A Peculiar Singularity 1

By Skybottom — Featuring: Giantess

0 AK(Old notation 2839 AD), Sigmus Prime

Things were unbelievably tense at Central Reconnaissance Headquarters; after seven days of fruitless scrambling and investigation, the planet’s best scientists were still completely stumped by the strange asteroid that had suddenly flung itself into geosynchronous orbit. It was a massive asteroid at that, over 50 miles in diameter at least; when the tachyon detection grid had first pinged the object, it was approaching at faster-than light speeds from deep within north-east quadrant of the galaxy. High command immediately classified it as a Class 2 threat (Class 5 being the highest possible), and an order was sent out to any nearby warships in the area to destroy the object.

By a strange stroke of fate, however, the entire Pleiades fleet, responsible for patrolling the sector around Sigmus Prime, had been engaged in a top-secret tactical strike into Krassian territory, and the asteroid had arrived, safe and sound, at Sigmus Prime. You see, the entire galaxy had been at war, for as long as anyone could remember. Humans had colonized almost the entire northern half the galaxy almost 400 years prior. However, the UEE(United Earth Empire), proved incapable of governing such a vast expanse, and as a result, a collection of worlds known as the Krassian Union had risen to power in the far east, and after a long and prolonged struggle, had managed to gain control of almost the entire north-east quadrant, while the weakened UEE did all they could to maintain control of the north-west. The past 150 years had been characterized by an uneasy peace between the two factions, which, given recent developments, was quickly dissolving.

Sigmus Prime, being quite close to the border, had been demolished by war countless times in the past. It was a class M planet, which means earth-like in climate, although it was considerably smaller than earth (1/3rd the size), but thankfully, due to the advancement of warfare in these modern times, the natural environment was left untouched, with only human settlements demolished. Thus, during these last 150 years of peace, hardy settlers, attracted by the ore-rich nature of the planet and its neighbors, had established a sizable presence on the planet. Small towns had sprung up all over the planet’s three major continents, and then cities. Today, given the most recent census estimates, the population of Sigmus Prime exceeded 1.6 billion. And they were all staring upwards apprehensively, wondering what exactly that strange asteroid was doing in orbit. If you are wondering why they didn’t try to destroy it, well, you see, the UEE, after countless rebellions and uprisings, had stripped all planets of any advanced weaponry, and thus ensuring that their fleets had a monopoly on such devices.

7 days prior:

Katelyn awoke slowly, the vestiges of deep-space hibernation haze still pulling at her consciousness. As she came about, she realized she was floating in some sort of warm liquid, and even stranger, she could breathe, and even see, although there was no light. She surveyed her surroundings, and upon realizing that she was enclosed in some sort of solid rock, it didn’t even cross her mind to worry. Definitely strange, she thought; her past self would have outright panicked in such claustrophobic conditions, but now, now she felt no fear. Something had definitely changed within her, and it was then, that she realized that she could see OUTSIDE of the cocoon that enclosed her.

Immediately, she let her mind’s eye wander to the planet directly below, taking in the vast cityscapes, the cordons of air traffic going from city to city, the extensive hydroponics farms, and the deep oceans (the oceans of Sigmus Prime are deeper than Earth’s oceans, by some 20 or 30 miles). She found that she could zoom in or out, and she toyed with the perspective a bit until she zoomed in to the personal level. What she found was chaos: the general populace was in an uproar, people demanding to know what the unidentified object was, running for cover, or desperately trying to communicate with their loved ones. For the first time since her awakening, she felt the stirring of some kind of emotion within her; a whisper of a dark and sinister longing began to fill her soul. But, as soon as it began, it was over. Order was soon established by the planetary government, and the common consensus was that, if it really was a Krassian weapon, they’d already be dead by now. For the first time, Katelyn realized the true scale of her own self, and the asteroid that housed her. She was astonished; what series of events had left her at this size? Was the Krassian military really trying to use her as a weapon of war? What kind of new abilities did she have? She knew that she already had powerful psionic abilities, being able to observe things using only her mind. Could she communicate with the outside world while within the cocoon? She reached out with her mind, this time trying to tap into the computer networks of the planet, (in this day and age, almost everyone had the ability to tap into a network using a mind-machine interface.)

What Katelyn found was that she had the unbelievable ability to hack into any existing network within microseconds, instantly accessing zettabytes of data at will. She smiled slyly; with this, she would able to walk among these puny humans at will. Let me explain: Over the last 200 years, holographic projection had become a huge industry. Normal people found that they were using them all the time. The convenience of being able to meet up digitally, at any time, from any place, was simply extraordinary. These days, the projections were so good that they even had physical form and presence (thanks to nifty force field technology), and you could even experience the sensations felt by your holographic counterpart. Katelyn giggled with glee, thinking of all the possible physical manifestations she could take on. Hmmm, what color should I wear, she pondered, cycling through a multitude of outfits before finally settling upon a goth attire. Next, she scanned through a list of popular locales, deciding upon Little Italy, which was a painstaking replica of 21st century Rome, situated near the center of Big Blue, the planet’s biggest city, housing well over 80 million people. As she materialized at the center of one of the busiest crosswalks in Little Italy, she noticed the time. It was around 9PM local time, which around when the local eateries were closing, and people were heading home. She strolled along merrily surveying the shops to either side, when a small pizzeria caught here eye. As she pushed the oaken wood door open and entered, she was greeted with a blast of warm air, and a cozy, albeit dimly lit, parlor. And behind the counter, bend over in the middle of cleaning, was a short, blonde man wearing a waiter’s apron, cleaning up after a busy night. Turning at the sound of her entrance, he turned around, and just stared at Katelyn for a few seconds before blushing and stammering abashedly

“O-oh sorry, it’s just that, your dress…-U-um you’re from around here are you ”

Katelyn barely stifled a laugh, he was just too cute!

“Yeah, I just arrived planetside a few hours ago actually. I heard there was a big ruckus about an asteroid today, what was that about? Oh, what’s your name by the way?”

“O-oh I’m Jeff! Umm, well everyone thought it was some kind of Krassian weapon of mass destruction, I guess they were wrong, right? Heh heh”

At this, Katelyn marched over to the counter, hopped onto it, and motioned the bartender closer. Then, cupping her hand around his ear, she began telling him about the true nature of that asteroid, about what she really was, and what she was going to do to this city, and this planet. In graphic detail, she described every nuance of her sadistic intent; who knew how long that monologue lasted, it could have been a minute, an hour, maybe even three. But when she was done speaking, he sank down slowly, hands trembling, clutching the counter. After about thirty seconds or so, he burst out

“W-wait, that can’t be true! There’s just n-no way that’s possible! And even if it were, why would you even bother telling me?!”

Katelyn could only give a deep, throaty laugh in response, smirking, she said

“You’ll see soon enough if I’m lying or not, in fact, I’ll make sure you have the best seats in the house. Sooo, care for a date?”

It took all his willpower to stammer out a breathless “Yes.”

“Let’s go then, you can show me around. A prelude to destruction, if you will.”

End chapter 1 Part 1