A Peculiar Singularity 2

By Skybottom — Featuring: Giantess, Pussy, Orgasm

The end of the world started with a bang, not a whimper. A colossal boom
roiled over the city, seemingly shaking the very foundations of the planet
loose. A shockwave of dust and debris blew through the streets of the Big
Blue, knocking all to the ground. Hoverships, caught in the blast, careened
wildly into each other, and the surrounding buildings, to collide in balls
of fire, metal, and death. It took a few seconds for everyone to get their
bearings, struggling to their feet, looking around, and then, they saw the
goddess. The entire shopping district was just gone, and in its place, a set
of human feet, larger than anything they could imagine, toes painted black.
Slowly their eyes shifted upwards, taking in bent knees, black panties, and
higher yet, the mother-of-all bras, also black, and further yet, a face of a
woman, angelic in beauty, but with a smile that promised cruelty. For a
minute, no one spoke, stunned into the sheer absurdity of the size of the
woman looming above them. She just sat there, arms resting on her thighs,
staring at the city blocks laying between the arch of her gargantuan thighs.

Katelyn grinned downwards.

Deep feelings stirred within her as she surveyed the puny civilization
beneath her. Slowly, she raised herself from her crouching position, wanting
to see everything(and wanting them to see her) at her full height. She
stretched a bit, raising her arms into the sky, breathing in the crisp,
fresh air with closed eyes. That asteroid had been pretty cramped, after
all. Slowly, she let her attention settle back onto the world beneath her,
and a shiver ran down her spine. She stood, hips cocked to one side, while
she bounced the opposite foot absentmindedly into a dense downtown area.
“Where oh where to start, so MANY possibilities. Oh, I totally forgot, I
haven’t introduced myself yet! I am Katelyn, the one and only goddess in
this universe, and I am the one who is going to bring an end to your
pathetic little lives. Unless, of course, you submit yourself utterly to me,
to become, each and every one of you, my most deserved servants. You shall
serve my most fickle whim with fanatical devotion, and my pleasure shall
become the entire reason for your existence. Obey me”

She sat down, stretching her legs out and making herself comfortable.
“Those who wish to become my slaves, gather in between my thighs.”

Planetary Magistrate Percieval Alistair Cromwell III stared out of panoramic
glass windows at the woman making the speech. A man of unparalleled hubris,
his office and residence took up the entire top floor of the Central
Government Headquarters . A building simply enormous even by intergalactic
standards, it rose almost three miles into the sky, and had a dome of glass
at the top from which the egotistical magistrate could survey all he

“Absurd, simply absurd, who does she think she is? Susan, where the hell are
you at a time like this? Get your ass in here, I need to make a broadcast to
the people. The military must be mobilized immediately, I will not let my
people be intimidated by this oversized menace!”

“Sorry, she doesn’t answer to you anymore.”

Katelyn, smiling coyly, materialized on the desk in front of him, wearing
business attire, with her legs crossed and sitting at an angle. She
motioned, and two figures staggered into his office, their clothes in

Mustache quivering, Percy simply as his secretary, the typical buxom blonde,
made out furiously with who else, but another hologram of Katelyn, her eyes
filled with lust and longing.

Katelyn laughed,

“With a kiss, I’ve already taken the most important thing from you, and you
think you can hold on to anything else? Didn’t you know, she was unhappy the
entire time. You promised her so many things, told her you would be with her
properly, but you couldn’t see past your own inflated ego, and kept her
around as a secretary. Me, on the other hand, I make good on my promises.”

She stroked Susan’s ear gently, and whispered.

“All I ask, is utter devotion.”

She glanced out the window, gesturing towards the streams of little people
flocking towards her real self, and the spot she had designated.

“Now, witness.”


Katelyn sat back, one hand within her panties, stroking herself
absentmindedly, while waiting for her converts to come forth. Between her
thighs, and eager to please. Heh, what a fitting place for her little
slaves. By now, there was already quite a gathering, a huddled mass of
frightened humanity, uncertain of their fates, coralled within her thighs by
her ultimatum. She closed her eyes, what a sight she must be. Her pantied
crotch looming over their heads, her mile-long fingers swishing ominously.
She chuckled.

‘What little bugs, getting all scared just because I’m a little big horny.’

She looked down, and thrust her index finger down , crushing buildings and
drawing a rough circle around the crowd.

“That’s it, I think I’ve given you enough time. From here on, no one goes
outside of this circle, because I will destroy everything else. Ah ah ah,
and don’t think that I’m going to let you off so easily. I have devised for
you a little challenge, and only those of you who can pass, can become my
faithful slaves. But mostly, I just want to play with you.”

With that, she pulled her panties to the side, exposing her vast lush, sex.
The heady smell of Katelyn’s arousal washed over her gathered minions, as
well as the rest of the city. As she sat up, it drew oh so close to them,
the nether lips vast like vast mountain ranged, her pussy itself
unfathomably deep. Her clit, the most sensitive and delicate part of a her
body, was itself over a hundred feet in diameter. It stuck out, engorged and
red, glistening wetly, high above the city. Slowly, she rolled it between
two fingers, as rivers of her cum ran down from her pussy.

“I want you to stand firm right where you are, and to let the smell of my
arousal permeate the core of your pathetic being, to let the sight of my
pussy to overwhelm your senses. I want you to stand in rapture; do not
become some of you overcome with desire, and rush forward, and do not break
in fear.”

She started masturbating, slowly, with the tiny crowd no more than and inch
(to her) from her swollen lips. She stared down at them, revelling wholly in
her complete sexual power and domination, taking in every flicker of
expression on every single face. She loved the fact that she was absolutely
everything to them, that she had complete sexual power over them. A group of
young men, and a few perverted old ones, broke off at a dead sprint towards
her. She smiled, as they waded towards her through her pooled cum, which was
getting deeper by the second. The sticky juice cling heavily to them, and
some of the weaker ones collapsed, hopelessly mired in her thick cream. A
few stronger ones waded through, almost to her, and she leaned forward,
lowering her pussy to them, crushing a few. Still, she merely stroked
herself, letting her fingers ply their trade, as the first few started
entering her. The sensations were weak, even to her highly developed senses,
but she could feel them, scrabbling for purchase in her drooling, wet
womanhood. And she loved it.

In the corner of her eye she could see yet another group, running off in the
opposite direction, thinking that she was too distracted to notice. No
matter, give them a little time to get a little bit of distance from the
main group.

She felt herself nearing a small climax, and knew that her chosen ones were
too close. She could hear the pussy juice sloshing around within her, as
well as eager moans and drowning cries from those trapped within, and knew
they would be washed away in an avalanche of cum. Quickly, she rose to a
crouch, situating her pussy right above the fleeing group. It blotted out
the sun, and they knew that they were doomed.

“You couldn’t even follow some simple instructions, so now, let’s play a
game, shall we? Let’s see if I can kill you all without even touching you.”

Dozens of voices screamed in protest under her, but she merely took in those
the screams of despair, the sobs of terror; they only served to heighten her
arousal. Even the fastest runners among them had no hope of making it out
from under her pussy in time, and she knew it. She rubbed harder, stroked
her clit more furiously and with a lustful moan she felt herself starting to

Huge blobs of pussyjuice battered the ground under her as her fingers
shifted her pussy lips every which way. There was no hope for those caught
in the onslaught of her orgasm. Katelyn strained her keigles, squirting out
every last bit of cum within her. She followed the moving crowd with her
hips, never letting them escape from her shadow. Globs of goo rained down,
delivering lustful death; it was not quick, those caught were not killed
instantly; rather, they were engulfed, caught deep within, and with no
escape from the sticky fluid. She could see bubbles in some of these smears,
testament that some of the survivors were trying to draw breath. Finally,
there was only one woman left, amazingly fast, who managed to outpace of the
crowd, running with fluid grace, and vaunting over obstacles using what must
have been parkour. Katelyn glided her pussy forward, rubbing furiously, but
her orgasm was nearing its end, and she was running out of cum as well.

“Uuuungh, fuck it”
Natasha ran like she had never ran before, Apparently, there is nothing
quite like imminent death to unlock one’s true potential. She leapt over an
8 foot wall, swerved around a lampost, and leapt over a crashed hovercraft,
all in the blink of an eye. Cum rained down around her, thick and heavy. If
even the smallest of those droplets hit her, it was goodbye world.

She saw a hair the diameter of a small skyscraper hit the ground not ten
feet from her, and she glanced up.

To a wall of pink.

Katelyn spread her legs wider and wider, lowering her hairy monster closer
and closer to her hapless victim. The traceur glanced back, yelling out a
cry of surprise, as *BOOM*.


She just sat there, perfectly still.

With that pesky runner trapped directly under her clit.

“Mmmmmm, I always win”

“You cheated,” Natasha coughed, pushing and struggling against the enormous
nub of flesh pinning her to the ground.

“All’s fair in lust and war, and what I’m doing is both,” Katelyn grinned

“You know, I know juuuuust the right punishment for you”

She let out a low moan, as she reached into her bra and started playing with
her nipples.

“Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon”

Natasha beat desperately on Katelyn’s clitoris, as it become more and more
turgid, swelling and pressing against her body. She could feel the blood
pumping through the swollen organ, the pulse of the goddess’ heartbeat.

“Mercy, mercy please, don’t kill me goddess…” She pleaded, as she
struggled in vain to free herself.

The pressure on her lower body was becoming unbearable, she felt her already
bruised ribs starting to break from the strain.

She noticed that a crowd of onlookers, those that were her “good” slaves,
that had gathered to watch the execution.

“One of you help me, help me please”

But not one of them took a step forward, merely staring at her, and at their
goddess, with awe.

Katelyn closed her eyes savoring every single movement of her hapless
prisoner. She was already in an intensely aroused state, having just ended
the lives of dozens of bugs with her cum alone, but she needed her clit to
grow even more, in order to punish the defiant young woman under it. The
mere fact that she was going to kill someone just by becoming aroused, that
by merely THINKING about crushing someone with her most lustful bodypart,
her body would respond and do it, turned her on beyond belief. She could see
it now, clit swelling, eclipsing the tiny runner’s head and pushing it into
the ground. She could feel Natasha biting at tearing at the rough flesh, but
the skin was too thick. With that, she lost control and ground down with all
her might, flattening her victim into a bloody pulp.


In the magistrate’s office, holographic Katelyn sipped her obviously
holographic wine, as she stared at the proceedings with a half-lidded

“And thaaat’s what happens to people who go against my wishes. Oh, that felt
soooooooo good.”

Percieval sat perfectly still in his gold-backed chair, trying not to

“You know, I think need a good fuck, let’s think, where do you think I can
get something to satisfy me at this size?”

End: Chapter Two.