such a nice pet”. Now she licks you once more. “Don’t be scared, I’m sure my mouth will be such a comfortable place… and I won’t swallow you. Are you still interested in getting in there?”


You have a thing for mouths. You love them. But being inside one? You thought you were ready, now you see you aren’t that much, and you tell her so. She smiles, anyway.


“That’s fine, we both want to have fun. Maybe one day you’ll be ready to come in, or maybe not, and there’s nothing wrong about it”, and she kisses you. “We can keep playing, we’ve got plenty of time. You booked half an hour, remember?”


Katelyn is right, and you’ve almost forgotten that. How long has it been since you were shrunk and brought here? Don’t know, don’t care, as she said there’s plenty of time yet to enjoy.


Time passes as both of you keep your games. She lets you worship her feet a bit more, trapping you under her foot so you can admire her fragrance once more. She cuddles you in her hands, keeping you safe and comfortable while blowing some kisses. Her tongue also comes around, you let her taste your body some more, that’s as far as you’ll get this time.


As the end of the session approaches, she leaves you on her bed carefully, lies down and faces you.


“I’m very glad you have enjoyed it as much as I did”, Katelyn starts saying. “A pity we’re almost done, but I’m looking forward to you coming around next time!”


You nod and tell her how everything was so great, and you thank her for understanding why you didn’t want to go just yet into her mouth. She tells you again not to worry about it, you two have done so much for the first time, it’s best to leave something for the future.


You hand the headset over, and her gigantic finger collects it. You look at her face, and she then blows another kiss. Without the headset, it sounds way louder now, but still pleasant.


A white light, like the one that came from your screen, engulfs you. And when it dissipates, you’re back to your room, standing in front of your computer, so it isn’t hard to guess you’re normal again. You still feel her smell on you, and notice you’re still a bit wet with her saliva. You think you need a bath, just not yet, it can wait a bit.


You look at the screen, Katelyn is there. And you thank her once again for this experience.


“Oh, you’re welcome”, she replies. “I loved this so much, I really hope we can repeat it as soon as possible! Goodbye and have a nice day!”


You sure hope that too. After this, your brain is starting to think of new scenarios, and you can’t wait for the next month to make them come true.